Free List of 15 Dropship Suppliers for Wholesale Pet Supplies

Wholesale pet supplies and apparel are one of the hottest trends in the dropshipping industry. According to the American Pet Products Association 67% of USA households are pet owners. This comprises of 84.9 million homes, almost of 1/3rd of the entire USA population!

To say the least, the pet industry is not going anywhere anytime soon. This industry is an evergreen market.

Whether you retail veterinary maintenance products, specialty pet food, pet clothing or even novelty items, drop shipping pet products gives the power to create a potential sustainable income. Just be sure to follow these 8 steps to finding proven dropship products to set yourself up for success.

Dropship Suppliers for Wholesale Pet Supplies

The free list of wholesale pet suppliers below will help you get started with your proven pet product research. You can call or email any of the suppliers listed and inquire about their wholesale/drop shipping program as well.

If you need more wholesale pet supplies or niche pet dropship suppliers, our DropshipXL academy supplier database and training here will give you everything you need.

Let’s cover the free list of pet suppliers now:

Table of Contents

Wholesale Pet Supplies

(Distributors and Dropshippers)

  • Company: The Paws – Pet Wear etc.

  • Company: ACK LLC – Pet Care etc.

  • Company: Rhino Mart – Leash and Collars etc.

  • Company: 365 Dropship – Petsafe etc.

  • Company: Top Dawg Pet Supply – Pet Care etc.

  • Company: Net 2 Malls Dropship – Aquarium Accessories

wholesale pet supplies for drop ship retailers - source hot, trendy products

  • Company: Optimum Fulfillment – Pet Gifts etc.

  • Company: Mirage Pet Products – Petsafe etc.

  • Company: Pet Stores USA – Wholesale Pet Supplies and Accessories

More Wholesale Pet Supplies

(Distributors and Dropshippers)

  • Company: BryBelly – Pet Care etc.

  • Company: EZ Drop Shipper – Petsafe etc.

  • Company: Essential Pet Products – Leash and Collars etc.

    • Location: Punta Gorda, FL
    • Website:
    • Description: Wholesale Supplier of Pet Products like: Aquariums, Bird Cages, Cat Furniture, Litter Boxes, Travel Supplies, Collars, Beds, Feeders, Strollers, Toys, Reptile Products and Pet Accessories
    • Contact Page For Wholesale Dropship Inquiries:

Wholesale Pet Supplies, more options and trendy items

  • Company: CANIDAE – Wholesale Pet Supplies and Accessories

  • Company: Classic Pet Beds – Pet Memorial Gifts etc.

  • Company: Be Good – Pet Medications etc.

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