Ketond Advanced Reviews 2020

Ketond Advance Product Reviews – Is it Worth all the Buzz?

You may be constantly feeling low and lacking the energy to do things, or perhaps you are endlessly tired of the tasks you have on your plate and struggling to keep up with your life’s general pace. If this is you, consider taking supplements that will help you.

The many ways to attain or maintain a healthy weight is something that no one will walk away from. Because it is generally good for our overall well-being and bids well for our future. Given this, the “keto” diet has surfaced from among the fad diets available today because of how well it is received by many who want to stay fit and healthy.

Let’s get to know the science behind it before we delve into the subject of supplements.

What is Ketosis?

Ketosis is a process that happens inside your body when it is depleted of its source of energy, which is the carbohydrate group and uses up your fat stores instead. This way, you are kept on the go by the power you get from fats, and you lose weight. 

Our bodies crave these carbohydrates because they provide us with the “sugar high” that is quite addictive in a sense. However, the crash that comes after as the effect wanes is something that many people struggle with. Instead of an energy burst that this food source provides, it’s better to go for energy that will last as long as you need it. At the same time, your hunger pangs are curbed, and your fats burned the quickest way possible. The keto method gives you this. 

What are the changes brought about by ketosis?

The length of time until your body starts the ketosis process may differ from person to person. Still, as soon as it does, you will experience some symptoms, and it pays to know about them so you are informed and can prepare.

Suppressed hunger

As your body has adjusted to a minimal-carb diet, you will notice that you are also less and less hungry. In other words, your appetite for the typical food that you usually ingest is substantially lessened. Also, who isn’t a sweet tooth? Apart from the curbed hunger pangs, you will even crave sweets less.

Heightened energy and focus

One benefit of ketosis is increased energy levels. If before you started doing keto, you needed a nap in the middle of the day to bounce back, not anymore! You can breeze through your day no matter how jampacked with activities it is.

If you need to gain focus if you’re engaged, say, in tedious work or need to concentrate as a student, ketosis will also be your support.


Consequently, you will also enjoy positive emotions along with ketosis. Coupled with your raised energy levels and intense focus, you are set to accomplish great things!

Weight Loss

To lose the extra weight is what most people are after when they go on a keto diet. True enough, when ketosis begins in your body, you will start shedding those excess pounds. If you exercise regularly and eat healthily, you are off to a great start.

The great thing about keto is that your fats naturally leave your body because of the ketosis process. Even in the absence of a strenuous workout program, you can say goodbye to your fat layers soon enough. Ketosis will put your body’s metabolism on an accelerated path, and depending on how much you’re trying to lose, your progress will quickly come.

The Keto Program

Similar to any diet regimen, the keto program will restrict you in your food choices. However, you will find out that you don’t have to let go of many things you enjoy eating when you’re on a keto diet. If they are not carbs, they’re a go!

Remember that the goal is to starve your body of its typical energy source – the carbohydrates so that ketosis will begin, and the fat-burning process will be ushered in. 

What to eat and drink

Like what most people who are trying to stay healthy will say, water is your best option. Some people even go on a water diet when trying to do a hard reset of their bodies. Water intake flushes out all toxins in your system, hydrates you for all your daily activities, and is an excellent overall option in terms of what to drink.

However, suppose you’re on a keto diet. Then, you have to know that there’s a long list of allowed drinks at your fingertips. These are low-carb dairy products, MCT powder, sparkling water, smoothies, green tea, red tea, and all types of tea and coffee. As you can see, these are drinks that are not usually part of your choices if you are on a typically “strict” diet.

Now, as for your food intake, you may be asking how you can attain a balanced diet when you don’t eat carbohydrates. First, you must realize how much you have depended on these sugar-loaded food options. These are your pasta, bread, potatoes, and rice, for the longest time, and they are the culprits as far as your weight gain is concerned.

If you do not lead a highly active life, then this carb-rich diet will not go well for you. Believe that a balanced diet is still possible even on a keto program. 

So, what can you eat? For starters, all spices are acceptable. If you’re a fruit lover, it’s best to stick to the healthiest ones, which are the berries (blackberries, mulberries, blueberries, raspberries). Nuts are also excellent snacks when you’re on keto. You can graze your food with some oils and fats like mayonnaise, coconut oil, avocado oil, lard, ghee, olive oil, and our most-loved butter. Sour cream, all cheeses, and cream are also okay, and other high-fat options in the dairy section.

As for vegetables, you have many options since veggies are always considered healthy. But while on a keto diet, you can have olives, lettuce, kale, spinach, mushroom, onion, cabbage, cucumber, tomatoes, eggplant, green beans, zucchini, broccoli, and cauliflower.

