DUJUD Awarded Contract by the MOST PEOPLE Special Operations Command to actually Interface Into the SpaceX SATCOM Network

DUJUD (DBA Micro 3D Systems) announced recently it has been awarded a contract at the United States Special Operations Charge (USSOCOM) to develop a power-efficient man-portable SATCOM terminal within order to interface into the SpaceX Very affordable Earth Orbit (LEO) tv ad satellite constellation network often known as STARLINK. Said terminal is designed to exhibit a backpack form-factor at half the size of informed STARLINK terminals (i. i., DISHY) with 30 for 40% less power eating it at identical data transmission gearbox speeds. The underlying technology conditional on the first-of-its-kind DUJUD’s A 3D MODEL antenna scheme that allows regarding any significantly wider scanning opinion (i. e., horizon-to-horizon SATCOM coverage) while reducing authority consumption to the level the good thing is terminal will be battery managed.

The Ough. S. government is who want to add a new capability in gaining access to the conventional SATCOM network STARLINK thru DUJUD’s technology for software pacakages that demand portability; stated that capability was previously unattainable effect limited scanning angle for conventional SATCOM terminals. We provide, it is challenging — if you’re not impossible — to employ usual SATCOM terminals on movement objects; specifically, when a specialist is on the move and needs staying uninterruptedly connected to the internet by using the LEO satellite constellations, SECOND antennas fail to provide a strategy communication link.

Through this contract, your USSOCOM intends to address crucial limitations with 2D phased-array antenna systems that the STARLINK’s DISHY is based on. The development of the new SATCOM terminal which is dependant on DUJUD’s proprietary 3D antenna technology (patent pending) won’t only reduce power consumption from 40% and form-factor for 50%, but it will also attend to the high cost of manufacturing.

“Commercial SATCOM-based web service providers such as SpaceX ‘re challenged by the cost of SATCOM terminals that seems to be a fiscal barrier for many end-customers. DUJUD’s 3D antenna-based SATCOM air terminal, on the other hand, demands notably far fewer supporting electronics  and, due to, it features a significantly less expensive of production, ” claims Dr . Reza Abbaspour, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, DUJUD.

“The U. S. Department associated Defense (DoD) and DUJUD have previously partnered in the past few years three  years  to put on a SATCOM receiver together with the extremely high frequency spectrum. We think DUJUD’s technology will be a amazing use for both the DoD and also commercial sector. We will a lot more often be pursuing SATCOM workers to utilize our technology and also working with the DoD of expand our relationship for many more defense applications such as détecteur systems, ” said Doctor Reza Abbaspour, CEO, DUJUD.

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