Greatest Reside TV Streaming Service Suppliers 2021

Sling TV is best for money savers

Get some of your favorite cable channels for $35 per month

What do we like about Sling TV?

Sling TV has a great price tag for 30+ popular channels

There aren’t many decent live TV streaming services out there that offer a good chunk of popular channels for $35, making it perfect for those who want to cut the cord because of that expensive cable bill.
You won’t have to give up on TV altogether. Thanks to Sling, you won’t have to break the bank.
Just try not to spend that extra money you’ll be saving on online shopping (or maybe that’s why you’re making cuts elsewhere in your life).

Which Sling TV package is best for you and the fam?

Both Sling Orange and Sling Blue are the same price, but both plans have almost a completely different channel lineup. And the Sling Orange + Blue package is basically a combination of both.
If you have kids, you’ll want Sling Orange. You’ll get Cartoon Network and Disney Channel for the little ones, and ESPN and Food Network for you.
If you love news channels, get Sling Blue. You can watch Fox News, MSNBC, and NBC. But if you want them all, Sling Orange + Blue is for you.
If you want to know more about the difference between Sling Orange and Sling Blue, check out our comparison piece where we break down which package has which channels.

What don’t we like about Sling TV?

You get what you pay for with Sling TV

Yes, Sling TV is on the cheaper side, but that also means you might not get all of your favorite channels.
You’ll absolutely find a lot of popular channels in their packages (the reason it makes the low price so great), but you won’t get your ABC, The CW, Nickelodeon, or Telemundo.
As for the sports channels … Let’s just say Sling tends to the average sports fan. Sling offers the following sports channels:

NFL Network
NBC Sports

Sling TV has a DVR storage of 50 hours

Sling TV now includes 50 hours of DVR storage in your service, and it officially doesn’t have the lowest storage space in the live TV streaming service world.
AT&T TV only offers a measly 20!
With Sling, now you have the choice to upgrade to a 200-hour DVR storage for an extra $5 per month to make your monthly bill $40–$55.
Oh, and just a heads up: when your DVR storage is full, and you happen to record another show, your old or already watched recordings will erase in your library (without warning).
View Plans | Read Full Sling TV Review

Greatest Cable TV Suppliers of 2021

Xfinity is the best cable TV provider of 2021

At first glance, Xfinity’s basic package is not one of the cheapest compared to Cox and Spectrum. But, it does give you the most bang for your buck.
Xfinity TV’s Extra plan gives you more than 140 channels, including every one of the most popular 25 cable TV networks (ESPN, AMC, The CW, USA, TNT, Discovery, etc.) except Univision.
Xfinity also offers TV plans without a contract (Digital Starter and Preferred), which a unique opportunity. If you do choose a no-contract Xfinity service, it adds on about $20–$30 per month, but it’s worth it if you don’t yet know you want to commit (we’re looking at you, young folks), or if you already know you’re moving out soon.

Xfinity also delivers some pretty great DVR equipment, like a voice-controlled remote and a cable box. Just say “Jack Ryan” or “Manifest” and the remote will grant your wish.
The Xfinity X1 DVR is one of the best in the cable TV industry, if not the best. It has Netflix and Prime Video integration, can record up to six shows at once, and can hold about 150 hours of HD and 300 SD recordings. Your family will be able to record The Price is Right, That ‘70s Show, and The Herd with Colin Cowherd all at once.

We don’t like additional fees, and Xfinity has quite a few. There’s a broadcast TV fee, a regional sports fee, and more additional fees (read the fine print). We’d rather have the fees included in the monthly service price, but almost all TV providers do this, so we can’t fault Xfinity, just know what you’re walking into.

Finest Streaming Companies 2021

What to look for in a streaming service

There are two types of streaming services on the market: live TV and on-demand.
If you no longer want to pay for a cable or satellite TV bill, a live TV streaming service might be the best option for you. If you’re going to binge-watch TV series and movies, you’ll be satisfied with an on-demand service.

