How To Make Money Drop shipping in 2021

What Is Drop shipping!

Drop shipping is where you actually act as middleman between your customer and the wholesaler, instead of you keeping lot’s of stock at your own home you pass the order details and shipping information to the wholesaler who then despatches the product directly to your customer. This means that you don’t need to have a large storage area with thousands of dollars worth of stock waiting to be sold. You profit from the difference between the wholesale price you pay, and the price your customer pays for the product.

salehoo reviews 2021
salehoo reviews 2021

You may have bought goods in the past that have been drop shipped without you even knowing it!

So if you are looking for a way to make money online from the comforts of your own home, that cost very little to set up and get started, a dropship business is the way to go. You can run this business from your home and have none of the worries of storing large amounts of stock and all the hassle that go’s with it, you don’t even have the hassle of packaging and delivering the products to your customers because your drop shipper does all this for you.

And another great thing about running a drop shipping business from home, is that you can run it alongside your normal day job, but if you run it correctly you can join the many thousands of people making money online today, who have quit there normal 9-5 job, and have the freedom to enjoy life with their family and friends the way they deserve..

Getting Started!

All you need to run your online dropshipping business is a computer, internet access, and by far the most important, a will to make your business succeed. You don’t need any special skills to run a dropshipping business.

First you will have to find a legitimate dropshipper, but watch out for the scammers. I’ll tell you who I use later if you want to check them out!

Then you will need to find a product that is going to sell well and which has got a good profit margin, also you must find out what the demand for the product is.

Salehoo Reviews

A simple way to do this in Ebay is to check the Ebay Pulse page, whichever Ebay you use go to the bottom of the page and click sitemap, then look for Ebay Pulse in the “More Ways To Find Items” section. Here you will see the top ten searched for items, you can then refine your search with the advanced search section.

When you find products that interest you write the details of the product down then research the prices, find highest price and lowest price plus delivery and packing prices plus Ebay fees. Another little trick I use when comparing prices on Ebay is to use the section on the left hand side, look for the Preferences box and then click the completed listings box (You have to be signed in for this to work) This will then display all the products you where looking at plus all items sold and final prices. This will give you a very good idea of the price’s these items are selling for.

It’s a good idea to concentrate on a couple of items at first, this way you don’t lose track of what you are doing and will keep the cost down. Don’t be tempted to list products you have not researched!

Because the trend of using dropshippers is rising you must make sure that you find a legitimate dropshipper to use, there are lot’s scams in this area so you must always make sure you are dealing with a true legitimate dropshipper. Don’t be tempted to buy list’s of dropshippers, most of the time these lists are middlemen posing as dropshippers and will charge you more than you should be paying. Remember! The whole idea of dropshipping is to be able to buy products from the wholesaler at wholesale prices so you can make a profit.

If you want a good source for finding your drop shipper have a look at our Salehoo Review article here: I’ve been a member there for a few years and have always found them very helpful, the research tool is good as well.

Even when running a business online you will encounter problems sometimes, always remember that old saying “The Customer Is Always Right” especially when selling products on Ebay. There have been lot’s of Ebay businesses lost through simply not communicating with customers, you should treat every single customer as if they where your only one and always be polite to them. Doing this cost you nothing! If you don’t do this it can cost you lot’s!

Remember! Look after your customers and they will look after you!