Thrive Headline Optimizer Review 2021 (Get 300% More Engagement)

If you’re one of them who has a website and relies on content to attract new visitors then getting more clicks, social share, and comments plays an important role.
We bloggers know the fact that creating good content is really time-consuming, needs efforts and money as well. Do you know there are nearly 2-Million post are published everyday?
And it’s a fact that as a content creator you are actually responsible for creating content along with that you need to spend time promoting it as well. It’s really important to maximize both the visitors and engagement in order to achieve high ROI right for every content we publish.

No doubt, headlines play an important role in attracting the visitors. And we all only have merely 2.6 seconds to attract visitors and that’s quite less time we have got to impress a visitor. And according to Copyblogger, more than 80% people will only read the headline and only 20% will continue reading any post and that’s devastating.
We all spend countless time like days, hours for crafting the best piece content for our blog. And visitor’s always judged a piece of content by its Headline. No matter how well you have written or crafted the content, visitor’s will be going to judge it by the headline. So it’s really very important to have a catchy headline in order to attract more visitors.
Now the question arises here, how you can make your headline more compelling and eye-catching? No clue! Don’t worry we have a solution for you guys.
Basically, the definition of good headline only depends on whom you ask. And most of the time the option to get an eye-catching headline is by experimenting. That’s I think is one of the old ways to get a compelling and eye-catching headline.
Good headline get attention and also good headlines get clicks. And also headlines determine the success or failure of your content more than any other factor.
Don’t worry, we are going to introduce you a tool that you can use to optimize your headings.
Here comes, Thrive Headline Optimizer– A powerful headline optimizer for WordPress. Its a fastest way to get better results from your content marketing, Using this tool anyone can easily publish the best and most click-worthy headlines to simply sky-rocket the engagement on your website while lowering your bounce rates. [embedded content]
In this post, we have featured Thrive Headline Optimizer Review 2021 that includes all the detailed insights about its pricing, features, functionality, and more. Let’s get started here.

Thrive Headline Optimizer Review 2021: Optimize Your Headlines Now
About Thrive Headline Optimizer
As I have already mentioned, Thrive Headline Optimizer is one of the best and powerful headline optimizer tool for WordPress. With this tool, you can simply make your posts a massive success. Using this plugin you can easily unlock the most compelling and most-click worthy headline for you.

Thrive Headline Optimizer is one of the fastest ways to get better results for your content marketing. Thrive Headline Optimizer is the most effective and most statistically robust WordPress plugin. Here this plugin allows you to test the headlines of your website.
With this plugin, you can quickly find the most click-worthy headline for your content in order to get more interaction of the visitors leaving your website. You can also do the bulk testing and just save time in optimizing all of your existing content at once to see the immediate results.

Thrive Headline Optimizer Key Features:
This plugin offers all the features that you can use to find the best winning headlines for your website or blog. Simply let the tool decide the best headline to use. And here with Thrive Headline Optimizer, you will have full access and control in order to understand what’s actually working for your website.

Quick & Easy A/B Title Testing:

With this feature, you can find the most-click worthy headline for your content in order to get more interaction right instead of visitors leaving your website or blog.

Bulk Testing:

Simply save time and optimize all of your existing content right at once in order to immediately getting the results.

Engagement Reports:

The best of all here you’ll get the total reports and really it’s a quick overview to help you understand how interesting your viewers are finding your content.

WooCmmerce Compitable:

As you can see here this plugin is also compatible with  WooCommerce. Just test all of your WoooCommerce names in order to get more clicks and maximize your revenue.

Fully Automated:

Just set your own automatic winner setting in order to get better CTR and increased engagement right on auto-pilot.
What Factors Does This Plugin Measure?
There are actually 3 Critical Engagement Factors and here this plugin allows to test them all right on any combination. This tool also tracks click-throughs on your blog, you recent posts widgets along with other places where you have listed your posts.

They will help in crafting the best headlines that can do the best lob lowering your bounce rates and keeping visitors right on your website.
It helps you with the following factors:

Click Through Rate

Time On COntent

How To Optimize Your Headlines With Thrive Headline Optimizer?
The working of this plugin is very simple and straightforward and anyone can easily get started with it. Right now I’ll be going through the process of using this plugin effectively on your websites or blog. Let’s walk through.
Step #1: Write Headlines
In the very first step, you can just write as many headlines as you can for any piece of your content. And the best part is that Thrive Headline Optimizer also offers you templates to make this process as easy as possible.

Step #2: Add New Headlines Variations

Step #3: Wait & Watch, You’re Done
Now you’re ready to start your test with Thrive Headline Optimizer. And here this tool will start doing its work and it will take care of the rest. Basically, the headline that you came up with you will be shown right to different users when they come right to your website.

And based right on the engagement factors and statistically the relevant test will run and the plugin will automatically start displaying the winning headline to your visitors in order to maximize the engagement.
Thrive Headline Optimizer Pricing Plans:
The pricing plans offered by this plugin is very flexible and affordable so that anyone can easily get started with. Just get your copy of Thrive Headline Optimizer and try it on your own, As here you get 30 days to get more attention otherwise you can get your money back. This plugin also comes with 30 days money back guarantee.
Let’s check out what plans they are actually offering:

1 License ($67)

Install on 1 website
Includes all the features
Unlimited free updates
1 full year of support

5 License Pack ($97)

Install on 5 websites
Includes all the features
Unlimited free updates
1 full year of support

15 License Pack ($147)

Install on 15 websites
Includes all the features
Unlimited free updates
1 full year of support

Without having any second thought you should get started with this plugin to attract more visitors. The best part is that here they also offer 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. If you’re somehow not satisfied with its service then you can easily get our money back.

Pros and Cons of Thrive Headline Optimizer:

Bulk Testing
Detailed Reports
Quick & Easy A/B Testing
Engagement Reports
Detailed A/B Testing Metrics
It’s very easy to use and flexible
Here setting can be customized for individual posts too.
Offer reliableThrive themes support forums and training.


Pricing is little bit expensive.
No other cons found.

Quick Links:

Conclusion: Thrive Headline Optimizer Review 2021
Here this plugin, Thrive Headline Optimizer will definitely help you in getting the eye-catching headlines that can help you in getting more engagement. And if visitors are spending more time on your website, then they’re more likely to trust you and they might get converted into your potential paying customers.
The best part is that here the Throve Headline Optimizer algorithms only focus right on the most important engagement indicators: like the click-through rates (CTR), time sent right on content and scrolling.

Now it’s time to take your website to the next level using Thrive Headline Optimizer. Simply get more attention, more clicks & more comments right on Autopilot.
We hope this post suits your purpose well. If you liked the post then you can show your love and support by sharing this post on trending social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
Do tell us which feature do you like most about Thrive Headline Optimizer right in the comment section.

Thrive Ovation Assessment 2021: Show Testimonials For Social Proofs ( 200% ROI)

Do you wanna manage testimonials on your WordPress website effectively?  Yes! Now you can easily manage and showcase testimonials to your website visitors. Here we are going to review a testimonial plugin called manage testimonials
According to VWO, testimonials can help us in boosting conversions by 34%. So why we are not using this conversion boosting formula for our website. Now you can use the WordPress Testimonial Plugin in order to showcase and manage testimonials on your website easily.

Bottom Line Upfront : 
Here comes Thrive Ovation– A powerful all-in-one WordPress Testimonial Management Plugin. This plugin generally allows us to collect testimonials from our audience wisely and allows us to show them on our website along with that they offer ready to use templates to showcase the testimonials in an extraordinary way. You can easily link these forms to social media platforms and gather testimonials. This will also increase the engagement of your followers.

In this post, we have features Thrive Ovation Review 2021 that includes detailed insights about its functionality, features, pricing and more. Let’s get started here.

Thrive Ovation Review 2021: A Legit Testimonial Plugin For WordPress

About Thrive Ovation
Basically, Thrive Ovation is a flexible and all-in-one testimonial management plugin for WordPress. Here this plugin helps us in adding testimonials to our WordPress website and through that we can easily drive more conversions and sales as well.
Thrive Ovation can help all types of online businesses in boosting conversions and that’s the motive behind Thrive Ovation. As here it allows any business no matter the size and stages it help you in adding testimonials to your website.

Using this plugin you’ll be able to gather and manage all of the testimonials from within your website. And the best of all you can easily display it with a single click of a button. You can get a library filled with ready-to-insert testimonials you can choose from to insert.
[embedded content]
Even here you can easily transform WordPress comments right into testimonials in one click. All you need to do is just find a WordPress comment that you want to use as a testimonial.
Then in the other step, you don’t have to copy it, just add it to your testimonial library with a click of a button.
And here Thrive Ovation will automatically grab all of the important information like the name and the picture. Then the WordPress comment will be available to insert as a testimonial on your sales page and more.

