How good is Pianoforall?

Pianoforall Review – Can Pianoforall Really Teach You To Play Piano?

Following is our Pianoforall Review.  If you are looking for Robin Hall’s official Pianoforall site please click the link below.

Pianoforall Review

The first time I ran across Robin’s pianoforall site was through a friend.  They sent me a link to pianoforall site.  I found this rather odd since I already know how to play piano after taking lessons for many years starting as a child up until I was into my early teens.

I did however take a look at the course and did find it rather intriguing.  Robin seems to have a knack through this course to make learning to play piano rather enjoyable.  This was quite evident through the many testimonials found on the site.

So anyway following is our Pianoforall Review!

Pianoforall Review – What is it?

Pianoforall is a very in depth course that teaches an individual how to play piano.  It consists of 10 ebooks which are accompanied by audio and video files to better explain the lesson.  From the very beginning Pianoforall sets itself apart from standard teaching by teaching by ear.  In my day of learning you learned to read music first and you played scales for hours and hours.  Boring!  In this course you actually start playing real songs first thing.

As you learn to play you are also learning how to read music.  This will come in handy when you get to the eighth ebook which is all about learning to read piano sheet music.  The next ebook puts all of that into practice through various exercises and scales.

Throughout the 10 ebooks you will find approximately 500 audio files and 200 video files.  This added material really enhances the learning material.

Pianoforall Review – What I Liked

The one thing that really stood out about Pianoforall was the ease that people had in actually learning how to play the piano.  It is presented in a way that takes you step by step from easy to hard on such a slight incline you do not even realize how much you have learned.  Also the whole time you are actually playing the piano.   By playing right from the beginning this course definitely keeps your interest and encourages you to keep learning in a very subtle way.  And learn you do at a very quick pace.  At a very quick pace you are able to learn different types of music including classical music.

Pianoforall Review – What I Didn’t Like

Well I searched high and low to dig up some negative remarks about Pianoforall and I did come up with a couple.  Some people complained that the music being taught is all traditional songs and melodies.  Other people thought that Robin could have been a bit more enthusiastic when he was doing demonstration.  The last negative feedback I found was that the product was not available offline.

Pianoforall Review – Overall Thoughts

I was really impressed with Pianoforall.  All the material is presented in such a way that it keeps the students full attention.  I think by seeing results as quickly as you do with this program is one of the reasons so many people enjoy it.  Having the videos of Robin demonstrating certain sections is like having a teacher coming into your home.  And that is another great feature about Pianoforall – you can learn in the comfort of your own home!  Another plus about this program is that it does teach all types of music such as classical and jazz to mention a couple.  So if you are itching to tinkle the “Old Ivories” get started today!