Fulton Books Writer Doug Kiburz's New Ebook 'Poartry: A Collision of Poetry and Artwork' Brings A Significant Voice From A Individual Formed By The Seasons Of Life

Doug Kiburz, an orthopedic surgeon, artist, rancher, and entrepreneur; has accomplished his most up-to-date guide “Poartry”: a wonderful anthology of literary works that had been born from a lifelong expertise of a person. All through a wide range of topics, he permits everybody a glimpse of his ideas and emotions on his journeys.

“Poartry: A Collision of Poetry and Artwork” by Douglas Kiburz, MD, is a group of poetry, essays, eulogies, philosophy, and interpretation of historic occasions. From Maple Leaf Meadows ranch within the Midwest, Kiburz brings his expertise as an orthopedic surgeon, father, son, husband, sculptor, rancher, and poet to bear within the generally comical, typically dignified, and all the time thought-provoking assortment.

Revealed by Fulton Books, Doug Kiburz’s guide compiles one man’s many journeys in life from 40-years’ price of experiences within the medical subject, sculpting, outside actions, and being a household man.

The pages on this books are thought-provoking, profound, and delightful.

Readers who want to expertise this wonderful work can buy “Poartry: A Collision of Poetry and Artwork” at bookstores all over the place, or on-line on the Apple iTunes retailer, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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