Who needs the Plugin Thrive Ovation?
The keynote of every successful business is an improvement. The best way to improve your business is the reviews from the people who are using your products, that is, your customers. While purchasing or getting associated with any company in the market, reviews and testimonials are essential. They are way more important than what you feel of them. Testimonials are live proof of the success of your product.
They establish a feeling of trust in your customers. They can boost or reduce your sales at the same time. Thus, Thrive Ovation came up with the best plugin that you can use on your wordpress site to boost your sales.
Key Features:

Transform WordPress Comments Into Testimonials:

Using this feature you can easily transform WordPress comments right into testimonials. Simply save your comments to testimonial library with a click of a button and then follow few steps and you are ready to use your WordPress comments as your testimonials.

Leverage Social Testimonials:

You can use your social media comments as a testimonial as here using this plugin you can simply transform those comments into ready-to-insert testimonials. As here this plugin fully integrates right with Facebook and Twitter in order to grab the comments and import it into your testimonial. And then leverage those social media mentions right on your website without using the old screenshot way.

Collect Testimonials On Auto-Pilot:

We all know that asking for testimonials is painful and it takes time and efforts as well. But here with the help of Thrive Ovation, you can easily automate the complete process simply by dedicating the testimonials gathering landing pages, blog posts or the opt-in forms.
Even using this tool you’ll be able to send the automated messages right to your customers to simply ask for feedback and forget the process of “testimonial gathering”.

The Bird’s-Eye View:

Now you don’t have to misplace or forget about any testimonial again. As here in the thrive Ovation dashboard you’ll get a perfect overview of each and everything. Like here you get user-submitted, WordPress Comments, social media, and imported testimonials and many more things managed right in one testimonial library.
You can easily preview your testimonial in the blink of an eye and just find out which testimonials is ready for display, waiting for approval or the review has rejected or just missing a photo. Just checkout everything and then make your decision.

Testimonial Tags:

Here you can simply use the flexible tagging system in the Thrive Ovation. Just add tags to your testimonials as it allows you to simply filter and find the best one that you need in a few seconds with a click of a button.
And the best part is that the tags can be automatically added right to the user-submitted testimonials or even you can manually import ones.

Display Dazzling Testimonials:

ALways show the best testimonials wherever needed and also boost your conversions too. Here you can easily insert testimonials immediately right through Thrive Builder or you can even generate the shortcodes for that.
Using this feature you can easily insert testimonials anywhere you want like on the sales pages, landing pages, dedicated testimonial pages or even in a blog post.

Customized & Professionally Designed Templates:

Here the Thrive Ovation comes with a library of grids, slider or standalone templates. Just choose the number of testimonials to display, the color scheme and with the Thrive Content Builder, you can easily customize every detail to fit your brand.
How To Display Testimonials Using Thrive Ovation?
Step #1: Go To Thrive Dashboard

Step #2: Add New Testimonial
When you’re in the Thrive Ovation dashboard you’ll be able to new testimonial. Just click the add New Button easily.

Step #3: Enter Details

Step #4: Testimonial Created

Thrive Ovation Pricing Plans:
The pricing plans offered by Thrive Ovation is very simple and affordable so that anyone can easily get started with. Just get a copy of Thrive Ovation & simply start leveraging the conversion power of testimonials.
Let’s check out what pricing plans they are actually offering:

Starter ($39/Month)

1 License: Allows you to Install & Activate the plugin in one single website.

Advanced ($47/Month)

5 License: Allows you to Install & Activate the plugin in five websites.

Pro ($97/Month)

6 License: Allows you to Install & Activate the plugin in 15 Websites.
The stats of Thrive Themes tools users are very big as here there are more than 79,392 satisfied customers all over the world. These people are using Thrive Theme products in order to increase the conversions of the site, build marketing campaigns along with generating more leads and sales as well.
The best part about Thrive Ovation is that here they are actually offering 30 days Money back Guarantee and that I think is quite impressive. Somehow if you’re not satisfied with their service you can just get your money back within 30 days.

Thrive Ovation Testimonials & Reviews From Customers

Although we have thousands of happy customers and clients, gathering testimonials has always been a challenge for us because most people just don’t now how to leave a solid benefit-focused testimonial.
Ovation simplifies the process, allowing for the collection (and display) of more relevant and meaningful testimonials that convey the specific benefits of your offer, without the typical back and forth coaching and prompting.

Before using Thrive Ovation, I tried to have my testimonials in sheets in different places, quite a bit of mess, and not always easy to manage. This resulted in not using them as well as I could have.
What I love most about Thrive Ovation is the ability to have testimonials organized in one spot and with the tags for what they are about as I sell a lot of different courses and services.

Thrive Ovation Customer Support
Here for any of the Thrive Themes products you don’t have to care about the customer support. As here they have an excellent support staff and they are willing to help you and resolve the issues that you might encounter.
Along with the purchase of your plugin includes one year of full support and after then you can even extend your support for another year just by paying small fees.
Thrive Ovation FAQ’s

🔥What kind of customers do the above platforms have?

Usually, startups, small businesses, mid-size businesses, nonprofit organizations, and all other such companies use social proof platforms.

🔥 Is the integration of apps possible in social proof platforms?

Yes, the platforms can integrate with few third-party apps, zoom being the prominent one.

✅ What is thrive ovation, and how does it work?

Thrive Ovation is a comprehensive WordPress testimonial management plugin. It enables every company, regardless of its scale or level of development, to leverage the power of testimonials. From inside the platform, you’ll be able to collect and handle testimonials. And they can be seen with the click of a mouse.

✅ I’m just getting started; do I need Thrive Ovation?

Yes, it is perfect for beginners.

✅ Will Thrive Ovation be used for websites not in English?

Yes, everything shown on the website’s front end is entirely translatable.

✅ Is Thrive Ovation compatible with websites?

No, their resources are only compatible with self-hosted websites ( That is, it can run if you have WordPress built on your hosting site.

✅ Can I receive help if I buy Thrive Ovation?

In reality, Support is included in the price of Thrive Suite as long as the membership is active.

🔥 Is Thrive Ovation available as a self-contained plugin?

Certainly not! Though Thrive Ovation was previously sold separately, all of their plugins and themes are now included in Thrive Suite. When you buy Thrive Suite, you instantly gain access to all of our WordPress conversion-focused items.

🔥How will testimonials and Thrive Ovation help my company increase conversions?

Testimonials will help the company succeed and build trust with the customers.

Quick Links:

Thrive Ovation Alternatives
1) TrustPulse

It is a social proof application that enables the user to create real-time messages on the user’s site. It has a rich notification editor, which can be eye-catching by having pop social proof messages to the visitors visiting the website. These can be generated when the visitor takes some action on the website, like moving to the website’s other section, etc.
Pricing :

Basic PlanIt costs you about $5 per month.
Plus PlanIt costs you about $10 per month.
Pro PlanIt costs you about $19 per month.
Growth PlanIt costs you about $39 per month.

2) OptinMonster

OptinMonster is a conversion optimization tool. This enables users to create popups, scroll boxes, welcome mats. Generating an email list, helps improve website conversions, reducing cart abandonment. This software also provides email marketing services. It also has a user-friendly interface, a selection of clean and attractive designs. Popup forms are triggered when the visitor is just about to leave.
Pricing :

Basic PlanIt costs you about $9 per month.
Plus PlanIt costs you about $19 per month.
Pro PlanIt costs you about $29 per month.
Growth PlanIt costs you about $49 per month.

3) SocialProve

The software is a marketing automation software with proper documentation on training. It has 24/7 live support. It has A/B testing, Analytic/ROI tracking, and sales intelligence, notification tool for the user to create social proofs for the visitors, Easy to set up and use. It also provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows OS.
Pricing :

Starter PlanIt costs you about $29 per month.
Standard PlanIt costs you about $49 per month.
Business PlanIt costs you about $199 per month.

4) WPForms

It is a WordPress forms plugin with a feature like drag and drops, an online form builder that helps newcomers make website forms in just a few minutes. It is very beginner-friendly; it has premade templates, spam protection, conditional logic, and the option to view form submissions in the WordPress dashboard. It also integrates with the user’s email marketing service.
Pricing :

Plus PlanIt costs you about $99.50 per month.
Pro PlanIt costs you about $199.50 per month.
Elite PlanIt costs you about $299.50 per month.


It enables the user to request, collect and manage data and display testimonials. The format of the testimonials can be an image, video, or even audio. It is so handy and user-friendly that it is also available in Playstore and Appstore. The user can also send emails from here requesting testimonials. It is one of the most used social proofreading software.
Pricing :

Solo PlanIt costs you about $25 per month
Plus PlanIt costs you about $50 per month.
Team PlanIt costs you about $100 per month.
Premium PlanIt costs you about $208 per month.

Conclusion: Thrive Ovation Review 2021
Now you don’t have to worry about your testimonials as here Thrive Ovation plugin will be going to manage all of your testimonial tasks. And with that, you can easily leverage conversions boosting power. Thrive Ovation is indeed the best plugin on the market shelves for complete testimonials. It provides you with an automatic system to collect all the testimonials for you to review. Moreover, you can easily customize your surveys and forms to match your business model.