You can also have seafood such as lobster and crab, oysters and mussels, and other shellfish. Scallops, trout, tuna, snapper, and salmon are also fantastic options. Everything must be in moderation for meat, and you can eat sausages and ham, mince, chicken, pork, steak, turkey, bacon, and lamb.

It’s undeniable that going on a keto diet will not limit your food choices, as some will have you think. There are so many food items that you can enjoy while achieving your health goals in your keto journey.

What not to eat and drink

Despite the long list of food that you can take while on a keto diet, there are those that you should remove from your choices. What are they?

When it comes to drinks, try not to take fruit beverages that have high sugar content. Soda or soft drinks are also a no-no since when you introduce sugar in your system, your body will shift to it as an energy source and throw off your ketosis. Also, wine and other spirits are prohibited since they rob you of your ketogenic high. You wouldn’t want to reverse the ketosis you have worked hard to achieve for many weeks and maintained for months. Also, you will likely begin craving for more and more when you start on these drinks.

For what you can’t eat while on a keto diet, staying away from carbs is the best way to go.  Your keto journey’s success relies heavily on shifting the source of your energy from carbs to fats, so taking in the least amount of carbs and eating mostly fats is the key.

The foods that you must avoid you can still eat from time to time and in very minimal portions. Please take note of your ketosis levels and maintain them even as you indulge occasionally. It would be best if you stayed away from some types of cooking oils such as grapeseed, canola, sesame, and peanut oil and on some low-fat dairy like cheese and milk. Remember that we are after those which are high in fat. 

It would help if you did not have salad dressings, mustard, tomato sauce, and mostly sugary desserts like custard, cookies, ice cream, tarts, pastries, cakes, buns, chocolates, and candies.

For veggies, try to prevent excessive intake of those from the legume family like soybeans, lentil, chickpeas, and other beans. Check off starchy foods from your diet as well, such as crackers, flour, pizza, corn, rice, pasta, bagels, cereals, and all bread. You cannot have grains, too, so say goodbye to quinoa, oats, rice, and wheat. You cannot have the sweetest ones like melons, bananas, oranges, and apples for fruits. 

This list may seem a tad bit depressing to look at but realize that you can have them occasionally and in moderation, in keeping with your ketosis levels. The idea is not to derail the ketosis process and then to have to jump-start it again.

Why consider taking keto supplements?

The great thing about taking supplements to support your journey is that you don’t have to go to the extreme in terms of the list of the food items that you cannot eat while on your keto diet. Instead of doing away with all the foods you love, think of your program as having the chance to be creative about your food menu. You can mix them all up, eliminating some which are a big no-no but including others that are neutral to your keto program. 

The idea is to enjoy your keto journey and not grow weary or sad while you are benefitting from the process. 

Getting to know your Ketond Advance

So, how will this particular product help you? Let’s get to know your Ketond Advance.

Ketond Advance at a glance

This supplement has been compared to the more famous Pruvit, and as you read through its features, you will know how it fared.

In a nutshell, the Ketond Advance can usher in ketosis in your body faster than you would have done it naturally. Hence you quickly benefit from the process. You will be able to work with more energy and can even handle multiple tasks in your hands. Your energy levels will be raised and sustained as you go from day to day. Lastly, your appetite is effectively suppressed, and you can control your hunger pangs. Ultimately, your end goal of losing excess weight and stay healthy is accomplished.

That is the Ketond Advance promise. 

Who made the Ketond Advance?

The Ketond Company manufactured these supplements and created the formulation that made it the number one choice for most people on a keto diet. However, an area of improvement that people who have tried this product say about Ketond is its flavor. Suppose the company decides to improve on the flavor offerings for their supplements. In that case, they may be able to bump off the Pruvit from its number one spot!

Features that you will love

Let’s look at the features of Ketond Advance that put it in a position as a likely contender against the Pruvit.


As mentioned earlier, the flavoring offered by Pruvit is so far first in the market. What makes the taste of the Ketond Advance then come in second? Their flavors are strong and quite robust for starters, and some people may not appreciate the intensity.  Though the Ketond is cheaper than the Pruvit, the taste of their blends may not be as attractive to some. These people will opt to pay for the more expensive products than deal with a less than preferred taste.

Nevertheless, the product offers the following flavors to their target customers: chocolate, caramel macchiato for the coffee lovers, the refreshing cocktail blend – citrus mango, the fruity and sweet summer peach, and the tiger’s blood, which is the most intense one.

The crowd favorite is the summer peach. Despite the passionate and robust level of their flavors, it is good to try them out because preferences change from person to person. After all, the Ketostax formula of the Ketond is attested to provide you with the energy levels you need throughout the day making it a worthwhile investment in your keto package.


Similar to other consumer products, you get discounts when you buy in bulk. Let’s look at the pricing strategy of Ketond Advance and how we can benefit from ordering more.

