Is Zcode System a Scam?

A Zcode System Review

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Hi guys, I know a well known sports betting advisor with a company based in Vegas. I have to say that I encounter lots of hyped and scam software on the internet on regular basis. That’s why I’m writing this Zcode System Review… Not long ago I stumbled upon this system called Zcode System.

It’s authors claim that you place bets according to their system’s predictions and win, so I gave it a shot!

As a start I used small budget, I did 10$ bets to see if the system really works. I used well known bookies like Pinnacle, 5dimes, Bet365 etc…
On my first day of betting, I went ahead to bet only for 2 games so I bet as they predicted and guess what it turns out to be? To my stunning amazement, I easily won both of these games!
I continued betting, bet after a bet and after placing bets for a little over a month I sat down and summarized my progress and to my amazement I was making consistent profits!!
In fact, not all of the bets I placed were the winning ones, but big majority of them were winners thus making profit over a long-term period.
I have to mention that I used only 4-5 star bets in the process, since the authors themselves advise that lover star bets are risky, so I stayed away off those.

The thing is that it’s an investment, you lose few small bets and win majority of others, making a summary with a good profit. My advice is to use 1% of your bankroll per bet. Let’s say your investment bankroll is $1000, you should use $10 per bet. That should make you steady profit on a long run, no doubt.

Do not expect to win every day since as I already said, this system is an investment, you will not become a millionaire overnight and you will have losing days. Don’t panic if you fail one $10 bet, it’s ridiculous. Keep betting on a long run and when it’s all said and done, I guarantee you will end up profiting.

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It’s a no-brainer to start betting with Zcode System. If you’ve been betting for quite some time already and you’re ready to start making a living out of it then you’re lucky to read through this Zcode System Review today.

I’ve researched the history of Zcode System and found out it dates back from 1999. in beta-testing until it came out to the public in 2012. It’s a proven system, and it has already created a really big fuss about it on the internet, they decided to make it private after they fill out certain number of users. I don’t think they’re gonna let many users in the near future, I’m glad I got my hands on it at the right time and I hope you do too.

It seems like the offer is limited and I don’t know how long they’re going to let VIP members in, so make sure to visit the official site right now and don’t miss your chance to get your hands on this tool.