Streaming services that work best for consumers include:

A fair number of channels or on-demand content
An affordable price for the number of channels or content you receive
A good variety of channels/content
Sufficient DVR storage space (live TV)
Add-ons and subscriptions (live TV)

When choosing the best live TV streaming service for you, the first thing you want to consider is price. How much are you willing to spend on a live TV service?
For example, Sling TV is the best for money-savers, YouTube TV is average pricing, and fuboTV is the most expensive.
With that, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Sling TV will have the least number of channels while fuboTV will have the most (and make sure you get a variety you like).
As of right now, the average DVR storage space for live TV streaming services is about 500 hours. You might not need this much space and you might find Sling TV’s 50-hour storage space as insufficient.
When choosing an on-demand streaming service, you’ll also want to get the most with your money. Netflix is the priciest on-demand service when you upgrade, but you’ll have access to 15,000 titles.
You also have to make sure the on-demand streaming service has a decent variety of content, such as network TV shows, original series, movies, and original films.

fuboTV Evaluate 2021

fuboTV’s interface is our favorite among other live TV streaming services

When you first open up fuboTV, your Home tab shows you your recommended live TV channels, featured programs, live sporting events, and recommended on-demand content.
This is similar to other live TV streaming services in the industry.

We like how fuboTV gives you multiple tabs at the top to help you find exactly what you want. This is similar to Hulu + Live TV, but YouTube TV only has three tabs: Library, Home, and Live.
The Sports tab on fuboTV’s interface has recently changed, and we like it.
This tab will first recommend featured sports shows and events. When you scroll down, you’ll find a mini guide with only sports channels.
What we really like is the fact that you can either use the drop-down menu to find a specific sport, or you have those handy subtabs at the top to take you to content for soccer, football, golf, racing, and other sports.

Next to the Sports tab, you’ll find your on-demand content organized by Shows and Movies.
fuboTV’s Guide is the best in the industry, and we’ll highlight why:

There is a convenient drop-down menu on the left to change the date.
Below that, fuboTV has a menu to choose a genre of channels to easily get to a channel you’re in the mood for.
If you’re looking for a specific channel, fuboTV has a channel search bar at the top to get to your favorite channel within a few seconds.
And last but not least, when you hover over the programming, a Record button conveniently pops up.

And when you go to your recordings, they’re organized from newest to oldest. And you get a search bar to find your show or movie easily!
YouTube TV and Hulu Live both don’t have a search bar in its Library. Hulu Live organizes its recordings by TV Shows, Movies, Sports, etc. and YouTube TV doesn’t lay out all of your recordings on one screen. Instead, you have to scroll to the right as if you were browsing “Recommended TV Shows”.

How one can Watch the Hallmark Channel

Sling TV is another great, inexpensive live TV streaming service option. You won’t get as many channels with Sling as you do with Philo, but maybe the Sling Orange or Sling Blue package fits your watching needs better.
Sling Orange has your Disney Channel, ESPN, CNN, and TBS channel. And Sling Blue has your Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, and Bravo channel.
But if you want the Hallmark channels with your package, you’ll have to get the Lifestyle Extra. This $5/month add-on comes with the Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Drama, and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, along with Lifetime Movie Network, DIY Network, and The Cooking Channel.
So if you get Sling Orange or Sling Blue plus the Lifestyle Extra add-on, you’ll be paying $40 per month for live TV and your three favorite channels!
That’s not a bad price for a channel lineup that is more tailored to your entertainment needs such as your romance movie needs on a Friday night when you want to wind down with a glass of wine.
If you want to know more about Sling’s channels or the devices you can stream Sling on, check out our Sling TV Review.

Comcast Xfinity TV vs. YouTube TV Evaluate 2021

Does Xfinity TV or YouTube TV have a better DVR?

YouTube TV wins in the DVR department as it has the biggest storage space in the industry with unlimited.
If you’d like, you can record every NFL game this season, every Trisha’s Southern Kitchen, and every Anderson Cooper 360 episode. And you’d still have plenty of room to spare, and then some.
With any cable TV provider, you have to expect to pay DVR service fees.
Xfinity TV charges $5/month for your first TV box, $10/month for each additional set-top box, and $5–$15/month for the DVR service.
Although Xfinity’s X1 DVR only holds 150 HD hours, one upside to Xfinity’s DVR is that it stores your recordings indefinitely. Unlike with YouTube TV, you won’t have to worry about your recordings erasing after nine months.

*Data effective 8/12/2021.