This plugin will really help you to gather, manage and display all of the best testimonials at the right place without putting any efforts. We hope this post suits your purpose well. If you liked the post then kindly share it on all trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Thrive Leads Evaluation 2021 Is It Actually Price Your Cash? (Learn Reality)

Thrive Leads Review – Most probably you may have heard it somewhere “The money is in the list”. Yes! It is correct email marketing is beneficial for our blog and websites. And if you haven’t started building the email list then you should start doing it right away.
But if you’re a beginner or intermediate who is struggling with building an email list then don’t worry we are here to help you. In this booming digital marketplace, you can find many list-building plugins.
Again the problem arises, which one should you choose in order to get the most benefit.
Don’t worry here in this post we’ll be throwing some light on this matter by introducing you a market-leading list building plugin. Here comes Thrive Leads- A reliable and powerful listing building plugin.
The only you can build the email list is to simply ask people for an email address. And if you want to do this task effectively you need to have a lead generation plugin like Thrive Leads.
And right when it comes to building an email list, Thrive Leads is one of the most powerful options available out there in the market.
In this post, we have featured Thrive Leads Review 2021 that includes detailed insights about its pricing, features, functionality and more. 

Table of Contents

Thrive Leads Review 2021: Is It Really Worth Your Money? (Read Truth)
About Thrive Leads
Basically, Thrive Leads is an all-in-one lead generation plugin for WordPress. It’s a powerful plugin that allows you to create stunning forms right on your WordPress website. Thrive Leads is created by a team of professionals who have a vision of conversion optimization.
Using  Thrive Leads is just like having your own list-building and conversion experts. And it’s not something old as here  Thrive Leads is a most cutting edge conversion tactics that is used by smart marketers and growth hackers out there.
With  Thrive Leads you can easily experience explosive list growth and the amazing business benefits that comes out with this plugin.
Here you can easily get a massive conversion boost simply by showing highly targeted offers right to your visitors based right on post categories, tags and more in a row. Now you can easily build hyper-targeted and profitable lists.

Key Features:

Design & Deploy

Here Thrive Leads generally combines every type of opt-in form that you need for one single plugin and here it will give a simple drag and drop editor in order to simply create the perfect.

Advanced Targeting:

Just get a massive conversion boost simply by showing the relevant and highly targeted offer right to your visitors based on the post, categories, tags and more. Just build hyper-targeted and profitable lists.

A/B Testing Engine:

Thrive Leads generally comes with highly advanced and easy to use A/B testing features. Just increase your conversions and simply use the plugin in order to automatically increase your conversion rates.

Reporting & Insights:

Here this plugin will give you a detailed overview right over the most important metrics. Now you can see how your opt-ins are actually performing over time and have detailed insights of your traffic and where it is coming from.

ThriveBoc (PopUp Lightbox)

You will get an unblockable overlay aka popup that will be displayed right above your content and is very attention-grabbing. Using this feature you can easily generate more leads.

Sticky Ribbon:

Just add a ribbon type form that will appear right at the top of the screen and will remain “sticky” as the visitor’s scrolls down the page. And trust me this one is a quite handy feature to collect more leads.

In-Line Forms:

Now you can automatically insert the opt-in form right at the bottom of your posts or you can insert them anywhere just by using a simple shortcode.

2-Step Opt-in Form:

Just create 2-step signup process simply by adding buttons or links that will easily open a lightbox on click.

Opt-In Widget:

Now you can easily add an opt-in form right to your sidebar or on another widget area right on your website with just a few clicks.

Screen Filler Overlay:

This one is actually is “unignorable” opt-in form and the perfect way to simply make sure you just get your visitor’s full attention right on your offer.  

Content Lock:

Here using this feature to lock your content and it is one of great ways to simply add an opt-in incentive right inside your content. And then after collecting the leads, you can just reveal it once the visitors sign-up.

Pre-Designed Templates:

Just choose right from dozens of templates in order to simply create the eye-catching and effective list building forms and then display it anywhere right on your website.
Thrive Leads Integrations
The best of all, here Thrive Leads generally integrates with all major Autoresponders or Email Marketing Service of your choice.  Let’s check out the list of software that it integrates with.

Amazon Web Services

Here the part that you may like most about this lead generation tool is that it has direct API Integration right for the most popular email services. Apart from that you can just use it with any system and creates an HTML signup form, opening Thrive Leads right up to hundreds of possible integrations.
You can even use different lists and different services for the different forms that you create and that’s quite impressive.
Thrive Leads Pricing Plans
Thrive Leads offers very flexible and affordable pricing plans that anyone can easily get started with. Here Thrive Leads is also offering 30 days money-back guarantee, if somehow if you’re satisfied with its services then you can just get your money back.

Let’s find out its pricing plans in details:
1) Single Site License ($67/Month)
2) 15 Site License ($147/Month)
Actually, these plans include a full feature set and unlimited updates along with 1 year of full support.
If you just want to become a Thrive Member just get immediate access to all of their plugins and themes including (Thrive Leads as well). You can simply get the plans for:
Thrive Membership ($19/Month)
By purchasing this plan you’ll get immediate access to All Of Thrive Plugins and Themes including the Thrive Leads as well.

How To Create Your First Optin Form With Thrive Leads?
Now in this section, I’ll tell you the process of building an opt-in form from start finish easily. In order to create your first optin form just navigate to  Thrive Dashboard > Thrive Leads.

Right in this section, you’ll able to see four sections like Lead Groups, Lead Shortcodes, ThriveBoxs and Signup Segue. Here we just need the first one, just click the Add New right in the Lead Groups.

If you don’t have any idea about Lead Groups then let me tell you something about it. Basically, Lead Group is a collection of optin forms that generally share a set of common rules.
It can be just one form or it can be several and here you can just mix and match right between different types of forms.

When you create your Lead Group you’ll be to see the list of optin types that are available to you. Right now I’ll be creating just a standard pop up option, here we just need the Lightbox option.
And in the next step, you need to just click on CLick Form and just your form a name. And on the right of the screen just press the blue Edit Design icon.

Here it will just open the form editor. So the process begins! Now you’ll be seeing a different variety of templates. And these are actually built and split into different tabs and here we just need the options template in Multi-step Templates and depending on your needs.

You can choose one of them according to your needs and once you choose a template we can begin using the thrive lead’s page builder-style drag-and-drop functionality.

The best part is that every element on the form can be easily completely customized and here all we need to do is to click to see our options. For example, we can easily edit the text, change colors, alt font size and more.
And now to the right of the screen, we’ll be able to see the elements that are available for us. There are actually 38 elements that let us add lots of cool features like credit card icons, countdown timers, and feature grids.

In the last step, we need to just drag and drop them thirin the right place, we can play around with the settings and when we’re done we can just click the Save Changes and we’re done.
Quick Links:

FAQs | Thrive Leads Review

👋 Does thrive architect work with any theme?

Yes, Thrive Architect with any theme.

👉What is thrive theme builder?

Thrive Theme Builder allows you to visually create and customize your header, footer, blog post templates, sidebar, page layout, category pages, search pages, 404s, and MORE.

🙆‍♂️ What is thrive architect?

Thrive Architect is the visual page builder that is built from the ground up for business and conversion-focused websites.

🙋‍♀️How much is thrive architect?

Thrive Suite costs $19 per month (billed annually).06-Feb-2021

👏 What is thrive lightbox?

At its simplest, the Thrive Lightbox is an opt-in form that pops up in your visitor’s window when triggered. As with all Thrive Themes products, it’s designed for conversion and comes with a ton of professionally designed templates ready for use!

🙌 Do Thrive Leads provide cashback?

Thrive Leads is also offering 30 days money-back guarantee, if somehow if you’re satisfied with its services then you can just get your money back.

Conclusion: Thrive Leads Review 2021
Without having any second thought I would like to say, Thrive Leads is one of the finest and powerful Lead Generation Plugin for WordPress. And trust me its features and functionalities are impressive and efficient enough to boost your sales up to 200%.
The best part is that the plugin user interface is user-friendly and simple so that anyone can get started right away. Don’t worry here you don’t any coding skills to configure the plugin settings and options.
We hope this post suits your purpose well. Feel free to drop the name of your best lead generation plugin right in the comment section below. If you like the post, then do share it on your favorite social media channel like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The right way to Construct a Journey Enterprise Web site Utilizing WordPress – In depth Information

Nowadays everyone loves having the chance to get away from their city and travel around the world. In fact, more than ever many people are choosing to spend money on experiences rather than things. That means it’s a great time to be in the travel business. Business is booming for adventure getaways, specialty guidebooks, hostels, hotels, tour companies, travel agencies, and vacation rentals. Here we’re going to talk about, how to create a great travel company website with WordPress.
So if you don’t have a WordPress website for your existing travel business, then it’s the time. And if you’re thinking about starting a new business, then WordPress site should be one of your top priorities.
So let’s get started building one

