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Ok, so you have started to play the piano. The first thing that you need is the motivation and a great online learning tool such as Pianoforall. It is not something to tread into lightly or be forced into. I had to beg my parents to let me take lessons and I enjoyed every minute of it and that is why I became a teacher. Hence the purpose of this Review.

Since you are just beginning you have all opportunities open to you to learn any kind of music that you would like. I would suggest you read our main post on Pianoforall Reviews as well as looking at all avenues as you learn different forms of music theory. Music theory is the written language of reading and writing music. It is very intricate and takes many lessons and studying to learn. Remember this does not happen over night. Take this very seriously, but not to the point that it means everything and your music playing becomes robotic.

Make sure that as you are learning that you pay attention to certain key fingerings and notations. This will help you drastically when you learn to play classical and or even chords for rock. My biggest tip for beginners is to keep an open mind. Theory is very important, but not everything. Don’t forget to play with feeling!!


Self Taught: If you are self taught like many of my friends are my guess is that you can play by ear, but have no general idea about theory, My advice to you is to take time out to learn to play music, and the art of how the music was constructed. You are missing out on a whole dimension of the instrument if you do not know these ideas, and probably many different genras of music that you could learn in the meantime.

For example in order to play most classical peices, a player needs to know correct finguring, dynamics and scales. There is a lot more to it, but that can’t be explained in a short article.

Players: You are in the group where you already know how to play and probably know an encyclopedia of theory and techniques of playing. My question to you is think about how many differnt styles of music you were taught. Did your teacher encourage you to explore different types of music such as rock or pop? Were you stuck in the classic cookie cutter of Bach and Beethoven? If you weren’t you are one of the lucky ones.

Do you find it hard to even try to venture out of the mold and try to play with a band or with other people, where you are not absorbed in time signatures, counting, and metranomes? Well if you were like me and trained that theory is everything and to play was to play exactly by the book, then you are in the right place.

Everyone: Think about these three different types of players. The beginners that can make sure that they are not bound by theory like glue with their playing. Whom are impressionable to different ideas and a balance of both worlds if they choose.

Think about the talent that the people possess that are self taught. They had the will and motivation to take the time to teach themselves, meanwhile a very few could just sit and play what they heard, but also think about the amount of talent that could be possessed if they had the tool of theory at their fingertips. The outcomes are endless.

Think about the group that already is trained in theory that can not make it out of the box. Think that if this group sat down and just played without the rules hovering over them like a teacher in a test. They could achieve a utopia of options to be discovered. I am in this group and I will give you tips to achieve your musical best using your extensive knowledge and also the passion hidden inside to break out of the shell and master a plethora of music ability.

Tips for all players

Overcoming mental walls: This section is for all players. I think that all players have some walls and or obstacles to over come. In this section I will touch on some of them and share some stories about myself and people I know as well as tips that I learned that will help you to over come these.

First of all if you are just learning be excited about everything your teacher tells you to do, even if it is just learning songs on only the black keys. This is how the beginning of learning theory is introduced to beginners. Its not that the teacher thinks you are stupid, but a practicum that is needed for further learning. For example when I was teaching, I had a young boy that was in level one and his homework was to learn two songs that were on the black keys alone. He came to lesson, and I asked him if he had practiced his homework, he said “Yes, Miss Angela.” I then asked him to play his songs. He threw a tantrum that I had never seen before. He laid on the ground and pounded his legs and fists into the ground and cried. I asked his mother for help, she just told me that he was a bull, needless to say that was his last lesson. The whole point of this story is that I know how frustrating it is to go throught the menial learning process, but it is so important to being a proficient piano player, and any instrument for that matter. If you know how to play the piano and read music you can play any instrument or sing any song. Cool huh?

The next important thing to being to becoming a well rounded piano player is, practice. This is for all players, the beginners, self taught, and the players. From experience that more you practice the easier it becomes. For the beginners this is essential. For the self taught learn new techiques and practice them, and for those that already know, its like riding a bike! Don’t get off, because believe me you start over and it takes some time, not a lot, but why waste your time if you could put in a half hour a day or so.

The next most important tool as a player is to know your signatures and scales. To the begiiners your teacher will teach you this, but learn them! To the self taught same thing Learn Them. For those that already know Practice them two octives, major and minor, use different technique books with excersices, it will help with technique and fingering.

Incorporating all styles of music into your playing will take time. For those of you that are just learning, ask your teacher to help you to learn your favorite type of music or songs. To those that are self taught get some theory and technique books. Get a metranome, learn the other side of the coin, it will only help you in the long run.

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For those that already play and are not sure how to venture out of the box, believe me, it’s not as scary as it seems. Put all books and the metronome away. Get to your stereo and put on you favorite music and just play. At first your going to be like a fish out of water, but put your faith in your ear and inner sense for a change and just have fun. Play along. It will come to you. It took a lot of persuasion for me, and I still feel more comfortable playing with my metranome and counting, but I have fun playing to rock and jazz. I especially like sting and Etta James.

If you have any questions leave a comment, I still teach and may be able to help