AT&T TV vs. YouTube TV

There isn’t any decision-making needed once you jump aboard the YouTube TV train.
With only a single package, YouTube simplifies selecting a live television provider at the expense of available content.
YouTube TV’s only pricing option is cheaper than AT&T TV’s most affordable option and includes over twenty more channels.
If you’re after the basics, then YouTube TV might be the option for you.
AT&T TV vs. YouTube TV no contracts
One of the best aspects of selecting either AT&T TV or YouTube TV is the lack of service contracts. Some providers require you to sign multi-year contracts to get the best pricing at sign-up, but you won’t need to worry about that factor here.
Additionally, breaking service contracts with some providers results in nasty termination fees. If you aren’t happy with either AT&T TV or YouTube TV, you can cancel your service at any time with no pricing consequences.
Not even all of our best TV providers include this option.
AT&T TV vs. YouTube TV no hidden fees
With AT&T TV and YouTube TV, what you see is what you pay. There are no hidden fees for either service.
YouTube TV does offer a 4K service option, but at $20 a month, and a limited selection of channels, we feel that most customers can go without it.
AT&T TV offers a media streaming box that you can purchase to stream the service to your television. Still, it isn’t necessary if you already own a compatible device, including Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, or Roku.
If you opt to purchase AT&T TV’s media streaming box, it will either cost you $120 upfront or $5 per month over 24 months with no interest.
You can stream YouTube TV via the same streaming boxes that are compatible with AT&T TV, as well as Xbox and PlayStation.

Vidgo Assessment 2021

Vidgo’s user interface is familiar, but it’s missing some key features

Vidgo’s home screen is pretty intuitive and easy to navigate, but it might take a little getting used to if you’re accustomed to other live TV streaming services.
We’ll go over the parts we don’t like about Vidgo and end on a good note with the features we think you might like.
First, you won’t find an on-demand tab at the top since Vidgo doesn’t offer on-demand content. This is a big deal because most live TV streaming services do.
That, and the fact that Vidgo doesn’t have a DVR, can very easily be a dealbreaker for some. Not everyone is home the moment their favorite TV show is airing live.
The second downside to Vidgo’s user interface is that you won’t see a Record button when you click on a movie or show. And lastly, you won’t find channels broken down into a list of genres.
Instead, you’ll find a few tabs at the top to help you get to what you want: All, Recent, Entertainment, Sports, and Family.

We like how you can preview the program in the little box on the right before clicking the expand screen button to watch.
Vidgo makes it easy for English and Spanish speakers, which is unique in the live TV streaming industry. Not only does Vidgo offer up to 31 Spanish-language channels, but you can easily change the language of your user interface by clicking the English or Spanish button on the top right-hand corner when you first log in.

Primary Cable Packages and Channels Information

How much is Comcast Xfinity’s basic package?

Xfinity has the most inexpensive bundle on this list

Xfinity has four inexpensive options for you to choose from: two bundles and two TV plans. All of these plans require a 1-year contract besides the $20 Limited Basic plan.
PS: Unfortunately, some of these plans are only available in certain areas. Find out if they’re offered in yours.

What’s Xfinity’s Limited Basic package?

We like Comcast’s Xfinity because it’s one of the most widely available cable providers in the US, and the price tag isn’t too bad.
For example, Xfinity has four inexpensive basic and starter packages for your home.
The first option, Xfinity Limited Basic, actually has two inexpensive options. The Limited Basic package comes with 10+ channels, but you have to pair it with internet service.
To get the Limited Basic TV package, you’ll have to bundle with 25 Mbps internet for $35 per month or go big with 100 Mbps download speeds for $50. (But you could get as high as 1200 Mbps for $80 per month if you’d like!)
And even though the Limited Basic package is advertised as “10+ channels,” when we entered our location, the channel lineup actually had close to 140 channels (including 50 music channels and lots of HD (high-definition) channels).
The local broadcast, government, and educational channels Xfinity include in its channel lineup are the following:

Which channels are in Xfinity’s Starter package?
If you want a few more channels and you’re willing to spend a few bucks more, then the Starter package might be for you.
You’ll get 140+ channels, and those channels include the following:

How one can Watch the Dallas Cowboys 2021–2022

Where can I watch the Dallas Cowboys play live?

During the 2021 regular season, the Dallas Cowboys will be playing on CBS, ESPN, FOX, NBC. So, we have suggestions on how you can watch your Boys if you’re in or out of the region.
You’ll still be able to yell at your hometown team from across the country. Gotta keep the Boys in check, we understand.

*Data effective 8/16/2021.