You should keep following points in mind while creating it:
To start, you have to decide what essential elements you need cover on your travel company site. So before you start building your travel company website, you’ll definitely need to consider the crucial elements of your business to help your story. You should be prepared with all the marketing elements that can help you build your brand presence online. You should include links to your social network profiles, and offer customer testimonials.
You’ll also want to identify which features to include making your website helpful and convenient for your users such as maps and imagery on your site to help your customers make reservations, find details about your travel getaways and get your contact information. If you want to accept online payments, you’ll also need to research payment gateways. All travel sites need these basic building blocks. Also check out this hosting to build your travel website
Build a Travel Business Website Using WordPress
1. Connecting with your Customers:
A vital part of any internet marketing campaign these days is storytelling. You can do this by combining customers to your success journey. Narrating your story is a critical element of any online marketing campaign. Tell them about your business a way that both entertains and informs your site visitors.
Starting from “how your business came into existence” to “the success and popularity you gained,” gives your customers a way to build an emotional connection with your business. Long-standing businesses have the benefit of going back generations while highlighting company history and milestones. Young business startups can instead describe the story of how the industry was born.
Think about visual storytelling options as well. Visual storytelling options can leave a more memorable impact on your customers. If it fits your story, you might consider a timeline plugin. The timeline can be used to create a vertical schedule that you could use to tell the history of your business.
Timeline Express is one of the best plugins available for you to develop a tremendous vertical timeline. You can use this platform to help lay out the history of your travel business to your clients and target audience
2. Detail the Gateway:
Your story is remarkable when it comes to making your business stand out from the crowd, it is essential to tell positive, quality travel experiences to your customers. Your travel company website needs to showcase details of holiday packages and destination details, it will worth it.
Gallery Bank:

One way to do this is to go visual. You can use plugins to build stellar looking albums and photo galleries for your clients. One of the best plugins for creating responsive photo galleries and collections is Gallery Bank. With this plugin, you can make a thumbnail size collage framework of images.
Instagram Feed Plugin:

Additionally, if you have high promotional media on a social media platform such as Instagram, then the Instagram Feed plugin is an excellent option here. The plugin is free, and you can display content from one or more public Instagram profiles in some customizable grids.

Beside just pictures of your travel experiences, you can also include getaways with information. If your company is for urban tours or a Hotel Company, then you can allow your customers orientation and insight into nearby areas, you can add custom Google Maps and location pins. Your customers might want to know what’s nearby.
Stellar Places:

Here come the plugins like Stellar Places that lets you add a custom location pin to display on a Google Map. The plugin is free and easy to set up.

3. Plugins for Reservation and Travel Booking:
Booking Calendar Plugin:

After providing all the relevant information about your business, you want to make sure that your travel site has options that offer travel booking and reservation options for your customers. The Booking Calendar plugin is one of the best reservation plugins for startups and smaller businesses.
With the help of this plugin, your visitors can check the availability of vacation houses, building unit and hotel rooms, and complete their booking in less than a minute.
Most of the travel businesses already use top tour and travel booking software like TourCMS, TrekkSoft, or Checkfront tour and travel booking software programs. These are some of the best programs that make its own WordPress plugin for seamless integration with your site.

4. Accepting Payment:
Depending on the type of your travel business, you may need a method to take payment upfront via your site, since travelers tend to prefer the convenience of paying online.
WooCommerce Plugin:

The free WooCommerce plugin is an excellent choice for this, the WooCommerce plugin isn’t just favorite, it’s also feature-packed. WooCommerce offers both the primary and advanced functionalities necessary for a traveling site. This plugin easily can handle all of your payment requirements, including inventory tracking, report generation, significant areas of payment and tax handling.
PayPal Plugin:

Another plugin for accepting payment is the Simple PayPal Shopping Cart plugin. This plugin is useful for installing the “Add to Cart” button to any page. Also, it routes all your payments via PayPal. As the PayPal brand is highly trusted and widely-known.
5. Legitimize your Travel Business Website:
As this is the matter of paying online so before any customers you should check their payment details online, many of them will want to know more about your business. Help them to fully trust you by providing your contact info, hours of operation, a business address, any essential company policies, or other info customers will want to know about.
Profile Plugin:

For this task, Business Profile plugin is one of the best options.  Here users can fill out business name, address, phone, email, contact page link, hours of operation, and integrate a Google Map. The resulting contact card can be displayed on a page or in a sidebar.
You could also create your own custom “Contact Us” to display information as well and make sure that you use the stand-alone Google Maps plugin to show off your location. The map will also help your customers to visualize whether your travel company is near the airport, their hotel, or other points.

6. Choosing Theme for Website:

While choosing a theme for your WordPress travel site, it’s best to pick one that already has all your desired features or one that is easily customizable.  One of the best options for choosing themes is ElegantEstate. This theme is already equipped with ready-to-use location mapping, gallery, testimonials and booking forms.
Just for $69 a year, you can get Elegant Estate license that includes full access and premium support.
The Divi theme can be used for adventure getaways, specialty guidebooks, tour companies, and travel agencies and make an impressive website seem comfortable. This theme is equipped with a custom page builder with modules and pre-made layouts that make it easy to quickly assemble a stunning site. The built-in options for testimonials and galleries are particularly lovely. Divi is one of the most flexible themes in Elegant Themes’ lineup and is also included in the Personal license.
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Conclusion: How to Build a Travel Business Website Using WordPress
Now you have everything you need to create an excellent website for your travel company, with the right elements and a good theme. If you include all of these, you should start seeing more bookings and reservations from your site. Let me know if you are using this on your WordPress site in the comment section. Do share it on all the trending social media platform.

The right way to Create Membership Website with WordPress: Straightforward Step by Step Information

So, you’re ready to take your WordPress website to the next level and build a Membership Site with WordPress. Building your Membership Site is time-consuming that displays content only for users who have registered as a member.
For building a membership website with WordPress requires the installation and set-up of some of the third-party membership plugins. There are many of excellent WordPress membership plugins are available, both free and premium call it as paid, and which one will work best for you will depend on the features you need for your website.
For this tutorial, we only focused on free plugins, and choose the one that best meets our needs. The criteria we used for this choice limiting on what we decided were the most important features for us.

First, let’s learn something about Membership site:
Creating a membership website will help you a lot in earning money online. A membership is a so-called gate, which is placed on your website to hide some specific content. This particular content can be accessed by users if they have taken subscription or have done registration, which can be free, paid or mixed.
There are WordPress membership plugins such as Restrict Content Pro and MemberPress which makes it super easy to create a WordPress membership website with ease. Check our detailed comparison of Restrict Content Pro vs MemberPress here. 
These Membership sites are platforms where useful content is published with restricted access. Here users can only access that content by paying the membership fee. Membership can be annual, monthly or weekly and it is normal for the user to get a discount if they choose the yearly or monthly option.
Some sites also offer different prices, according to the content.  After the end of the membership period, the user must pay again to continue access. The payment process is usually automated as the members have to share their credit card details while signing up and that gets stored in the site’s database.
The main advantage of creating a Membership website:
The main advantage of setting up a membership site is to provide more excellent stability to your online business and to obtain a new recurring revenue line that. Membership sites are the best ways of implementing trending Internet Marketing strategies.
 To grow your membership site and client base, you will have to integrate your website with Web 2.0 technology and promote the site on popular social media platforms.

Here, in this process, we will need these plugins to get started with it.

Step 1: Installing all previous Plugins
Firstly you have to install some plugins to create a Membership site. And always keep one thing in mind that there is no such thing as a FREE plugin. Most of the free plugins and themes for WordPress are stripped-down versions of their premium plugins.
Step 2: Creating Groups that will have Premium Access

For forming the premium group, click on capabilities within Groups in the administration area of WordPress. Then, build a new Capability with the name that you want.
When the Capability is created, click on the Groups to create a new group for which you will assign the Premium capability.
Within Groups, click on Options and select the Premium capability. ,” is what gives us the possibility to choose this group for assigning and sharing latest content. Now you can restrict content to only premium members by restricting access to the new Premium group.
Step 3: Creation of Restricting content for premium groups

While creating or editing a blog post or page on your site, in the WordPress edit window, on the right, there is a new field that allows us to select who can see our content. If we leave it by default, our content will be visible to everyone, but if we choose a group, the content will be apparent to those users who are within the group.
If someone who does not have permission that tries to access the restricted content pages will .” to a predefined page. You can set up this page with the Groups 404 Redirect plugin, which allows you to redirect to the page you want, like to the login page.
Step 4: Add a Payment Method

When you are successfully done with restricting content access, then you have to set up the payment system. This can be easily done by the WooCommerce’s Subscription or WooCommerce Groups.
Here are two typical ways to set it up:
1.Give access to content with a single payment or recurring payment:
You make a course that the content accessible from a member area and you want the users of your website to buy and consume online. If you want this type of payment method, then you do not need the WooCommerce Subscription plugin, since this plugin is designed for recurring charges.
2.Give access to content with recurring payment:

If you are willing to offer a monthly membership, then you need a recurring payment option. In this option, the registered buyers are automatically charged on their listed credit card or selected payment method. In this, the essential step is to configure the payment method.
There are several options for the payment processor, such as Stripe or Included with WooCommerce is the PayPal payment method so we will describe that method. You will need a PayPal account created first to use this. 
Once the payment methods are set up and functional, move to the Groups tab and select the Group that we want to give access to when buying the subscription. That’s it now you have successfully set up your Membership website in WordPress.
Subscription, Once the payment methods, are set up and functional.
Step 5: Automatically Listing your Premium Content
It’s not mandatory, but very attractive and helpful if you plan to update your premium content list. It uses the Page List plugin to create a page where all the paid or premium content appears automatically.

