How to merge multiple CSV files on a MacBook for Free

merge multiple csv files in bulkWant to know an easy and free way of merging multiple CSV files on your MacBook Pro or other Apple laptop?

A few weeks ago I found myself in a challenging situation where I had 254 CSV files that I had to merge into one CSV to make it easy to upload to my email marketing platform. It would have been a huge pain in the rear end to upload all 254 CSV files separately.

There are a number of paid software solutions that allow you to easily merge bulk CSV files into one, but I didn’t want to go that route, especially after knowing how easy it is to do it now for free!

I took some time to browse around to a number of websites, blogs and videos to piece together the video tutorial I did today for you. This video tutorial below will walk you through 4 easy steps to merge hundreds of CSV files, or more if you have them, into one CSV file.

Let me know how it works for you in the comment section below along with any tips you have to offer or questions!

Video Tutorial On How To Merge Multiple CSV Files Into One

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