EasyDMARC Announces Major Platform Improves

EasyDMARC, a market head in DMARC phishing self defense for the enterprise, announces primary platform upgrades allowing immediately XML reporting and AI-based anomaly detection alerts.  

Through our shift to leading cloud-based services, combined with the introduction behind AI algorithms, EasyDMARC responds its dominance in DMARC Monitoring and Alerting features. DMARC reports are local based on the customer’s location, followed by consumed and presented creatively in near real-time fast speeds after receiving them anywhere from Email Service Providers (ESPs). Generally the efficiencies gained in canning XML, combined with the new AI-powered data classification algorithm, enable EasyDMARC’s platform to provide and the guidance needed for customers to clean a DMARC policy declare that rejects phishing attempts though it is true improving email deliverability results.  

alone We observed important benefits in our transition if you want to Cloud Services among Of any of the search engines, Oracle, and AWS. Right we provide almost real-time DMARC XML report processing your accelerates DMARC implementation endevours, ” said Avag Arakelyan, EasyDMARC CTO & Co-founder.  

When combining anomaly detectors alerts with the proactive is the most effective mechanism of DMARC which usually rejects unauthenticated sources, EasyDMARC gives organizations the lumination and the power to act on cyberattacks that involve spoofed send techniques. With their existing BIMI implementation tools and strong SPF solutions (EasySPF), potential customers have one place to manage very important email security standards the fact that protect their domain, most of the brand, and their customers.  

When mentioned this shift, Gerasim Hovhannisyan, CEO and Co-Founder, achieved this to say:   type The benefits are in no time realized, particularly for our fans. This also solidifies our authority position in the DMARC living area and paves the way achievable features that combine my speed with Artificial Cleverness. ”

About EasyDMARC

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