Create a page with the name of “Members Only Content List” or something to that effect. This page will be the one that contains all the Paid or Premium content. Once you save it, take note of the page ID Save/update, and then take a look. All of your premium content should now be listed for access. Add this shortcode after knowing the page ID.
[pagelist_ext child_of = “your page ID” show_image = “1” image_width = “image size” image_height = “auto”]

Step 6: Adding the Agenda
To achieve this use the Context Widget plugin. This plugin allows you to make visible or hide the widgets that we want in different places of our page.
Create a menu for each list of premium content you can find it under Dashboard > Appearance > Menus, and later add it as a widget in the corresponding topics. To start with, create the menu with all the pages of the topics of your site and go to Widgets. Each widget has options that allow you to show or hide any plugin.

Before adding your new menu, you need to remove all the widgets that you do not want to make visible. Now that you have hidden the widgets that you do not want to be seen, you will add the widget to the menu of the agenda to the corresponding topic.

Some of the best Plugins to Create a Membership Site using WordPress
Here are top 3 free plugins to create a membership site with WordPress:
1) Membership:

While using Membership plugin, you will realize that it includes all the functionalities that a membership site needs. This plugin is best for sharing contents like texts, tutorials, downloads, and videos; it includes support to protect different types of content.
It includes integration with a social plugin like “BuddyPress,” and the payment gateway “PayPal.” Support for Content Dripping functionality. The free version allows you to create up to two levels of memberships. And Premium Membership version is available from $19.00 per month.

2) S2Member:

It is one of best plugins available to create a membership site with WordPress as it includes, Customization. This manages the restriction level and access to the content of the membership site as per the user level.
It includes integration with various social plugins like “BuddyPress” and “bbPress”, and the payment gateway “PayPal”. The free version allows you to create up to four levels of membership and customization.
The paid version of S2Member Pro with all premium features is available for $89.00 single payment.

3) Paid Memberships Pro:

This plugin seamlessly integrates the management of membership levels, reports, and affiliate program. Paid Memberships Pro is one of,” plugins today, with the most integrations and all its code and add-ons available to WordPress users for free.
[embedded content]
It includes integration with payment gateways: “Stripe”, “Braintree Payments,” “,” “PayPal” and the option “Payment with Check.” It Supports “Content Dripping” functionality. Create unlimited membership levels.

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Conclusion:How to Create Membership Site with WordPress: Easy Step by Step Guide
If you are willing to take your WordPress site to another level, then set up your Membership Website with WordPress. You have the option to choose among many plans available.
Do let me know if you are using the Membership Site on WordPress in the comment section. Show your love and support by sharing this article on all the trending social media platform.

Methods to Set up Google Analytics In WordPress | 3 Finest Working Strategies

You may have earlier heard of Google Analytics if you didn’t hear then there is no need to worry. You should know how your site’s audience interacts with your website, I mean this is really important for your success. You can easily know the audience through your traffic stats and you will do this with the Google Analytics.  Here in this article, you will know how to install Google Analytics on your WordPress blog.

Importance of Google Analytics for Bloggers:
When you start a blog, your goal is to get more and more traffic on your blog.
No problem you can do that with Google Analytics by data-driven decisions by showing the status. It will help you in knowing the geographical location of your audience along with which browser they are visiting your site and some of the aspects as Flash support, language, JavaScript support, Screen Resolution and many more. The following data will be helpful to you in many ways.
Using all these data you can make your site and content compatible with your audience. Tracking of the audience can also be done along with how long they stay on your site. The bounce rate in which users exit your site on the first view can also be viewed.
Having all the information about your site, look at hottest hours of your site and just pick out a time just to publish your post. You can schedule your post according to the time zone of your particular readers.
Google Analytics will also show you through which search engine you are getting the most traffic i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.
Let’s move on to the installation process of Google Analytics.
How to sign up for Google Analytics:
Step 1:
To getting started with it, you need to create a Google Analytics account. Just go on to the Google Analytics Signup page. You can easily sign-in with your Google or Gmail count if you have if you don’t have then create a Gmail account for yourself.
Step 2:
Just before sign-in with Gmail account, you need to sign up for Google Analytics to your Gmail account.
Step 3:
Next step is to choose between a website or mobile app, pay attention here and make sure you have selected website.

The next part is to enter account name for the Google Analytics profile name along with the following: Website Name, Website’s URL, Country and Time Zone of your country.
Just after filling information click on to the Get Tracking ID button. To finish this step you need to click on Agree Button.
Step 4:
Here in this section, you get your Google Analytics tracking code. You can note down this traffic code or you can just copy it because you will definitely need to enter this specific code WordPress site. I will recommend you to just open leave this page open, you may need to revisit it after installing the codes on your WordPress site.

Till now we have created the Google Analytics account and generated the tracking code. Now we should move a step ahead and know how to install Google Analytics on WordPress.
How to Install Google Analytics on WordPress:
You may get many ways to set up Google Analytics in WordPress over the Internet but here you will get few methods to install Google Analytics on WordPress. So let’s get started with these:
First Method:
 1.Google Analytics For WordPress (MonsterInsights):

MonsterInsights is the best and the most popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress in which you can rely upon. Data shows that this plugin is used by over 1 million sites. This process is the easiest and the top-notch way just to add Google Analytics to WordPress.
In MonsterInsights, you will have the choice to choose over free version and the paid version. You should go with the free version but if you want to get some advanced features then you should go with the paid version.
[embedded content]
Paid version features:

E-commerce Tracking
Ads Tracking
Author tracking
Custom Dimension
Enhanced Link Attribution

Let’s start the process here:
All you need to do is to install and activate the MonsterInsights plugin. You will see a new menu labeled as Insights in the WordPress admin menu. Jus visit Insights > Settings for the configuration of the plugin settings.
Now you need to click on to the ‘Authentication with your Google account’ just to connect Google Analytics to WordPress site. During the verification process, you will get a popup about the authentication of the account. Just click on to the next to continue.

Then click on to the ‘Click to get Google code’.  Just enter the required data and you will get another popup. Now click on the ‘Allow’ button. You will see some code on the authentication pop up and you will have to copy those lines of code.
Copy this code and click on to the ‘Next’ to proceed. Now moving on to the final steps just select the profile you are willing to track.

Now you have successfully installed and setup Google Analytics on your WordPress site. After the setup, it may happen that Google Analytics is not showing your status. Here Google Analytics may take some time to the installation process.
You can visit your Google Analytics report on your WordPress dashboard. Do visit Insights > Reports to get an overview of your analytics data.
Moving on to the second method of installing Google Analytics on WordPress.
2. Insert Headers and Footers plugin:
Here in this method, you may not find this one as easy as MonterInsights because it may happen that you may not be able to do the advanced tracing configuration. The down part of this method is it will not show Google Analytics data on your WordPress dashboard.
Just go install and activate the Insert headers and Footers plugin. Again if you don’t know how to install a WordPress plugin then go through this article.
After the activation process you must visit settings Settings > Insert Headers and Footers page. All you need to is just add the Google Analytics Code that you have already copied.

Then right after that never forget to click on the save changes option to complete the settings successfully.
Now moving on to the next and the last step.
3. Installing Google Analytics in WordPress Themes:
I am assuring you this method is only for the advanced users only and this one is not for the beginners. If you do have some coding background then you should go with this method otherwise go with the first method.
All you need to do is edit the header.php file in your WordPress theme. Just paste and copy the code that you have copied earlier. Click on to the save changes and just upload your file to the server.

Methods to Create an Picture Gallery in WordPress (Step By Step)

As a writer, it’s not only enough to write compelling, engaging, and intriguing blog posts to drive traffic.
So what else do you need?
Yes, you need to add relevant images to your blog posts too.
A few writers assume that their words should be enough to entice the audience, engage the visitors, and persuade people that the content is excellent.
But the truth is the opposite, especially when your post is for the web audience.
In this post, I’m going to show how you can create an Image Gallery in WordPress in just a few minutes.  
Before getting to the step-by-step process let’s understand the need for creating an image gallery.
Why Create an Image Gallery
Images are a supporting tool that can take your content from bland to exciting. 
If you add multiple images to WordPress, they appear one after another, which doesn’t look great. 
Moreover, your viewers would need to scroll to view these images, which wouldn’t be very convenient.
Your audience wants to get the information asap without any struggle. And in the meanwhile, they want to grasp quickly whether the content is going to be of any value to them or not.
An Image Gallery makes your visual content look more appealing and easy to engage with. 
Now let’s dive in and look at how you can create an image gallery in WordPress. You can do it with or without using a Plugin and I’m going to show you both methods, step by step.

