Color Coded Two-handed Rhythm Flash Cards

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These Two-handed Rhythm Flash Cards consist of 48 color coded rhythm flash cards with two-measure rhythm patterns that use both hands. There are five levels of difficulty including beginning note values as well as dotted quarters, 8th notes, dotted eighths, 8th rests, 16th notes, 16th rests, 4/4, 3/4, 3/8, 6/8, 9/8, syncopation, and triplets.

Each level of cards has a different colored border. The borders were added to keep the cards in groups and to help teachers select the cards for particular students. They are 12 pages of files with four cards to a page for you to cut out. They will last longer if you laminate them.

These cards are for students of all ages and include late intermediate as well as beginning levels. In the majority of the cards, either the left hand or the right hand is tapping the steady beat. Since they are over seven inches wide, they are large enough to use in group lessons. The large notes are easy to read.

Students can begin by tapping the pattern with one hand. Once they are successful, they can add the other hand, which is the steady beat on most of the cards. For more of a challenge, students can switch hands. Seeing the steady beat written on the card helps music reading, also.

These cards will be a big help if you have any students who have trouble with hands together or reading rhythms! Please click the order page for terms of use.

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