How to Use Google Calendar For Small Business Success- (Free Video Training)

Just when you think your week is already packed to the hilt you decided to start a small business. Now you’re faced with the challenge of carving out time during the week to get your business off the ground while doing the balancing act of taking care of your health, your family, etc. All this while preventing everything from exploding. Everything needs your time and attention. And you’re wondering how do you do it all while keeping sane?

You want more out of life. You don’t want to just drift along in life and then die. Nope, that’s not for you. Hence the desire to start and build a successful small business. It’s the #1 fastest path to greater financial and time freedom.

Enter the development of the planning habit

There are 168 hours in a week. How do you split that time up and prioritize it effectively to get everything done you need and want?

Well, if you are actually thinking about that question already, congratulations! Most people don’t even arrive to that point. Most leave their week up to chance. Or better yet, most people on this planet leave the daily and weekly plan up to their boss and other people and they just go with the flow someone else planned out for them.

Is that you?

How much of your time each week is planned out by someone else?

As the one of the famous American founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, is quoted to say:

people do not plan to fail but they fail to plan

Deliberately planning out the life you want is the only way to success especially as a small business owner. All successful entrepreneurs have discovered that sustainable success cannot happen by leaving it up to someone else. You have to take the bull by the horns and lead and direct that energy in the direction best for you every day.

To help you as a small business owner get on the right track with taking control of your time and therefore the better life you’re trying to create, I’ve created a free video training below to show you how to use Google Calendar for small business success.

This is the exact process I take when planning my time each day/week.

It’s up to you of course if you want to use Google Calendars or not to plan out your time. The main goal here is to encourage and inspire you to start today to plan out your week, period. Using whatever tool or system you want.

Why make the effort to create your ideal day/week blueprint as a small business owner?
Because if you don’t your life and energy will be used by default to fulfill someone else’s ideal day/week. And while that is necessary sometimes, it’s no way to get the most out of your own life.


Frequently Asked Questions

How should I plan my week to be productive?

Envisioning the highest priorities for the upcoming day and week is a critical 1st step. From there use a planner to block out time. Second, review your plan each day to make sure you’re on track. The perfect time for most is to do this review and reflection process during your morning & evening success routines.  Adjust your daily schedule where needed. Set micro step goals each day and prioritize them to see greater productivity in your life.

How do you create an effective schedule?

Step 1: Set a clear goal for the day, week, month, etc
Step 2: Break down your goal into the top 3 micro steps that are most important to achieve your goal.
Step 3: Block out time on your calendar on the specific day and time to complete the specific prioritized micro step for your goal.
Step 4: Review your schedule each morning and evening. Make adjustments where needed. Clarify anything you need or lack and make plans to resolve those things as they relate to your goal.
Step 5: Take time to meditate each day upon emotionalizing your goals.

Is Google calendar free for business use?

Yes! Simply go to and sign in to your account with your Gmail address. From there you can immediately start using the Google Calendar system to plan out your week.

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