CDC Provides Bahamas and 5 Extra Locations to Highest COVID-19 Journey Warning Stage

The CDC added six new destinations, including the Bahamas, to its highest COVID-19 travel warning level.
Travel restrictions and guidelines are changing daily, and while some spots around the world are opening up to travelers, it’s still important to make sure you’re checking government and world health recommendations. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has now added six new destinations to its highest “Level 4” COVID-19 travel warning list, including the Bahamas and Saint Martin.
The CDC advisory warns Americans against traveling to locations designated as Level 4; a destination is considered to have a “very high” level of transmission if 500 new cases or more are recorded per 100,000 people over a 28-day period. The CDC recommends Americans avoid traveling to places within the highest warning category, but if they absolutely must, then they should be fully vaccinated before doing so.
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Fully vaccinated travelers are less likely to get and spread COVID-19 (and here’s your daily reminder to get vaccinated, thanks!), though even those that are vaccinated are at risk of contracting variants like the highly contagious Delta variant, especially in destinations with especially high transmission rates.
Along with the Bahamas and Saint Martin in the Caribbean, the CDC also added Haiti, Kosovo, Lebanon and Morocco to the Level 4 list. All of the aforementioned locations, which were previously designated as “Level 3,” are still technically open to American travelers, as long as they follow certain requirements, including vaccinations and negative COVID-19 tests.
Even so, countries have added new restrictions and curfews; the Bahamian prime minister recently issued a pandemic curfew on Saturday, August 21, which is in place daily from 8 pm until 5 am, reports CNN, and includes mainland Exuma, Abaco and Abaco Cays as well as North, Central and South Andros.
Don’t forget to mask up. Photo-illustration by Observer via Alessandra Benedetti – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images
CDC and State Department guidelines are subject to change, so make sure to check the specific restrictions and recommendations for your particular travel circumstances if you have any domestic or international trips coming up anytime soon. No matter what kind of travel you’re thinking about, don’t forget to mask up, as the TSA recently extended the federal transportation mask mandate through at least January 18, 2022, which means travelers are required to wear a face covering if they plan on getting on an airplane, train, bus or subway for the foreseeable future.

The Trendy and Comfy Material Face Masks to Put on Whereas Touring

Tourists wearing protective masks walk in San Marco Square, in Venice, Italy. Photo-illustration by Observer via Alessandra Benedetti – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images
Don’t stow away your face masks just yet, because everyone’s going to be wearing them for quite a bit longer. Amid growing concerns over the rapidly spreading Delta variant and the rise of coronavirus cases across the U.S., the CDC is now recommending that even those who are fully vaccinated should start wearing masks in certain public indoor settings again.
That goes for travel, too, as whether you’re boarding a plane, subway, train or any other mode of public transportation these days, a mask (along with a vaccine, so please consider this your reminder to go get vaccinated if you haven’t yet!) is essential to protecting yourself and others from COVID-19. On August 17, the TSA extended the federal transportation mask mandate (which was set to expire on September 13) through at least January 18, 2022, which means you’ll need to mask up if you’re traveling via airplane, train or bus, as well as in airports, train stations and other hubs.
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Since masks are going to be a part of our daily lives for the foreseeable future, you should make sure you have a face covering (or two) that you can wear for long periods of time, including on a lengthy travel day. You want to find a mask that’s breathable, comfortable and protective, and also not hideous. Luckily, brands have really stepped up during the pandemic, and there are plenty of stylish and comfy non-medical cloth masks to choose from, depending on your personal needs.
While cloth masks are not the same as medical masks and should not be worn in a medical setting, they’re a good choice for everyday use and travel, as long as they check off certain requirements. Masks that are snug, adjustable and, of course, machine washable are ideal, and those with three layers and room for filters offer even more protection, though you can also double-mask.*
Below, see our favorite breathable and stylish cloth masks you can shop now.

