Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Reduce: Tips on how to unlock Sarugami Armor

Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Reduce made certain to incorporate new Mythic Tales. Arguably probably the most attention-grabbing components of the bottom recreation, Mythic Tales inform tales of Japanese folklore, sending Jin on epic quests to unlock legendary objects. Gosaku’s Armor and Tadayori’s Armor are simply two of many examples. New to Iki Island is the Sarugami Armor and The Legend of Black Hand Riku. Right here’s the best way to unlock the Sarugami Armor in Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Reduce.

The Story of Black Hand Riku

Jin squares off against Black Hand Riku in the pit of darkness.

Upon arriving on Iki Island, you’ll be free to journey anyplace you’d like. In contrast to areas of Tsushima that had been locked by story development, Iki Island is large open. Nonetheless, we recommend finishing the principle story known as Jin from Yarikawa earlier than embarking on Mythic Tales.

Open your Journal, tab all the way down to Mythic Tales, and monitor The Legend of Black Hand Riku. Observe the Guiding Wind to the storyteller, and hearken to the story of Black Hand Riku, a ruthless pirate who was overthrown by his crew. Fortunately, his cursed Sarugami armor saved his life, however the mutiny left him blind. The captain needed to depend on his pet monkey to information him to security. Riku is beginning to sound quite a bit like Captain Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Jin’s journey will take him to the bottom of Thunderhead Cliffs and down right into a darkish cave on the northeast coast of Iki Island. Whereas exploring the cave, you’ll discover loads of flaming arrows and unlit braziers. Shoot the braziers to mild the trail and discover the cave. You’ll decide up notes alongside the best way, presumably written by Riku himself. The notes inform of a person who’s develop into one with darkness, obsessing over the treasures he’s collected. Out with Captain Barbosa, in with Gollum from The Lord of the Rings.

Tips on how to beat Black Hand Riku

Jin lastly comes head to head with Riku himself, claiming to have been “reborn within the darkness.” Out with Gollum, and in with Bane, we guess. Both manner, Riku makes use of the identical strikes you’ve grown accustomed to in boss fights. Like most duels, you’ll be utilizing Stone Stance to combat. Parry blue assaults and dodge away from purple ones.

Watch out whenever you lock swords with Riku. He’ll comply with up with a fast assault that may be parried if you already know it’s coming. Additionally, look out for a whirlwind assault, and dodge backward to get out of vary.

Sarugami armor stats

Stats for the Sarugami armor in Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut.

As soon as defeated, Jin will declare Riku’s armor for himself. Its description reads, “Imbued with the ability of a fearsome monkey spirit, pushing its proprietor to embrace threat and hazard.” The outline is a wonderful nod to what the Sarugami armor does.

Whereas sporting the Sarugami armor set, your common parry is disabled, however your excellent parry turns into a series of three assaults. The Sarugami armor, in a way, buffs your excellent parries with the Heavenly Strike skill. Good dodges additionally harm close by enemies. You’ll see a big improve in your resolve positive aspects, and your excellent parry/dodge window is broader.

Upgrading the Sarugami armor to stage 4 will increase resolve positive aspects by a large quantity. It additionally broadens the right parry/dodge window much more and blinds enemies upon excellent dodges as an alternative of damaging them.

So is the Sarugami value it? Sure, however provided that you stage it up all the best way. Moreover, you need to be a talented participant to make the most of it. In any other case, you’re handicapping your self. You’ll see how a lot you depend on regular parries as soon as they’re stripped away from you. Nonetheless, upgrading the Sarugami armor and opening that window somewhat extra makes it simpler to make use of.

What to pair with Sarugami Armor

Appeal-wise, you’ll need to equip any charms that additional improve your excellent parry window, total protection, and resolve positive aspects. Listed here are some good ones to make use of:

  • The Appeal of Amaterasu: Killing enemies restores a reasonable quantity of well being.
  • The Appeal of Mashira’s Protection: If you heel, your excellent parry and dodge home windows are prolonged for a restricted time. Lively for six seconds. (This attraction is exclusive to Iki Island and might be upgraded by discovering and finishing Monkey Sanctuaries.)
  • The Appeal of Damaged Obstacles: Breaking and enemies protection grants 15% of resolve.
  • The Appeal of Unyielding II: Majorly reduces harm taken whereas at 50% well being or much less.
  • Hachiman’s Favor: Killing enemies restores a minor quantity of well being.

Beauty-wise, the Petals’ Caress headband and Mashira’s Chunk sword package match the bottom inexperienced shade of the Sarugami Armor. You’ll find each of this stuff on Iki Island. What good is the Ghost if he isn’t trying trendy?

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