LDV Campervan Review

2013 LDV V80 SWB Campervan Reviews

The LDV V80 is a vehicle that offers fantastic pricing categories for people who want to make the most bang for their buck. You can purchase this 2013 model LDV V80 SWB with automatic transmission for the cost of one on a manual transmission. Amazing deal, right? Let’s delve into the many features of this SWB as you read on.

Your LDV V80 2013 at a glance

This model has all the base features of a van and more. You have your power windows, steering, and mirrors that make for smooth control of your vehicle while you drive. As for the lights, you have your fog lights in front and the daytime LED running lights. To ensure that your trip is safe from any possible accidents, the LDV V80 is equipped with an electronic brake with force distribution, a brake assist, and an anti-lock braking, which are all meant to give you a 100% functioning brake system. 

Even when you are on reverse, while parking, you have a control rear to guide you in your parking distance. If these are not enough, you also have your cruise control feature, the engine immobilizer, and central locking remote control to gain power over your LDV V80 at all times. It’s also outfitted to have two airbag packages in front, alloy wheels, which are 16 inches, air conditioning, and radio cd with speakers on both sides.  

 All these in your LDV V80 2013 model.

Technical Specifications for your LDV V80 2013

Rims and Tires

Your rear tires are 215×75 R16 in size and have rims that are 16×6 inches. The front tires are the same.


The rear suspension of the LDV V80 has a hydraulic double acting shock absorber that is leaf spring, while the front suspension has a coil spring and Macpherson strut.


The van’s rear and front brakes are disc-type, but the front one is disc ventilated.


The powerful engine of the LDV V80 has maximum power and torque of 100kW and 330Nm, respectively. Its fuel tank has a full capacity of 80L, and the engine consumes around 7.7L per 100km combined. It has DT4 cylinders and a 2,499cc engine capacity.

The motor of the LDV V80’s engine is made by VM Motori, a company by Fiat, one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of diesel engines. The power of this engine is likely to last more than ten years and will be your dependable and trustworthy companion for years to come.

Overall dimensions

The LDV V80’s general dimensions are as follows: its height is 2,132mm, length at 4,950mm, and width at 1,998mm. There is an unladen ground clearance of 234mm and a wheelbase of 3,100mm. Its kerb weight is at 2,040kg while its turning cycle is 12.4m. Its front and rear tracks are both at 1,700mm, 1,734 (front), and 1,728 (rear), to be exact.  

Pricing of your LDV V80 2013

The 2013 model’s price starts at $9,200 and can go as high as $13,860 if you purchase the basic commercial trim level, V80 SWB Mid. But if you opt for the top-range commercial model, V80 SWB High, the price will be closer to $16,720 or $11,400 at the minimum. There is also the mid-range model that is priced within the $10,900-$15,950 range.  

As mentioned in the features above, this vehicle has some models that run on diesel and some promotions by sellers to purchase an automatic transmission engine for the price of a manual one. 

Reviews for the LDV V80

The LDV V80 2013 is just one of the various models of this vehicle type, and the prices will vary depending on the trim level you buy and the year that the particular model was manufactured. You can also pick from among different makes of the body and the engine-transmission specs. But overall, they offer reasonably priced packages, and the LDV V80 2013 is deemed an excellent buy.

Also, this model is known for its powerful towing capacity at 1,200kg maximum for the latest models. It’s also hailed for its efficient fuel consumption and is a worthwhile purchase, especially if you pick the diesel counterparts. Their broad offering of different wheel and tire sizes is appreciated by prospective buyers and owners alike.

Final words

Ultimately, the LDV V80 2013 model is a highly recommended buy considering all its base features, technical specifications, reasonable pricing, and positive reviews.