How to create an Image gallery in WordPress: (Without Using A Plugin)
Suppose you want to create an Image Gallery in a New Post. Check out easy-to-follow steps below:
Step 1: Visit your WordPress dashboard, Go to Posts – > Add New

Step 2: Add the title of your post

Step 3: Click on the Add Block.

Step 4: A box will open having numerous options. Click on the Gallery option.

Step 5: Choose and upload the desired photos

Step 6: Click on the Gallery option at the top left corner.

Step 7: There would be customization options like; Change block type or style, transform to group or image, change alignment, and much more.

Step 8: You can also write captions to define each image individually.

Step 9: You can also find some extra options on the right hand of the screen, i.e. to change the number of columns/ rows.

Quite convenient, isn’t it?
Now let’s see how you can create one using a WordPress Plugin.

How to create an Image gallery in WordPress: (Using A Plugin)
WordPress photo gallery plugins make it quite easy to display your images attractively.
But with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to dig through everything and find the plugin that offers just the right combination of features, aesthetics, and ease of use. 
Some of the sought-after plugins you can use are; Modula, NEXTGEN Gallery, Envira Gallery, etc.
Here, I will be using the fantastic Modula Image Gallery plugin, so let’s get right into it. 
Step 1: In your WordPress dashboard, Go to – > Plugins – > Add New

Step 2: Write “Modula Image Gallery” in the search bar at the top-right corner. Search results will appear. Click on Install Now

Step 3: Click on Activate

Step 4: A new screen will appear, having multiple options, i.e. Add new item, Gallery, and Gallery setting option. Click on Add New Item

Step 5: Open Gallery settings. It will display various options for your image gallery.

Step 6: From the Gallery type drop-down, select the Custom Grid option

Step 7: Click on Upload Image files.

Step 8: Drag down the 3-dot design at the bottom-right corner of every image as you desire.

Step 9: Hover the mouse pointer at any picture you desire, 2 options will appear at the top-left corner. Click on the Edit Icon

Step 10: A new dialogue box will appear. Add title and caption accordingly

Step 11: Close the dialogue box. Click on the ‘Update Gallery’. And you’re done.

Now that you know how to create an image gallery in WordPress, here are some tips that can be helpful while creating one. 
When to Use Image Gallery in WordPress

A portfolio shows your work and what you can do. There won’t be much interaction or engaging content. You want your images displayed at their best.

A Collection of Images

Maybe you attended an event and have a gallery of photos related to it. It’s not a portfolio, but just a collection of images in one place. 

An Online Store 

A store is a gallery of your work that people can also buy. You will need a gallery that can include a payment/inventory system as well as control featured items.

A Discussion

 Some galleries are just meant to be a part of a community. It only focuses on sharing and commenting. 
It’s a good idea to identify the purpose behind your image gallery before you start working on it.
Pro Tip: Optimize Your Images
Whether you have a blog, an online store, or a regular website that you want to look amazing, it pays you back to optimize your images
How does optimization help you?

Recommendations for Your Image Gallery
Here are some pointers that you should keep in mind for your image galleries.

Don’t overboard your image gallery with a lot of visuals
Choose a gallery view and setting which is easy to view
Size your images as per display requirements
Use JPEG or PNG format.
Avoid uploading heavily altered photos
Make sure your photos align with your company’s personal branding and personality.
Review photos for mobile compatibility.

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Conclusion: How to Create an Image Gallery in WordPress (2021)
To sum it up, if you want to display multiple images on your WordPress website, creating an image gallery is a smart move.
Did you manage to find these steps helpful?
Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section

Prime 21 Greatest WordPress Plugins Listing You Should Have In 2021

Hey Howdy All Bloggers, Today I am going to discuss about WordPress plugins I am using on my blog to make it powerful and effective in blogging world. With the help of these plugins you can definitely can make your blog very successful.

                                                                                                                      Image Source: Flickr  

1) Subscribe to Comments 2.0
This plugin is very useful at the end of your comment box, this can help you to increase blog readership. Subscribe to Comments 2.0, adds a “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” check box below the submit comment button so users can keep track of the comments.
Download here:
2) Easy Add Thumbnail
This plugin gives your blog very enticing look, suppose you have a post with images, this plugin will help you to display post along with the images, so in this you can make your content look appealing. So try this now !
Download here:
3) Akismet Comment Spam Killer
I know everybody must be aware of this plugin, this plugin is mostly used by every blogger in online marketing. This helps your blog to protect against spam comments generated by automated tools. So I am using this plugin and saving my blog from spammers.
Download here:
4) Show Top Commentators
This plugin will show the top commentator of your blog, and it in turn it can increase readership of your blog by displaying the top commentators of the blog in the sidebar. Most successful bloggers used this plugin.
Unlike links in the comments, the links on the Top Commentators are full links without a nofollow tag, so it really encourage people with blogs to comment.
Download here:
 5) Sidebar Widget
Sidebar widget is one of the most useful plugin made for WordPress specially. This widget allows you to customize the appearance of your sidebar of your website or blog without editing any PHP code files.
For this you just have to simply drag and drop the widgets in sidebar. Your WordPress look can be made appealing with this sidebar plugin.
Download here:
6) Related Post Plugin
To display related post in your blog post is very important task, so you can easily display post related content below the end of the post, this in turn will increase readership of your blog and bounce rate will also decrease. I am using this plugin and it is helping me a lot.
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Download here:
7) AdSense Plugin
This is the Plugin that serves all my Google ads. The cool thing about AdSense Deluxe is it keeps track on the number of Google ads displayed and limits that number to three (the maximum number of ads Google allows on a page).
Google AdSense Plugin allows you to set parameters of the ads displaying, such as format (text ad, image, text with an image or link), size, color of the elements in the ad block, rounded corners and the ad block position on the website.
Download here:
8) HubSpot All-in-One Marketing

HubSpot All-in-One Marketing offers all the free tools you need to do marketing on your WordPress website. It allows you to create lead capture forms and popups, add a live chat to your site (even chatbots!), and it syncs all of your contacts’ information in a CRM so you can stay organized.
Till now I am very satisfied with this plugin use and this is making my blog running much faster as compared to other cache plugins.
9) AuthorSure
This plugin is used for displaying authorship in Google SERP. Suppose you have written content for your blog and by authorizing Google+ profile and picture in SERP, this can increase CTR(click through rate) and also increase authority of the post.
People will likely to click post that have proper Google+ authorship. Show your face and build your brand in Google search results with this plugin.
Download here:
10) Comment Approved Notifier
This plugin is very useful when someone comments on blog and comment is held for moderation, as you are administrator of your blog you approved the comment.
The person who made the comment will get notification from you that his/her comment is approved and he may return back to your blog. This will help you to get Returning visits and can increase readership of your blog.
Download here:
11) BackWPup
This plugin is very useful to create timely backup with your WordPress blog, I am using this plugin for my own blog and pretty happy to see that it helps to create backup automatically.
If you want to learn how to use this plugin , I would recommend tutorial by Syed Balkhi. Click here to learn more about it.
Download here:
12) Comment Redirect by Yoast
Comment redirect by Yoast is amazing plugin , whenever new folks make comment on your blog they will be redirected to that page where you want to redirect.
Suppose you have created page for redirection , which included your social media icons , subscription box, your free eBook guide, or your consultation services. This will help you to get more subscribers and many good clients for your blog. They might also engage with your social media pages.
Download here:
13) SEO Presser
It is one of the best plugin that is used to check over optimization and Real-time evaluation and recommendations to improve site content for SEO. It’s essentially as though you’re having an SEO Expert right beside you and suggesting on ways to improve your site’s on-page SEO.
Tells you if you’re optimized or over-optimized (from the score) . I have used this plugin and I was happy with the plugin performance !!
Click Here to Get
14) Contact Form 7
Contact form 7 is very useful plugin for visitors who are landing on your blog and was impressed by your services your offer and now they are willing to contact you. So this in turn they will directly contact you and will ask for your services. So this is very useful plugin for bloggers who offer different client based services.
The form supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and so on.
Download here:
15) Digg Digg
Digg Digg is social media floating bar which can be activated on your website or blog. This plugin has numerous number of social media icons which can be displayed along the horizontal or vertical position of the content. This gives your content to be shared among many social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest , Reddit, Stumbleupon, etc.
Download here:
16) Magic Action Box
Magic action box is the one best plugin which can supercharge your blog posts with activating a subscription box or any other useful box used in your blog sidebar and also below or above  your content.
Magic Action Box let’s you display professional looking opt-in forms and feature boxes in your WordPress site. This can surely increase your subscribers and conversation rates can also be increased easily.
This magic action box plugin is very powerful and widely used by top bloggers. So use it now and supercharge your blog with more readers and customers.
Download here:
17) Minimum comment length
This plugin is used for comment section. As we can see there are  many spammers around web who make short and useless comments like : “ very nice post “ “ Thank you for this amazing post “ etc.
This plugin will protect you from such comments. In this plugin you can set the minimum comment length and the person who is making comment on your blog will have to have surpass the comment length decided by you. So you can prevent such spam comments easily in your blog.
Download here:
18) NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster
This plugin will work as a magic for your blog posts. It will automatically publishes posts from your blog to your Social Network accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+(Google Plus), Blogger, Tumblr, LiveJournal, FriendFeed, DreamWidth, Delicious, Diigo, Instapaper, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Plurk, VKontakte(, YouTube, WordPress, etc. so this plugin makes your work easy , you don’t have to open each of these sites, just sit back and plugin will do the rest of your work.
Download here:
19) No Self Pings
No self pings plugin is very useful plugin for automatic pings generated by WordPress, suppose you have written one post and you have interlink that post to other posts, so this is very annoying for bloggers to see that pings are generated in comment section.
So it prevent self ping created by your own WordPress blog. So now with this plugin you can easily stop annoying pings.
Download here:
20) WangGuard
Wanguard plugin is one of the best plugin to stop spam registration on your blog, as there are many spammers who try to register with hoax email ID’s , so this plugin will stop spam registration on your blog and you can easily sit back and relax.
So say goodbye to spam registration. Bloggers do face this problem of spam registration on their blog with fake ID’s, so this is best plugin to stop. This plugin saves my time in deleting spam registrations manually.
Download here:
21) Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin
This plugin will add a client side generated checkbox to your comment form asking users to confirm that they are not a spammer.
This is very amazing plugin to prevent spammers or robots to comment on your blog.  So this plugin checks whether the comment has been made by human or automated machine. So this is an effective way to combat with the automatic commenting system by tools.
Download here:
22) W3 Total Cache
This the only WordPress Performance Optimization (WPO) framework; designed to improve user experience and page speed. W3 Total Cache improves the user experience of your site by increasing server performance, reducing the download times and providing transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration.
Download here:
All of these plugins have been tested by me and I am using it for my own blog, these are Top WordPress plugins that are helping my blog a lot. What plugins do you use for your  WordPress blog, Do let me know in the comments !!!! 
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WPMU DEV Membership Evaluation 2021: Full Entry @$49 (Price It ??)

