How To Begin Working In the direction of Your Aim: 7 Golden Guidelines To Happiness

Everyone sets up various goals in life but this is the easy part, however, achieving this et goal is the toughest thing. Many people start achieving early success in their set goal however, after a set period of time this becomes stagnant and they lose the motivation to carry it further.
How To Start Working Towards Your Goal
Before personally running behind your milestone, you need to make a mindset of never giving up which will help you attain this goal much more easily

Here are the Golden rules one must follow in order to achieve their goal
Make realistic targets – People often before starting a goal keep very big or high targets which are not achievable at the current stage. They compare their goal with people who are already very far ahead in the race. For example, many people go to the gym and try to lift 20 kgs and 40 kgs which is not at all advised if you are quite new to this. Doing so will tear your muscle ligaments and also make a bad body posture as wrong lifting of heavy items will put a strain on your spineGoals that Motivate you – You Should chase the goals that you enjoy and not just because others are doing so. If the milestone excites you, you`ll work more diligently on achieving the particular goal and you wont need any external factor for motivation. Always have the answer to why you are achieving this target so whenever in doubt this solution will help you move ahead.Pen Down your Goals – Always pen down your goals and put this somewhere where you can see this list. If you physically write this it stimulates in your brain that this goal is real and it releases the dopamine hormone, once the goal is achieved. The dopamine is what causes happy thoughts in our brain.Don’t Make too many Goals at a time – All of us wants to achieve many goals in life, and because of this we make plans to achieve all of them together. This is the first mistake in working towards your goals. You should only make a said amount of goals at a time so as to obtain better results and better probability in fulfilling them. One can make combined goals like eating healthy and staying fit as both these goals go in unison with one another as one needs the right amount of calories and nutrients to keep their body fit and fine.Weekly milestones – When working on your bigger target keep small milestones along the way. This will give you a purpose of fulfilment when you achieve small targets. For example one can keep small targets like losing a said amount of calories during a particular week and while doing so by the end of the zone they will have a good sense of their goal and much clear path.Announce your Goals – This plays a vital role in completing your goals. Once you announce your goals there is a tendency that you`ll work more towards achieving the said target. Many people announce that they are going to the gym which in turn motivates them and they get a adrenaline rush throughout their body. The adrenaline rush keeps your mind active and focuses on reaching the particular goal.Don’t Stop Mid way – Many people lose motivation while going through this journey of change. This is mostly because they see stagnant results and not much improvement which they saw in the earlier phases of the journey. This can be very well explained in the example of someone who wants to lose weight. In the initial days weight losee is pretty easy, but as the days progresses you see that the weight loss is getting reduced as it was in the starting zone, this is mainly because there are you start losing muscles and muscles help in metabolizing the calories, the only way around of this is to cut down on your calorie in take or increase your work out routine. This stagnant behaviour in weight loss is known as weight loss plateau.
All in all, make sure to celebrate all your little achievements as you go through this journey of change.
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Interior Peace: How To Manifest Peace In Tough Instances?

It is possible to find inner peace. There is nothing wrong with carving out time for relaxation, but it’s in the midst of the frantic pace of daily life that we need peace and quiet: Does that moment occur every now and then when your bag spills on the floor just like your mobile phone rings?
Right when you’re fighting the urge to unleash a torrent of four-letter words, that’s when you must find inner peace within yourself.
Inner Peace: How To Manifest Peace?
Flowing and having things just fall into place can make the law of attraction seem magical. Every time it’s mentioned, we are told how it can change our lives and improve everything and we can believe that. The law of attraction, manifesting, and personal development are all often emphasized as part of the law of attraction, but the importance of inner peace is not as often emphasized.
In order to keep going, one must have inner peace. Even when everything around you is falling apart, finding happiness takes inner strength. When life is throwing exactly what you don’t want in your face, it takes inner peace to stay focused on what you want.

You can access your inner calm-even if it has been hidden for a while-with help from these 5 series of “micro-practices.”
1.) Be thankful and generous
You tell the universe you expect more of what you have when you are grateful for what you have. Your subconscious mind knows that you are fine and that you are enjoying the things you already have! Those things which make you so happy will always find a way to make you happier, and your subconscious mind will do everything it can to make sure it stays that way. Yet generosity plays a crucial role as well. Take a moment to consider the signals you convey when you offer others.
No matter if your donation is financial or you donate your time to a charity by volunteering at a shelter, in your local church, or at a pet sanctuary. Also, not only do we need to concern ourselves with larger matters, but we also need to be mindful of the essentials, like opening doors, doing the shopping for elderly neighbors, being kind to others, and protecting the environment.

We send the message that we have enough of whatever we give, whether we give love, time, money, or whatever else. It is impossible for you to more effectively signal abundance, which will assist you in manifesting faster.
2.) Practice acceptance.
Accepting that there are things that are beyond your control is the long-term goal of learning how to access your inner peace. Acceptance needs to be understood more like a way of life, rather than a quick practice.
When we fight against our circumstances, we create pain, which prevents us from obtaining inner peace. In addition, when you put yourself in alignment with what is, you immediately cease to feel like you are going against it, but rather going with it. It’s a process that requires endurance. At first, your brain may resist. That is why it is called practicing that doesn’t always mean doing it right the first time, fifteenth time, or fifty-first time; it doesn’t always mean nailing it.

For instance: You are in a position right now as a long grocery line, you can’t believe it, you’re running late? Are you feeling your stress level rising? You should just stop, put your heart space first, and then say, “This is what I have. This is where I am right now. Let’s just go with it. Now I’m going to practice self-compassion, and just practice patience. I’m having a hard time with this. The faster I am, the better. Despite my wishes, I am in this line. I am fine, as well as everything else.”
3.) Use The Power Of Forgiveness
You can witness the power of forgiveness right now if you seek inner peace. You lose inner peace if you hold grudges for past mistakes, whether your own or someone else’s. Experiencing emotional freedom means letting go of negative emotions.
Forgiveness does not mean forgetting. No one can get away with damaging things they have done to you on their own. Unlike forgiveness of others, forgiveness is something you have to do for yourself. It’s possible to acknowledge wrongdoing while simultaneously moving on and moving forward. Grudges, for instance, can be eliminated by eliminating negative emotions.

It’s difficult to manifest more peace in your life when you’re constantly trying to figure out what others are thinking of you and your choices. In order to truly be happy, you must discover the happiness that is rooted in your soul. Other people should not judge you. You will feel happier and more at peace if you stop caring what others think.
4.) Exercise Patience
Having patience with yourself and those around you is so important with everything going on these days. There are tons of people who are confused, scared, and not sure what to do. You’re the one who has to start. In most cases, you will not be able to control what happens.
Neither you nor other people can control what happens outside of their control. Your ability to deal with life’s situations will increase the sooner you accept these truths.
You can only control your own reaction to another person’s behavior, the speed at which things move in the world, or the cost of things. By being patient and tolerant, you can put your focus on what really matters – finding your sanity in turbulent times.
5.) Maintain good personal hygiene
Exercise, meditation, and eating healthy can all help keep your mental peace to defend you against the ravages of life (your world, or your mind). You can practice mindfulness even in the simplest things, like brushing your teeth or tasting toothpaste. Don’t worry about everything on your to-do list or what happened in everyday life.
As you learn “the pause,” you will be better prepared to react more calmly when you are feeling pushed by a situation.
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