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DNA Testing Kit by CRI Genetics – A Closer Look

CRI Genetics is a company that conducts DNA testing using a kit that they send out to their clients for easy retrieval of samples. The company started to offer its services in 2016 in Santa Monica, California. CRI Genetics aims to grant people who are interested in gaining access to their genetic code.  

What can you do with this information? For one, you can track your ancestral lineage. Your genetic code can also be a basis for assessing your overall health, learning about the allergies that afflict you, and even formulate a weight loss program that will work best for your body.

Apart from these, CRI Genetics is also involved in providing solutions to other problems in the medical field that will benefit the generations to come.



DNA sample collection

The initial step is to order the DNA testing kit to collect your DNA samples. This package comes with detailed instructions on how you can go about getting samples for the test. Once you’re done, you can send back the kit in the same package provided for you when you ordered. 

Every kit has a swab that will be used to rub samples from the insides of your cheeks. There is also a bag provided where you will immediately put the dnafamiliycheck swab collected and seal for protection. 

Waiting for your results

It will take around 6-8 weeks before all the testing will be done, and the results will come out. You will then log on to your CRI Genetics account to access your DNA findings report. This waiting period will only start as soon as they receive your sample and if it is in order. There are cases when the sample needs to be re-collected if it isn’t up to standard, affecting the results’ accuracy.  

What your results reveal

You can choose among the company’s packages for a simple allergy test, a general health test, or an ancestry test. From the results, you can tell if you’re allergic to grass, dogs, eggs, among others. Your ancestry will also be determined if you’re related to people from other countries or those who are world-renown. Your overall health test will show data on your levels of stored fat, vitamin deficiencies, quality of sleep, and your metabolism.


The packages’ prices are as follows: $99 each for weight loss and ancestry package, and $199 each for weight loss with allergy tests, health and allergy, and health and ancestry packages.

Privacy protection

When you submit information to CRI Genetics, they don’t label your specimen with your name on it. Upon completing your tests, they will delete all your data in their system if you request it. Your private information is also not shared with any other third-party entities without your express consent. 

Advantages and Disadvantages

The DNA testing that CRI Genetics provides has its share of pros and cons. For one, your genetic history may be traced from as far back as the past 50 generations through tests that are relatively fast and accurate. However, this company has a lesser comparative basis for your genetic markers than others who perform similar tests. Also, their pricing is at a premium compared to others.

Final words

Though the DNA testing provided by CRI Genetics is superior and of high-quality, other companies can provide a similar offering at more reasonably priced packages and with a lesser waiting time.