How To Duplicate A Page in WordPress Using the #1 Methods (Posts included!)

How To Duplicate A Page or Post In WordPress (The Top 6 Plugins)

No matter how user-friendly WordPress seems to be, I still get questions from students and clients looking for answers to some fairly common problems. One of the more common ones is how to duplicate a page in WordPress especially in some of the newer versions of WordPress.

You’re probably wondering why duplicating a page in WordPress would be helpful for you? Here are two major reasons:

1- Developing content goes faster

For one, it makes recreating content much faster. Instead of having to create foundational material all over again from scratch you can simply duplicate the page or WordPress blog post/article and start building/editing from there.

2- Split test creation is easier for lead generation

Second, in situations of lead generation knowing how to duplicate a page in WordPress is extremely helpful and a huge time saver. Creating A/B split tests is easier by duplicating the parent or original page you started with and then tweak/change the 2nd version, 3rd and so forth to test. As you promote your lead gen pages you can use those email leads people give you to develop a relationship with them. You can build an asset for your business as well that you can use to sell more and more to your audience.

Now, let’s look at the best plugins and solutions to help you learn how to effectively duplicate WordPress pages on the fly:

Plugins to Duplicate Pages or Posts on WordPress

WordPress has a great selection of plugins for cloning a page if you don’t want to do so manually. Here are four of the more popular ones:

OptimizePress – (visit site here)

How To Duplicate A Page In WordPress using the OptimizePress Lead Generation PluginOptimizePress is the chief lead generation WordPress plugin I personally use for generating email leads online. It makes it also super simple to duplicate a page by a click of a button. Plus it’s a lead gen plugin you can own 100%. That means all the data, content etc you get to control. I can’t recommend OptimizePress enough. It’s flexible, customizable and affordable, with plans starting at less than $10 a month. It can allow you to do a create opt-in pages, sales funnel pages etc for all your online marketing needs. From there you can easily split test between mock ups and your landing sites to discover valuable feedback data to grow your business. There’s also no limitations on pages you can build; and with access to over 50 different templates, OptimizePress is one WordPress plugin which I think anyone who’s serious about online marketing can’t afford to be without.


How To Duplicate A Page In WordPress using the Duplicator – WordPress Migration Plugin

One of the great advantages about Duplicator is that it’s a migration plugin which allows you to copy, migrate or move a site from one location to another while still backing up your original site in case you need to bundle up your site for reuse by an additional company. Duplicator is an incredible time-saver when you don’t want the hassle of retracing your steps when developing a site for a client—or even your sister business. More than a million active users use this plugin.

WordPress Duplicate Page

How To Duplicate A Page In WordPress using the Duplicate Page WordPress Plugin

With over 1 million downloads, the WordPress Duplicate Page plugin is probably the most popular cloning plugin WordPress has to offer if you’re looking for a quick way to duplicate your page only, not post! If you want to easily duplicate WordPress posts only check out the plugin below this one. While the basic version of WordPress Duplicate Page is useful to have if you’re the only one editing, I’d recommend upgrading to the Pro version. Not only can you assign user roles for access and editing, but you can also redirect to both external and internal sites after clicking on the clone link, as well as editing your general posts.

WordPress Duplicate Post

How To Duplicate A Page In WordPress using the Duplicate Post WordPress Plugin

If you don’t need to duplicate your entire page but simply a post, Duplicate Post is a simple and hassle-free plugin to install. While it’s relatively basic as an editing tool, it’s also easily customizable; you can allow access for multiple users as well as allow you to edit a post on the front end using a template tag function. With over 3 million plus downloads of this plugin you can’t go wrong going with this option.

Duplicate a WordPress Page/Post Manually

If you’re simply looking to duplicate a single page in WordPress manually, some people actually find it more convenient to do so themselves as opposed to installing a new plugin and learning how to use it. Here’s a quick and convenient way.

  1. Open an existing post. At the top right, you’ll see a button with three ellipses.
  2. After clicking on it, you should see a menu appear. At the very bottom, you’ll see an option to ‘Copy All Content.’ Simply click on it, and you’ll receive a notice indicating your content has been duplicated.
  3. In a new post, simply right-click and select Paste in the first empty block on the editing screen or use the shortcut keys for pasting on your keyboard (Ctrl + V on a PC, Cmd + V on a Mac.)

Yes, it really WAS that simple.

TIP: If you don’t plan on deleting your old post, at the very least edit it so it’s not a 100 percent copy. Add or delete paragraphs or change the wording around. There’s no point in having two exact pages published. And to make matters worse, your SEO could suffer as a result; Google has strict rules about duplicated content appearing in their results.


There’s a pretty good chance you’re already using WooCommerce in conjunction with WordPress if you are running a dropship or ecommerce store. But did you know you can duplicate products without adding any additional plugins?

Go to the main products screen. If you hover your mouse over any product, you’ll see a link allowing you to duplicate it. After clicking it, it should automatically redirect you to an editing screen allowing you to make any changes needed. Keep in mind that the slug will be the same as your old product, simply with the -slug tag attached. You will need to edit the slug if you need to create a new title.

I know these answers might seem pretty simple to some of you out there. In fact, almost too simple. But not everyone adapts to WordPress at the same pace. We all start out at the same level; as beginners. And it’s no different with entrepreneurship. We all start out with the same potential.

It’s how we realize that potential which counts.

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