YouTube TV has all of the channels Cowboy fans need

YouTube TV has all four channels that you need to watch your Cowboys: CBS, ESPN, FOX, and NBC.
Not only does YouTube TV give you that sweet simplicity, but it’s also one of the few services that offer the NFL RedZone Channel this 2021 season. Get this channel for $11 per month with the Sports Plus add-on, and you’ll get to see every moment a team is in the red zone during the Sunday morning and afternoon games.
You’ll never miss an exciting moment. But you probably already know Dallas’s defense won’t likely get featured. (We have to face the facts.)
If you want to know more about YouTube TV and the other sports channels in its lineup, head on over to our full review.

DISH is the best satellite TV option for Cowboys games

DISH’s America’s Top 120+ plan will let you watch your Boys any week of the season.
With this $80/month package, you’ll get CBS, ESPN, FOX, NBC, along with 190 other channels.
You just have to decide if you want a live TV streaming service that you can watch games on your streaming device, smartphone, or tablet. Or if you want satellite TV and about double the channels, go with DISH.
Check out our DISH review if you think this might be the service you’d like to watch all of your Cowboys games with.

If you’re a Cowboys fan and you want cable, go with Xfinity TV

Xfinity’s entry-level packages, Extra and Digital Starter, give the Dallas Cowboys fans all four channels.
We know you’re a diehard Cowboys fan if you’re reading this, but you get to choose if you’d like to be committal or non-committal with this cable TV provider.
Get the Extra plan if you’d like to save $20 each month during your 1-year contract, or opt-in with the Digital Starter plan if you’d like to cancel at any time without signing a contract.
Xfinity TV’s starter plans net you about 11 sports channels, which isn’t a lot. But we like how you can get 9 more sports channels with its More Sports & Entertainment add-on, including the NFL RedZone Channel.
Check out our Xfinity TV review if you’re considering a cable TV provider. It’s also our number one choice for cable TV overall.

Hulu + Live TV also has the mighty four

Another service with all four channels for your Cowboys game-watching parties is Hulu + Live TV.
We recommend YouTube TV over Hulu Live if you want 20 more channels for the same price (including two more sports channels), and if you want a bigger Cloud DVR storage space.
We recommend Hulu Live to those who want a big on-demand library though, and you must get the $71/month plan if you don’t want ads while binge-watching Friday Night Lights.
If you want to watch Dallas on Hulu + Live TV, but you’re not quite sold, jump on this 7-day trial. If you want to read more details about the service, check out our review.

fuboTV is our No.1 pick for sports, but maybe not for Cowboys fans

fuboTV has ESPN, it grants access to FOX and NBC in most areas of the US, but CBS is only available in some regions.
So we recommend you take on the free trial to see if you get the channel lineup you need to watch all of the Cowboys games. And fuboTV is also one of only a few services that offer the NFL RedZone Channel.
The RedZone Channel is perfect for the fantasy football player because you can watch Dak making those crisp passes, or you can watch Travis Kelce catching a pass for a touchdown, or Derrick Henry plowing through the defenders.
If you like to watch your fantasy team in real-time, find more information on fuboTV and the Sports Plus add-on in our fuboTV review.

How can I watch my home team when I’m out of the region?

We have four suggestions. That’s right, four: NFL SUNDAY TICKET, NFL RedZone Channel, NFL Game Pass, and Amazon Prime Video.
But keep in mind, they all have their caveats.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET is only available with DIRECTV, the satellite TV service. It’s the only service that gets you all out-of-market NFL games. Sounds dreamy, right?
You just have to be OK with second-year price hikes. But it could be worth it if you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan but live in Salt Lake City. If you sign up for the CHOICE plan ($64.99/month) or above, you can get NFL SUNDAY TICKET for free for one season (which is normally about $400.00/season). Check out all the info in our detailed review.

We have already mentioned NFL RedZone Channel enough, but don’t forget … it’s an option. The caveat is you don’t get to see the full game, just the highlights.
If you’re a Fantasy Football player, we guarantee you’ll want this channel.

NFL Game Pass is something you could get with NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX, or you can get it as a standalone service for $100. This service is for those who don’t mind watching the game after it’s already aired.
NFL Game Pass gives you access to full broadcasted replays that you can watch anytime, 45-minute condensed games for when you have limited time, and all-22 angle coaches film for when you feel like breaking down film like the pros.

And lastly, the Dallas Cowboys play three Thursday games this season, and Amazon Prime Video has got you covered.
You definitely can’t miss the Week 1 game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Then you can use this service for Week 12 and 13 when the Boys take on the Las Vegas Raiders at home and then play in New Orleans the following week.