How to Dropship on Ebay

Drop shipping with Salehoo

This article is going to discuss how you can sell your products on eBay using Salehoo.  The first thing that will be discussed is that you will need a product that is not currently being oversold on eBay already.

The second thing you will need to do is to create a store if you have multiple items that you can sell on a daily basis or even weekly basis.  Then you will have to create the auctions with the right amounts set for each stage of the auction.

Product Choices and Sales

The first thing that is mentioned is that you will need to have a product that is not being oversold on eBay already.  This means that you will want to look and make sure that if you are selling a purse for instance that there are not a lot of the same type of purses in the auction or marketplace already.

The only exception is if each of the same items is getting bought at a price that you are happy or comfortable.  In that instance it’s safe because you know it sells and how much you’ll be making.

If you have a bunch of items that you got for free, that is also different and you can go ahead and post as many as you like at one time. have a look at our most popular posts on Salehoo Reviews.  If you received them for free, whatever you earn off of them is a profit.  Chances are though that you are not doing it as a business either if this is how you want to sell your items on eBay.

The eBay Store and How it Helps Sales

If you are trying to continuously sell items on eBay then you will want to create an eBay store.  The eBay store will allow you to post all of your products and create auctions and ‘buy it now’ items directly from your store.  The store will also allow you to show more pictures of your products than the auction will for the basic auction price.

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So if a customer has any questions, wants to see more pictures or want to see other products that are similar they can access all of them directly from your store.  This happens through a link that you can put on the auction ad for any of your items.

This will draw the customer’s eye to your store logo and then they click on them to see if you have any other products that they are interested in buying or viewing at the same time.

Creating the auction for your best chances

You will have to create the auction and be ready to sell sometimes for less than what you originally wanted to get for the item.  If you put in a reserve amount you have a good chance of scaring away customers who otherwise would bid on the auction.  Many customers do not like reserve prices.

A reserve price is a limit that you set on the auction.  If the item doesn’t sell for the reserve price then you do not have to sell it.  This creates a sense of value on the product and is designed to attract more serious buyers.  The initial bid amount should start low enough to put interest in the item to grow.

This can mean that you start at $.01 or $1.00 depending on the item and its real value outside of the auction.  Auctions always come with a risk on the seller’s part as the item may or may not sell.  The item may sell for significantly less than what they had hoped for from the consumer.  The item can even be returned back to them and a refund has to be issued.

Research through eBay and other avenues:

You will want to do your research and find out how much the item you are selling for is going to go for at auction versus other routes of sale.  The research will be able to tell you how much the retail price should be for the ‘buy it now’ price and just in general for your eBay store. You can do this with the Salehoo Drop shipping Directory.

It will also tell you how much it is being bought for at auction if it is on the auction block anywhere else, within eBay and out.  If it is a one of a kind item you should get an appraisal of it done before you auction or sell the item.  This will help you decide if you should put it on auction or just up for sale in the store.


You will want to have a unique product or products that can be sold either through the eBay store, auctions, or through ‘buy it now’ at a reasonable price that will bring a profit.  You will want to create your eBay Store if you have more than a few products you are trying to sell and wish to continue selling if you have a steady supply of them.

You will want to set no reserve price and have a low starting bid based on value for the auctions.  Lastly before you even put the item for sale or auction you will want to do your research on the item and prices of it across the internet and in person.  Is this a lot of work?  Sure.

All businesses are, but it’s worth it.  And if you’re looking to shortcut the whole process and just follow a system that’s already in place and designed to succeed,  Salehoo is that system.

It’s available for immediate purchase online and not only comes with full detailed instructions on how to build and run your eBay business, but it also provides you with all the components needed…a one-stop-shop for successful selling on eBay.