How to Get Started With Email Marketing
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How to make money with the best email marketing services in the world

The best email marketing automation services not only deliver your emails at a 99% success rate or better to your customer’s inbox but also provide the right tagging systems, split testing tools and customer support you need as an online business owner.

If you have been around the world of internet marketing for any duration of time you have probably heard the constant talk of how important it is to build an email list of your own.

All the talk is true. When you build an email list you’re building a real asset that has the potential to put lots of money in your pocket over time that you normally would not have. It can turn into an investment that can payout far better than many traditional investments because you’re using email as a reliable communication channel to nurture human relationships with your audience. That’s where the real gold is at!

Even if you have been around the block a time or two with email marketing, today’s article can help you as well with piecing together some things that you might be missing.

Do These 3 Things That Helped Boost My Revenue 300%

When I started implementing a solid email marketing strategy 15 years ago my business income soared by over 300% in my drop shipping business.

The first thing I did was I learned how to create real value for my audience by first offering them what we call a “lead magnet”.

A lead magnet is simply like an “ice-breaker” to show the other person you’re willing to start a great relationship with them by giving them something of value for free.

So I created a number of landing pages to professionally present free ebooks, articles, coupons and free consultations. I then offered that free, but helpful, value to people organically and through paid marketing campaigns starting on Google. I also posted helpful answers to people in online forums for free, along with doing a bunch of SEO. That took about an hour a day for about 2 months.

From there, the 2nd major thing I did that was a real game changer for me, was I learned how to reach out to existing business owners with successful blogs who were also building an email list.

As I reached out to these blog owners I ask them to partner with me. I would either pay them a fee or we would do a win-win exchange such as an email clicks swap.

My email partner would send my lead magnet out to his/her audience email list. And because the people on their email lists trust my partner the volume of leads were immensely higher compared to any other marketing approach.

Tip: the greater the trust, the great potential conversions you’ll get.

Partnering with others to build an email list is just like influencer marketing today. If you partner with the right person you can see huge volumes of sales come through because of the power of trust being unleashed through the influencers recommendations.

Because the email partner has a trust relationship built up with the people already, you can leverage that trust to your advantage. That’s what I did.

And the 3rd thing I discovered after creating my own email marketing campaigns is that email can be a traffic source that can be automated without any additional marketing costs! That’s powerful.

The thing to realize here, if you’re brand new to email marketing, is that you can design your email marketing in a way to allow you to receive a consistent, daily flow of prospects and buyers coming to your website or offers without having to spend more and more money getting those people to come back.

With email marketing I simply pay a flat rate, monthly payment, to the email service provider (I use Aweber here) and that’s it.

In other words, the costs of using email marketing is not like the fluctuating ad costs you’ll experience when launching paid campaigns on Google Adwords or on Facebook.

With email you can simply do the work once, up front, and then fine tune your email funnel in the future to optimize greater volumes of leads to engage with and buy from you. And that’s exactly what I did and still continue to do today.

All 3 things above are the steps I took to boost my business income initially by 300%. You can do the same or better by taking the first step above and create something valuable (aka lead magnet). If you need help with that or setting up your email marketing system properly reach out to me here and we’ll chat for free.

How to get started with email marketing

If you’re brand new to the whole world of email marketing, you’ll probably be surprise to discover how easy it can be to get started comparatively speaking. Just try not to get yourself in the way of things I always say. Email marketing offers you a low cost and extremely low risk opportunity with a huge upside profit potential. You simply write up an email and send it out to the people who want to hear from you. That’s how easy this can be to start.

Using email marketing in your business not only helps you stay in contact with your audience but you can use email systems to automate the delivery of information, education and sales offers like I mentioned earlier.

Every successful entrepreneur I know, including myself, who has multiple streams of passive or automated income has done so by leveraging the power of email marketing.

Email marketing works so well because the person who just gave you their name/email is more interested in hearing from you. It’s simply a much warmer lead compared to cold marketing on social media and elsewhere.

Just like with anything though, you have to know how to use email marketing correctly for it to really benefit it you.

How much money can I make with email marketing?

The answer to that question is on average $1 per email on your list on the low end. On the high end you can make $10 or more per email you have depending on the trust and timing a relevant offer sent to your email lists.

The $1 per email figure is fairly easy to reach as long as you are treating the people on your list right and inviting them to buy something they really want or need.

How to treat your list right will really come down to your particular circumstances but it’s best to consider when your audience wants to hear from you and how often they want to receive email communications.

A while back ago I did a group coaching call with some of my mentoring students. I have decided that I’ll post that below for you to listen to.

Click on the play button to start listening as I guide you through the topics I have listed below…

Overview of Topics Discussed On The Group Coaching Audio:

Email Marketing Introduction:

  1. – how to create value for your email audience
  2. – frequency of sending out emails
  3. – what to focus on in your email audience relationship
  4. – considerations of how to group-segment your lists and why
  5. – the importance of following the cycle of educate and invite

How to make money using email marketing

  1. – setting up lists properly
  2. – what campaigns are and why you should care
  3. – importance of A/B Split testing

Using your auto-response email system

  1. – messages to put in the queue
  2. – educate, persuade, invite
  3. – formatting
  4. – calls to action

How to grow your list (Learn More About Buying Email Clicks Here)

  1. – email swaps
  2. – freebies
  3. – access gate to something
  4. – sync with social media accounts

Monetize your e-mail list

  1. – give people access to your list
  2. – affiliate offers
  3. – cpa offers

Tracking Performance of Your Email Marketing Campaigns

  1. – what statistics should you know
  2. – what to measure & track
  3. – Open Rate benchmarks
  4. – Click Rate benchmarks
  5. – Conversion goals

What are the Best Email Marketing Services?

Each of the top 4 email marketing services below I have extensively used over the past 15 years. Each of them have a 99% or better deliverability rate, great customer support and free trial accounts so you can test them out for yourself!

The top email marketing services in the world continue to be those with a proven track record of delivering your emails successfully into the inbox of the recipient. We call this “deliverability rate”.

(signing up for any of these 4 email marketing services is a great choice)

  1. Email Service: Aweber
  2. Email Service: Constant Contact
  3. Email Service: Get Response
  4. Keap
    • Location: Chandler, AZ
    • Pricing: From $40 up

Pricing Chart For The top 3 Email Marketing Services

Remember, you would only need to pay the price below after your Free trial.

Subscribers Allowed per Plan Aweber Constant Contact Get Response Keap
up to 500 $19 $20 $15 $40
501 to 2,500 $29 $35 $25 $70
2,501 to 5,000 $49 $55 $45 $170
5,001 to 10,000 $69 $85 $65 $240
10,001 to 15,000 $149 Call $145  
15,001 to 35,000 Call $250  

3 Basic Steps To Start Making Money With Email Marketing:

  • Step 1: Create something of value. Examples: ebook, free training video, free trial to a membership, blog article that teaches something relevant and helpful, free consultation or coaching call, etc.
  • Step 2: Present that value on a landing page. I use Optimize Press to create high converting landing pages to easily present the value so I can quickly start collecting emails from people. Go here to set up your OptimizePress account.
  • Step 3: Order around 200 email clicks and drive that traffic to your free value offer. I recently opened up my email lists to people like you. You can choose the type of list you want me to send to. Get more details here.

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