WPMU DEV is a one-stop solution for WordPress as it offers blazing fast hosting, reliable support, plugins and website management services at such an affordable cost.
WPMU DEV platform could be very useful for developers, site owners, agencies and freelancers. And the best part is that it helps completely with WordPress security, performance, marketing as well as your WordPress SEO, all-in-one place.
As a WPMU DEV member, you can get access to plugins, reliable customer support, hosting, site management, security and more.
But, becoming a WPMU DEV member really worth your money? Is WPMU DEV services and tools are something to rely on?
Get answers to these questions and get to know why you should choose WPMU DEV over other platforms.
In this post, we have featured WPMU DEV Review 2021 that includes detailed insights of its membership benefits, services & tools, pricing and more. 
Let’s get started here…

WPMU DEV Membership Review 2021: A One-Stop WordPress Solution
WPMU DEV is a reliable one-stop WordPress solution. It offers flexible and fast hosting, site management tools, support and hundreds of premiums as well as free plugins. 
If you’re a WordPress user then, WPMU DEV is offering reliable solutions to make your website/blog more secure, fast and profitable.

And if you become WPMU DEV member then you will get access to dozens of services like hosting, SEO, marketing tools, plugins, performance, security and premium support as well. 
Let’s take a deep look at the benefits of becoming a WPMU DEV member.

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming a WPMU DEV member?
Fast Web Hosting:
With WPMU DEV,  you’ll get access to dedicated and fully managed WordPress hosting. And the best part is that every member gets free hosting accounts for free (NO EXTRA COST).

Servers & Plans:

 Dedicated memory, CPU, and SSD storage resources that are completely independent of other sites, including other sites you host with them – View Specs.
Lowest rates for dedicated WordPress Hosting – Multisite supported on all plans – All plans come with Defender, Hummingbird, and Smush pre-configured for optimal performance on their hosting – $30 hosting credit for all members (3 bronze level sites or can be used on any plan level).
But wait, WPMU DEV offers to host and that isn’t part of the membership package. 
The WPMU DEV Hub: 
Now you can easily manage any number of websites hosted anywhere easily with WPMU DEV.  This platform has actually amazing management tools that let you manage 1 to 100 sites a breeze. 

Manage all your sites in one place (whether they are hosted with them or not!) – White label client reports – Automated updates for plugins, themes, and WP core. 

Including a safe upgrade that will take a backup first and also before/after screenshots to alert you of any differences. 
You can set up to 5 pages to be checked. – Uptime monitoring. View stats on your uptime and be alerted of any downtime. – SSO allows 1-click login for all your sites (hosted with us or not) from The Hub. 

Configurable per site – Run security (Defender) and performance (Hummingbird) scans – Manage Snapshot backups (if you’re on our hosting then we auto-switch to our faster and more resource-friendly server-side backups)
Website Marketing:
Just whitlelable your website and build your email list with the help of WPMU DEV. You can easily focus on the marketing of your own website or of your clients. Get all-access pass of WPMU DEV.
Website Security:
With WPMU DEV you can easily keep websites safe and secure. They have the best security plugins that you can make use of. And if somehow you have been hacked WPMU DEV will clean up and protect your website for you with any extra cost. 
WPMU DEV Premium Plugins
The plugins offered by this platform are extraordinary. They offer plugins for building forms, migration, SEO and more in a row. And once you’re a premium member of WPMU DEV you will get access to all premium plugins offered by them.
Use these plugins on unlimited sites. They have more than 785,934 happy members and more than 2,327,563 active installs at the time of this WPMU Review.
1) WPMU DEV Dashboard – Connects your site to ‘The Hub’ and activate pro features 
This plugin actually brings all the power of the Platform to your WordPress Dashboard. With this plugin, you can connect with the Hub Site Manager and easily activate the complete toolkit of this plugin. 

 Install and manage your plugins –
 White label our plugins (replace heroes with your own logo or just hide them) – 
Analytics widget (page views, unique page views, avg. time on page, bounce rate, exit 
Rate, avg. page generation time
Enable SSO Offers (auto-login from The Hub) 
Grant temporary secure support access, allows support staff to log in to your site without 

2) Smush Pro – A Reliable  Image Optimization Plugin
Most popular image optimization plugin for WordPress. Smush’s CDN automatically serves images in the correct size for their containers and in WebP format (detects browser support, falls back to jpg or png if needed).
 Resolves two common Google PageSpeed issues in 1-click (Properly Resize Images and Serve Images in Next-Gen Formats) – Lazy load images.

Key features:

One-click Bulk Smush every image easily
Blazing fast 45 point image CDN 
WebP, PNG, JPEG, and GIF optimizer
Smush huge photos up to 32MB
Automatic resize and scale

3) Hummingbird Pro
Hummingbird Pro is a reliable WordPress optimization plugin that you’ll need to keep your website running super faster. 

Key Features:

Performance tests – 
Caching (page, browser, gravatar, and RSS) – 
GZIP Compression – 
Database cleanup – 
Average page-speed analytics
Asset Optimization (compress and combine files and change load position 

4) Defender Pro – Security Plugin
With this plugin, you can keep your website safe from hackers. Defender Pro is a reliable WordPress security plugins. Now you can schedule security scans, get safety recommendations and more.

Key Features:

 Integrated with The Hub’s Security tab – 
Automatic file scans and reporting 
Audit logging (keep a history of all events/changes on your site). 
Mask login (change location of the login page) –
 IP lockouts (404 detections and login protection – receive regular lockout reports) – Two-Factor Authentication (optional and optionally forcible for certain user roles) 

5) Hustle Pro – Popups and Marketing 
Hustle Pro is the only one plugin you’ll need to turn your visitors into your potential paying customer.
 With this plugin, you can use email opt-ins, slide-ins, pop-ups, and social sharing in order to grow your business rapidly. 

Key Features:

Stunning pop-ups, slide-ins, social & opt-ins
Smooth attention-grabbing animations for visitors 
Use your favorite email provider with it
Manage exactly *who* sees your marketing too
Beautiful inbuilt tweakable layouts available 
Metrics to die for, new stuff every month

6) Forninator Pro-Forms 
Forninator is a WordPress Form Builder plugin that comes with interactive polls and quizzes that can help you in increasing user engagement on your website easily and effortlessly. 

Key Features:

Built-in Stripe and PayPal payments too
Stop spam with Google ReCAPTCHA too
Super simple drag-and-drop builder available
Short and simple forms fielding
Collect and track user information
Build custom polls, quizzes, and forms

7) SmartCrawl Pro – SEO 
It’s a reliable and fast WordPress SEO Plugin. With the help of this plugin, anyone can easily boost their page rank and drive more traffic right your website with little to fewer efforts. 

Key Features:

Send sitemap updates to search engines
Exclude content from being crawled
Add custom descriptions and titles
Auto link keywords to any URL
Automated sitemap creation
Built-in Moz integration

8) Snapshot Pro – Backup Plugin
As I have mentioned earlier it’s a backup plugin. This plugin will securely store all of your WordPress and multi-site backups in the WPMU private cloud vault.

