Easy methods to Give Your self a Foot Therapeutic massage Strain Factors in 2021

These days, it’s not a shock that we really feel various kinds of ache and different psychological and bodily well being very often. Getting a foot therapeutic massage strain factors periodically will be useful for our psychological and bodily well being. That’s the reason it is extremely essential to carry out common self-foot massages at dwelling.

You is usually a grasp of your personal foot and heel massages, however for those who don’t know the place to find the strain factors for the strongest impact, it might be laborious to seek out. Fortunately, we’ve ready a information for you on precisely the best way to give your self a foot therapeutic massage strain factors. Let’s take a look at the 15 strain factors on the foot.

Additionally, you will take management of them by manipulating them for fast ache reduction. There are particular strain factors on the ft that may assist to treatment frequent issues reminiscent of cough, chilly, stress, abdomen/digestion issues, complications, sinus troubles, sleep, and extra.

Foot strain factors and Easy methods to give your self a foot therapeutic massage strain factors

All we all know, our knees and ft carry our total physique weight every day. Due to this fact, we deal with them as weight-bearing organs. Most of us are all the time glued to our screens and sometimes disregard our personal bodily situation. In any scenario, our ft play a big position. We’re all the time on our ft whether or not we’re sitting, standing, or strolling. So, giving your self a foot therapeutic massage strain factors play an essential position. Following are 15 strain factors on the ft which can be related to particular organs and elements of the physique and will be massaged to deal with particular diseases.

1. Tai Chong

The strain level will be discovered by urgent situated between the massive toe and the heel and your second toe.

To therapeutic massage this level:

Take your thumb and press the Tai Chong acupoint for 15 to 30 seconds.

Proceed this course of 2 to three occasions.

Take a break and repeat.


This strain level is used for menstrual cramps, insomnia, and nervousness in addition to stress-related issues, again ache, hypertension, and ache within the extremities.

2. Zu Lin Qi

Zu Lin Qi

Zu Lin Qi strain level is on the outside facet of our foot. After we run our forefinger alongside the surface of our foot, we’ll attain a 3rd of the best way.

To therapeutic massage this level:

Press and spend 15 to 30 seconds on the Zu Lin Qi acupoint.

Then launch and repeat 3 times.


A Zu Lin Qi remedy relieves muscle cramps, reduces again ache, and treats apoplexy, psychoneurosis, and different signs.

3. Yong Quan

Yong Quan

Yong Quan strain level is on the massive toe slightly below the joint.

A strain level might be the place the stress is felt most so you’ll know the spot has been discovered.

To therapeutic massage this level:

Give your thumb a mild squeeze at this spot between the massive toe and second toe.

Apply strain to the Yong Quan acupoint along with your thumb.

It’s possible you’ll therapeutic massage the realm for 2 or three minutes.


Acupressure on this acupoint can relieve insomnia, night time sweats, palpitations, sizzling flashes, nervousness, and reminiscence issues.

4. Tai Bai

Tai Bai

Tai Bai strain level is situated the a part of our foot simply to the a part of our ball, in the course of the foot.

To therapeutic massage this level:

Press down laborious, when at this level, you are feeling the ball probably the most.


This level is useful for decreasing stomach bloat, soothing abdomen ache, stopping diarrhea and dysentery, in addition to calming the vomiting response.

5. Tai Xi

Tai Xi

Tai Xi is situated between our Achilles tendon and that interior bump on our ankle the place our Achilles tendon attaches.

To therapeutic massage this level:

Use your thumb to press on Tai Xi acupoint.

Press it steadfastly for 15 to 30 seconds.

Let your finger relaxation for a minute.

Repeat this process two extra occasions.


It soothes toothache ache, tones kidneys, and arthritic joints in addition to decreases bronchitis and bronchial asthma go off by the appliance of strain on the Tai Xi.

6. Shen Mai

Shen Mai

The Shen Mai strain level is situated upon the bony bump simply outdoors the ankle bone.

To therapeutic massage this level:

Preserve the strain on the acupoint for 15 to 30 seconds

Repeat 2 to three occasions.


It improves endurance, calms nervousness, and relieves stress, and alleviates chilly signs when massaged.

7. Di Er Li Dui

Di Er Li Dui

The Di Er Li Dui is situated on the second toe’s higher half.

To therapeutic massage this level:

Find this strain level

Slightly below the toenail, press on the realm.


It helps to stimulate urge for food, relieve hiccups, and ease nausea by massaging this space.

8. Kun Lun

Kun Lun

We’ll discover this strain level between the highest of the bony bump outdoors our ankle and the Achilles’ muscle.

To therapeutic massage this level:

For a similar period of time, put strain on the Kun Lun acupoint along with your thumb or forefinger.

Launch after which repeats 2 to three occasions.

Don’t maintain an acupoint longer than 2 minutes straight.

Press firmly between 15 and 30 seconds.

After that, you need to relaxation after which repeat the process.