Caraa 5-Pack Universal Adult Masks 
These double-layer masks have space for a filter as well as adjustable toggles and a nose wire, so you can fit them to your face. I love that they come in sets of five, and the colors are so cute. They’re washable so you can wear them repeatedly, and they’re super breathable and comfortable. $25, Caraa.
Rafi Nova.
Rafi Nova Adult Everyday Elevated Mask 3-Pack
Rafi Nova’s 100 percent cotton masks are soft, comfortable and don’t irritate my exceedingly sensitive skin. The simple three-layer masks have a nose bridge, adjustable loops and a filter pocket for added protection, and the colors also happen to be extremely chic. $22, Rafi Nova.
Jill & Ally.
Jill & Ally 3-Ply Adjustable Classic Bundle
I first discovered Jill & Ally’s incredibly soft masks last summer, and was immediately obsessed. The soft fabric doesn’t upset my very fickle skin, and the masks come in so many adorable colors and styles. I’m partial to the three-layer adjustable styles, which have a sewn-in filter, droplet guard and adjustable ear loop; the masks seriously contour to fit any face shape. This particular three-mask pack comes in very autumnal shades that are perfect for fall, and it’s also on super-sale right now. $12.99, Jilly & Ally
Herschel Supply Company Classic Fitted Face Mask
Herschel Supply Company’s three-layer masks have a liner with a sleeve to add in an air filter, and are snug but not tight, with an adjustable (and super lightweight) nose bridge, plus ear tabs. $14.99, Herschel Supply Company.
Rothy’s The Mask
Rothy’s already makes the comfiest, Duchess-approved sustainable shoes, and they also make very breathable and eco-friendly face masks, which are on a *huge* sale right now. $8, Rothy’s.
Slip Double-Sided Silk Face Covering
You deserve a little luxury right now, and what’s more indulgent than a 100 percent silk mask? Slip’s double-sided face covering features an adjustable elastic ear loop and nose wire, as well as a 100 percent cotton inner lining, which will keep you cool and protected. $29.25, Slip.
Athleta Women’s Activate Face Mask 2-Pack
The new Athleta Activate face masks are perfect for the fitness-lover, as they’re specially-designed for those with a super active lifestyle. These masks are adjustable and cotton-lined, with a moldable fit. $14.99, Athleta.
Onzie Mindful Masks
Onzie’s masks are great to wear for workouts, since they’re made of washable, moisture-wicking fabric. They’re super lightweight and mold right to your face. $12, Onzie.

*Mask requirements and travel guidelines are constantly changing, so please check CDC and TSA guidance for the most recent and relevant information and guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Waze hooks up with PAW Patrol for driving instructions from canine

Waze likes to roll out fun features from time to time, the latest one landing with the launch of PAW Patrol: The Movie.
Aimed at kids, or, more accurately, parents who’re keen to keep their littl’uns entertained on long drives, U.S.-based Waze users can now get driving directions from Ryder and his loyal team of rescue dogs.

“To celebrate PAW Patrol: The Movie, the first-ever theatrical release of PAW Patrol on August 20, you and your young passengers can turn each drive into a mission with the community-loving heroes and their iconic vehicles,” Waze said in a message announcing the new feature. “Once activated, you’ll be guided by Ryder, who will kickstart your mission (or drive), and fan favorite Pups Marshall, Skye, and Chase will be on the case, navigating your drive and keeping you in the know on anything happening nearby or on your route.”
You can also change your Waze Mood to Chase, Marshall, or Skye and “ride into action with Chase’s Police Cruiser, Marshall’s Fire Truck, or even Skye’s Plane if you fancy a less conventional way to get where you’re going.”
How to access PAW Patrol on Waze
To use PAW Patrol for navigation on iOS and Android, tap on My Waze at the bottom of the display, then on the Settlings icon. Next, tap on Voice & Sound, and then Waze Voice under Voice Directions. Finally, look down the list and select PAW Patrol.
It’s certainly not the first time that Waze has dived into the world of children’s entertainment to keep kids distracted. A couple of years ago, for example, it used several voices from Sesame Street to guide people along, with the Cookie Monster turning out to be a huge hit among the show’s cast of characters.
More adult-focused navigators have included the likes of Morgan Freeman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jay Leno, and even Elvis Presley. As with all of its celebrity voices, the PAW Patrol feature will run for a limited time so you’d better hurry if you want to try it out.
If you’re still getting to grips with Waze and want to learn more, skip across to Digital Trends’ guide featuring all the top tips and tricks.

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