How to Delegate Like a Millionaire

how to delegateWould it be fair to say that you could enjoy more of life if you knew how to delegate effectively? Chances are, if you are actively building a business you’re doing most, if not everything day in and day out.

Your weekly to-do list might look something like this:

  • target audiences & niche market research
  • locate profitable drop shipping suppliers
  • learn from competitive analysis
  • market profitable services & products
  • call key suppliers & partners
  • forecast business financials
  • build & design your website
  • add products to your website
  • create and launch paid Google shopping campaigns
  • build up an Instagram and/or Facebook following
  • set up email marketing systems
  • balance the books/accounting
  • and the list goes on and on!

Learn How to Delegate To Avoid Burnout

If the pattern above continues where you’re doing all those things for long enough you will soon burnout. You’ll become so exhausted and give up.

I know what it feels like. And I’ve seen thousands of ambitious start-up entrepreneurs experience that burnout feeling. Thankfully, after some time, I learned how to delegate effectively and so can you.

Your motivations, dreams and aspirations of why you’re building your business deserve to see the light of day is what I say!

And the only effective way I have found out to be successful in such an endeavor is to reach out to other people and get their help, asap.

You don’t have to know everything to hire help. And you also don’t need to have lots of money to start delegating. That’s good news.

Let’s just assume you only have $100 in a month to invest in getting someone else to lift your burdens somewhere in your business building. If you notice that list of tasks you’re doing all by yourself right now, many of them at the start comprise of research. What if you just started off with delegating that? Things such as research and data entry are things you could easily delegate for a $100 or less in a given month. You could easily get someone on for example to work for you 5 hours a week at $5/hr which comes to $25 weekly X 4 weeks = $100.

Once you do that, boom, a bunch of time has been freed up. It’s a win-win. Someone else’s time & talent is being put to good use. And your time can now be devoted toward accelerating and leading out the growth of your business.

When I Learned How to Delegate

When I started my online business back in 2007 I was still plagued with the mind-set of “no one can do such and such better than I can, so I have to do it myself”.

I was so wrong.

It wasn’t until 2 years after I started really seeing the wisdom into how much more freedom and money I could make by hiring other people to do work for me.

The first things I started delegating was my logo and website design. From there I got help with managing my email marketing services. Even though I personally can do fairly good at design, there are so many other talented designers out there. Once I delegated that I extremely relieved! Designing stuff sucked so much time out of my working day as an entrepreneur. I found myself telling myself after I hired my first designer…”why didn’t I do that sooner!”

I realized that my time & insanity & dreams were worth far more than what I could delegate out the task for. Just like I used to do, there are things you’re doing right now that are taking you days or weeks to do that someone else could easily get done in a matter of hours! It’s the truth. It’s so liberating to escape the trap of doing it all.

Millionaires are at that financial status because they have cleared the limiting belief of “I have to do it all myself”. That why they are able to take decisive action. You too can clear that limiting belief that plagues so many people. Simply follow these 5 steps to clearing limiting beliefs.

5 W’s of How to Delegate

Once your deeply held beliefs are cleared about how to delegate you’re ready to move forward with planning out the 5 W’s of how to delegate like a millionaire:

  1. Who should I delegate to? Who else should be involved?
  2. What expectations should I communicate to my hired help so the task/job will be executed with excellence? Establish the type of tasks best to delegate. From there be clear about the tasks should I not to delegate that involved critical tasks involving company vision, key customer relationships, etc?
  3. When is the project/job due? Be clear on it’s expected time-frame for completion. Should you delegate tasks in the current growth cycle you are in? (If you’re just starting you might consider delegating a little later once you know what would actually be beneficial for you to delegate.)
  4. Where can my hired help find/access the resources & help needed to perform effectively, especially on routine tasks?
  5. Why is what I am delegating really matter? Am I convinced that I will be more profitable delegating this task/job? Why is this particular person the “right fit” for this task/job?

Knowing How to Delegate Is Liberating!

Imagine where you could be right now if you had the right help on board? Just think of the breakthroughs you’ll experience.

If you see how important it is to delegate now and are having a difficult time finding the right people to do certain jobs/tasks in your business my team can work for you! They have already been trained and vetted to be honest, hard-working, reputable people. There are a number of tasks/jobs we can do for you.

Click here to book a 100% complimentary mentoring phone call with Trent to discover what we can for you. We’ll discuss your goals and talk about how I can help you delegate effectively so you can enjoy more of life outside of the day-to-day trenches. It’s time for you to soar.

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