For Ketond Advance

One container of Ketond Advance costs $79.95 plus a shipping charge of $8.95 fixed in all states. However, if you buy two boxes, you not only forego the shipping cost, but you also become eligible for freebies. All you need to pay is the $159.90, and you get the Ketostax Metabolic PM, which is priced at $40, and there’s no need to worry about shipping.

Now, if you choose to buy three containers at $239.95, you can still enjoy free shipping, but you get double your freebies. Two Ketostax Metabolic PM, with $80 value, will make their way to you for free!

For Ketond Biomax Blends

The same is true for the Biomax Blends of Ketond. As you buy in volume, you get free shipping and freebies. One container is at $59.95, which is equivalent to 15 servings. However, you will have to pay a fixed rate of $8.95 for shipping across the country. Two containers and three are at $119.90 and $$179.95, respectively. You forego the shipping cost and get either one or two Ketostax Metabolic PM, valued at $40-$80 depending on how many containers you buy.

To order, you need to go to the website of Ketond and choose how many containers (servings) you are planning to buy. You then select your preferred flavors, your mode of delivery, and if there is a bundle that tickles your fancy, such as 90 servings, 60, or just 30. At $2.66 per sachet, like a cup of coffee that you can take each day, you can enhance your focus, work faster and with more energy, and do away with that extra flab in your body.

With Ketond, you don’t need to subscribe to the supplements like with other products, no contracts that will lock you in the next few months or so. You can purchase a trial pack and stop buying if you feel that it doesn’t work at all for you. Ketond believes in its products and doesn’t need a contract to keep you buying.

Suppose you choose to continue enjoying the Ketond supplements, though. In that case, you will benefit from mental clarity, a healthy lifestyle free of sickness, and an overall zest for life that will spill over to your relationships and career. Anyone in his or her right mind will want all of these things.

Safety in use

Concerns about safety in using any ingested product are understandable. That is why it’s still best to consult your family doctor or any health professional whenever you plan to either go on a keto diet or take any supplements. No matter how much any product professes to be safe for your body, the experts’ opinion will matter the most and will be the final say. 

Remember that ketones that are produced naturally by your body will be present when you’re on ketosis, with or without any medicinal intervention. But, if you use Ketond supplements, they will act as an exogenous source for ketones. They will quicken and deepen the fat-burning process of ketosis.

Usage instructions 

General suggestions

How often should you take Ketond supplements will depend on the instructions by the makers. They recommend that you take them three times a day as you rise in the morning, in the middle of the day, and before you retire at night.

The general directions given by Ketond is to drink water before intake, mix the packet that contains 12-16 ounces of Ketond with 200mL of water, preferably cold, and then giving it a good stir. If you want to take advantage of other benefits offered by Ketond, you can also add in some of their formulated blends. These are the Strength & Endurance, Metabolic Accelerator, or MCT Ketone Boost blends.

The supplements’ intended effect is good for about 3-5 hours, so you can enjoy zero cravings, increased energy levels, and mental focus after taking.

How much to take

Despite having mentioned that you can take one packet three times a day, it depends on your body, and you will feel what you can take. For some people, one pack is enough for an entire day.

When to take

If you opted to take the Ketond supplements once a day, it’s better that you do it as your day starts to be fully charged as you go about your day-to-day tasks. But suppose you take it at three separate times throughout the day. In that case, you can be assured that your energy supply will be evenly distributed as your day unfolds.

The manufacturers of Ketond recommend that you take the supplements every day, especially if you live a highly active life. If you want to take a scientific approach to your Ketond intake, you can have your ketone levels monitored to guide you. There are testing kits available in the market to help you evaluate when your ketone levels need some boosting. Otherwise, you can take the Ketond supplements in moderation throughout the day.

Action – adverse effects

Like anything that you take that is intended to make changes inside your bodies, the Ketond supplement also has its share of unwanted effects, though manageable. Similar to any alterations made in your diet, the Ketond may cause some adjustments in your bowel functions so that you may experience either constipation or diarrhea.

The best thing to do is prepare yourself mentally and physically for this as your body adjusts to the ketones. Realize that it is typical, not a cause for alarm. You can start by taking half a packet on the first few times that you take Ketond while giving your body some leeway to grow accustomed to the supplements. Then, you can increase the amount of Ketond you take as your body gets used to it.

Final words

The Ketond advanced reviews of these supplements are a highly recommended support for those who are serious about their keto journey. Apart from the intense flavors, which may be not so for some, the Ketond is equal to Pruvit in terms of effectivity and value for money. They may be the more expensive alternative, but it only reflects the quality and level of expertise that went into making the Ketond. Considering everything else as equal, the Ketond sits on top of our suggested list.