Dropshipping for Dummies: Terms and They Mean

Dropshipping for dummies terms and what they mean min

If you’re already doing your research on dropshipping, there’s no way you haven’t come across certain content. While they are, usually, common economic terms, the meaning of that terms can be slightly different in the context of dropshipping. Today we are going to briefly feel the nuances.

Dropshipping For novices: Brief Glossary

Once you understand the actual lingo, navigation becomes much swifter. While the actual set of terms is quite broad, we explained dropshipping terms important for the first research and the initial stages of launching the store.

  • Advertising (Ads) . A message paid by the dropshipper that aims to bring clients to their online store. Most dropshippers use targeted ads for Instagram and Facebook.
  • Ali2Woo . A developer that provides software and support for WooCommerce dropshippers.
  • AliExpress . Online retail site based in China with a global outreach. Popular among dropshippers as a platform to get suppliers on.
  • Bulk order placement . An automated program that allows you to place multiple orders from the supplier.
  • Importing . Transferring and mirroring product information from your own supplier to your dropshipping store.
  • Inventory . The amounts and types of products and services the supplier currently has available.
  • Margin . The profit you get after subtracting your supplier’s initial, so-called cost price from the total amount of money you made through dropshipping the products.
  • Markup . A value you add to raise the cost price to be able to get profit.
  • Migrating . Changing the plugin you use for the dropshipping store without disturbing the site.
  • Niche . A particular theme you used to get products for dropshipping.
  • Overriding . Switching the suppliers of one’s products without removing the products from your web store.
  • Plugin for dropshipping. Computer software that allows you to run a dropshipping store.
  • Pricing . The worthiness of each product in your dropshipping store: cost price + your markup.
  • Profit . The money you get after selling the dropshipped products.
  • Shipment . The process of delivery of the merchandise purchased via your dropshipping store. The supplier is the person who sends it straight to the customer.
  • Stock . The selection of products you dropship.
  • Supplier . A third-party seller whose products you dropship.
  • Synchronization . A method of automatically aligning the products & prices in your web store with your supplier’s inventory.
  • Wholesale suppliers . The suppliers who sell inventory for a lower cost in bulk.
  • Winning product . The absolute most profitable product that stars in your dropshipping store.
  • WooCommerce . Types of e-commerce trade (including dropshipping) provided via WordPress-built websites.
  • WordPress . A popular platform useful for building websites, including online stores.
  • eBay . A USA-based marketplace is frequently used for world wide dropshipping.
  • eCommerce. Online trade; can be provided using various models.

This really is your go-to list to help you understand the essence of dropshipping. Once you studied the terms, you’re welcome to join the actual deal. It’s gonna be easy with our Ali2Woo plugin for AliExpress dropshipping: click the link to see what you’re getting.

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