Key Features:

10 GB cloud storage!
FTP/SFTP, S3, Dropbox or Google Drive
Backup your entire site or specific files easily
Automated daily, weekly or monthly backups available 
WordPress and Multisite backup
One-click backup and restore

9) Branda – White Labelling 
With this plugin, you can do the ding of your WordPress website. Like here you can do white label branding, maintenance modes and coming soon landing pages as well. 

Key Features:

 Customize login screen 
 Add favicon 
Coming soon and maintenance pages 
 Text replace 
Custom CSS 
Admin bar customization 
Write your own tooltips and admin messages 

10) Shipper – Migrations Plugin
Shipper Pro is one of my favorite plugin that helps in the nation of websites from host to host, top to bottom without even using the FTP or SFTP.  One-click migration of your WordPress website. 

Key Features:

Doesn’t require FTP/SFTP – 
Detailed (and downloadable) log for each migration 
Pre-flight check to avoid issues as much as possible 
Support pushing from a local install 

11) Google Analytics+:  Analytics 
As the name suggest its an Analytics Plugin that brings Google Analytics reports to your WordPress Dashboard. This Plugin will be soon to be rebranded to Beehive Analytics!

Key Features:

One tracking code for an entire network
Track visits, page views, and bounce rate
See top posts, pages, and referral links
Adds analytics dashboard widget
See statistics for individual post
Track mapped domains

So this isn’t the end of this plugin’s that you’re going to get with WPMU DEV. Actually, there are other premium plugins that you’re going to get with the membership.
WPMU DEV Support  & Community
If somehow you stuck in something and you want technical help then don’t worry WPMU DEV support team got you. You can get premium support 24/7 by them as they have a dedicated support team for their customers. 
WPMU DEV offers 24/7 live support for any WordPress related issue, they support everything WordPress, not just their products/services – They also offer Site cleanup for hacked sites included – Free migration to their hosting as well.
WPMU DEV Membership Pricing
The pricing plans offered by this platform is very flexible and quite affordable as well. But they only way to get access to WPMU DEV tools & services is paying them $49/Month. 
Once you purchase the membership and become a member, you can easily use the products on an unlimited number of WordPress websites (No Restrictions) and on your client’s websites too. 
The best thing that I liked about WPMU DEV is that they offer 30 Days Free Trial. But the only problem is that here you need to add your payment details. By trying it for 30 days, you can get to know about its products and services easily so that you can have better insights of their products and what they are capable of. 

But wait, WPMU DEV offers to host and that isn’t the part of the membership package. And if you wish to choose their hosting services then it will be better to check the pricing all other necessary details. 
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Final Verdict: WPMU DEV Membership Review 2021 | Is It Worth Trying??
No doubt, WPMU DEV offers reliable plugins and services that can help us in managing our WordPress website easily and effortlessly. And after using its various plugins, I’m amazed by the performance of their tools as well as my website too. 
The kind of tools and services WPMU DEV provides at such an affordable price is extraordinary. You might be thinking $49/Month isn’t affordable but wait, the tools and services you’re going to get with this membership is worth a try. 

If you’re one of them who wants to get access to powerful tools in order to build and manage effective website then you should definitely give it a try. 
I hope this post, suits your purpose well. And if you liked the post, then kindly share it on social media channels as well.  

Astra vs Sucuri Comparability 2021: Which One To Select ??

All of us are more or less absorbed by the web. Clearly, the usefulness of the web is not to be argued upon. But, the downsides couldn’t be overlooked either. The threats that cyberspace poses to our data, privacy, and safety require dire attention.
Cybersecurity is not an alien topic today as it was a few years back. In fact, the increased awareness for security is reflecting in the business decisions of several companies. Consequently, cybersecurity became a thriving business.
Scores of cybersecurity firms sprouted following this. However, with competition came confusion. And, it became hard to pick the best from the rest. Not to worry, we have done the research for you. After eliminating hundreds of security companies, we came down to the two A-listed solutions –Sucuri & Astra. In this article, we aim to provide a side-by-side comparison of these two solutions and bare the results in front of you. We hope this thorough comparison will help you choose the one for your website.

Astra vs Sucuri Comparison 2021: Which One Better Secure Your Website??
Astra vs Sucuri Comparison 2021
Firstly, we need to define the main security requirements of a website. A website needs real-time protection from attacks, it needs regular maintenance to eliminate security loopholes, and it requires a quick malware removal for a desperate situation.
In a nutshell, every website needs-

a web application firewall, 
Malware scanner, 
Security audits. 

Apart from these essentials, there is a list of things like IP/country blacklisting & whitelisting, file scanning, performance, etc that makes a security solution worthwhile. 
Comparing for the essentials first-
1.(Astra Vs Sucuri): Ratings
Even though around for the maximum time, Sucuri has rather disappointing reviews and ratings on Trustpilot.
Total ratings = 38
Overall Stars gave = 2

Astra has as many as 75 reviews on Trustpilot, most of which are highly favorable.
Total reviews = 75
Overall Stars given = 5

Astra vs Sucuri 2021:  Features Comparison
1) (Astra vs Sucuri): Web Application Firewall
Sucuri’s firewall blocks malicious traffic, DDoS attack, brute-force attack, etc from reaching your website. Other than that it enables the customer to do IP blacklisting/whitelisting and country blacklisting/whitelisting.
However, a huge drawback that Sucuri has is that it requires DNS changing. Pointing your servers to an external DNS can always be tricky. Apart from latency issues, DNS malfunctioning can cause all the websites using it to go down. Thus, an external DNS can become a single point of failure for all the websites. 

Also, this change of DNS  diverts the customer’s organic traffic to Sucuri’s server first before sending them to your website. Besides, DNS changing is a hectic process that makes the installation too tedious.
This is how the Sucuri firewall works – 
Astra’s firewall protects your website from SQLi, XSS, CSRF, bad bots, SEO spam, LFI/RFI and 100+ other cyber threats. Also, IP blacklisting/whitelisting and country blacklisting/whitelisting is an integral part of the Astra dashboard. Moreover, the installation of the Astra firewall is exceptionally easy. For instance, It doesn’t require any DNS changing.

Astra comes as a plugin for all CMSs & never becomes a single point of failure for its customers. Astra scales with your website and runs smoothly on your own server. No traffic diversion takes place from your server.
This is how the Astra firewall works
2. (Astra vs Sucuri) Malware cleanup
The malware cleanup in Sucuri includes:

Malware removal
Backdoor removal
Blacklist removal
Spam removal
DDoS removal

While malware removal can be availed at a cheaper price from Sucuri, the revert time is usually 12 hours. And, the support is almost invisible.

The malware cleanup by Astra includes:

Malware cleaning from the cause
Blacklist removal
Spam removal
Backdoor removal

The revert time for Astra’s malware cleanup is usually 6-8 hours after signing up. In most cases, Astra security engineers take even lesser time than 6 hours. The immediate malware clean up comes with Pro and higher plans.

3. (Astra vs Sucuri): Security audit
There are no manual security audits and pentesting done by Sucuri. However, it provides an activity log auditing on the website.
On the other hand, Astra’s security audit assessment assures that the already written code is bug-free. With the optimized mix of automated & manual analysis, Astra assures that all your website’s vulnerabilities are uncovered. 
After the audit, it sends a detailed report with the vulnerabilities found and their fixation steps. In addition to the source code,  business error testing for your website.
4. (Astra vs Sucuri):  Malware scanning
The effectiveness of a malware scanner is based on the fact of how easily it detects minute symptoms. Sucuri’s malware scanner lacks in this aspect and even tends to hamper your website’s speed and performance.
The best part about Astra’s malware scanner is that it is available to you 24×7. With this scanner, you can track file changes to your website, changes in your website code as well as malware. This scanner is a perfect solution to protect your website from malware like pub2srv, Japanese spam, Credit card hack, Malicious redirects, Pharma attack and more.
5. Additional Features

DNS Protection
SSL certificate authorization
Free Version available


6. (Astra vs Sucuri): Customer Support
Sucuri’s support is ticket-based support through and through. Although it claims to be there for its customers, the reviews tell a different story. 

This is not a single unfortunate instance. Sucuri’s review on these platforms confirms the worst. 
Astra’s support includes silver support and gold support. The silver support is ticket-based support which can be availed directly from the dashboard. The other kind of support (ticket+call) is available exclusively for business plan customers.
You never feel deserted in the hour of need with Astra. Whenever I had any queries to ask, the customer success team at Astra was always there to reply & solve. In fact, the response I got for malware cleanup was especially won my heart. They connected in minutes and fixed the website in a few hours. This constant & problem-solving support system is what makes me trust Astra even more.
A testimony of Astra’s support

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Conclusion: Astra vs Sucuri Comparison 2021 | Which One To Choose??
I have briefed all the key differences in the two security solutions. and in my opinion, Astra outperforms Sucuri exceptionally well. It has many unique things to offer, like the premium firewall, meticulous security audits, quick malware removal, simple & intuitive dashboard, health check, and more. Moreover, we found Astra’s interface to be extremely simple and hassle-free. Astra was a surprise right from the installation. 

Hence, we conclude that Astra makes for a better choice when it comes to web security.