Utilizing the Kun Lun relieves complications and the ache within the decrease again reduces blood strain and provides reduction from imaginative and prescient issues and diarrhea.

9. Xing Jian

Xing Jian

On the massive toe and the second toe, there’s a strain level referred to as Xing Jian.

To therapeutic massage this level:

Put your thumb and index finger collectively

Contact the pores and skin between the massive toe and the second toe.

Apply a small quantity of strain


The Xing Jian level can be utilized to deal with imaginative and prescient issues, sinusitis, leg cramps, and kidney ailments.

10. Xia Li

Xia Li

Xia Li’s strain level is situated about an inch beneath the adjoining pores and skin portion between the massive and second toes on the higher facet of our foot.

To therapeutic massage this level:

Take your fingers and place them an inch beneath the pores and skin connecting the massive toe and the second toe.

Then apply strain.


It relieves diarrhea signs when this level is pressed.

11. Li Nei Ting

Li Nei Ting

On the only real of the foot, the Li Nei Ting is situated between the 2nd and third toes.


Meals poisoning signs will be relieved and urinary tract infections will be handled by making use of strain to the Li Nei Ting. Moreover, it could assist with stroke restoration and constipation.

12. Da Dun

Da Dun

It’s situated about half an inch from the nook of your toenail on the interior facet of your large toe.


It soothes abdomen aches, hernias, and dizziness when strain is utilized so far.

13. Gao Ya Xue Dian

Gao Ya Xue Dian

Within the large toe joint, we will discover the Gao Ya Xue Yuan strain level.


It’s useful to use strain on this strain level with the intention to decrease hypertension.

14. Qiu Xu

Qiu Xu

This strain level is situated on the surface of your ankle about an inch beneath the bony bump.


A therapeutic massage of the Qiu Xu could relieve psychological stress, stabilize our temper, and enhance our coping mechanisms.

15. Di San Li Dui

Di San Li Dui

Di San Li Dui’s strain level is simply beneath the center toe’s toenail, much like Di Er Li Dui’s.


By urgent the Di San Li Dui’s strain level, we will relieve heartburn and extreme burping.

You may watch this video to get a transparent thought of strain factors for a foot therapeutic massage:

Listed below are some advises on the best way to give your self a foot therapeutic massage strain factors

It’s sensible and environment friendly to make use of a foot therapeutic massage machine, however nothing beats the old school methodology of massaging strain factors on foot.

Varied approaches to foot therapeutic massage exist. The selection of methods varies from individual to individual. An individual could need to strive a number of methods to see what works finest or what they really feel snug with.

Earlier than you begin a foot therapeutic massage strain factors, listed here are some issues to know on the best way to give your self a foot therapeutic massage strain factors:

  • Plan your personal enjoyable time.
  • Put your self in a snug place.
  • Deliver your physique to a relaxed state by closing your eyes and respiration deeply.
  • In case you like, you might add a number of drops of important oil whereas the ft are soaking.
  • Dry the ft with a towel
  • Place your ft on the towel
  • Apply therapeutic massage oil to the foot and ankles
  • Find the strain level
  • Press firmly and persistently along with your fingers

Following are some essential options you would possibly discover helpful for foot therapeutic massage:

  • Make certain sore areas get labored longer and with as little or as a lot strain as feels snug.
  • An individual can proceed if they will take pleasure in sure elements of the exercise.
  • Make certain the thumbs are usually not injured by utilizing extreme strain. Don’t pressure them too laborious.
  • Use your physique weight to use strain, not your fingers.
  • Watch out to make use of medium strain, since this may increasingly find yourself hurting.
  • Ensure you take note of one foot at a time.

What strain level causes you to go to sleep instantly?

Along with treating insomnia, LVT3, also called Tai Chong could also be efficient for treating stress and nervousness associated to sleeplessness.

We are able to find Tai Chong by finding the place the place we join the pores and skin of the massive toe with the subsequent toe. We must always do not forget that agency and deep strain is required.

Trusted Supply reported that treating the Tai Chong strain level was a part of the comfort routine in its examine about fatigue and sleep high quality amongst breast most cancers survivors. Three minutes of strain at every level improved sleep, as decided by the researchers.

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The Remaining Verdict

In accordance with the Journal of Superior Nursing, it might probably deal with ache, cut back stress, deal with accidents, and decrease stress. The feeling might be much like that of a SPA salon simply by making use of foot therapeutic massage strain level your self.

In lots of cultures, foot therapeutic massage strain level has been used to enhance general well being. Lately, it has develop into more and more common.

The strain factors in your ft permit you to goal a particular a part of your physique whereas massaging. This is the reason it’s advisable to organize a reflexology chart upfront.

You should use it to find a particular space extra simply to self foot therapeutic massage strain factors. It’s going to lead to a extra balanced physique, and you are feeling extra energetic. By frequently massaging your ft you possibly can heal each in and out. As if by magic, you’ll really feel youthful and re-energized.