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Singorama Reviews

Singorama Reviews

It is important for everyone to read this unbiased Singorama review first before deciding to buy Singorama which proclaimed that their program will teach beginners on how to become a professional singer easily in short few months. The creator of Singorama is a famous singing teacher and vocal coach named Emily Mander who is well-known for using series of unique vocal trainings to improve the quality of voice of singers in a short period of time.

Singorama can help you attain your goal if you are serious in improving your ability to sing.  This Singorama program provides fantastic set of 28 basic audio lessons that will certainly help you to understand the basics of the music and singing theory by giving you large and unique information on how you can improve the quality of your voice.  It contains a very interesting and interactive way of encouraging and motivating you to practice, and sing your song and voice lessons with great fun.

What is more, As compare Singorama with other products I have tried,  Singorama have interesting ways of providing steps-by-steps singing practices and motivation to practice singing further. And it’s more comprehensive and detail as compared to other singing program online.

Singorama has a section entitled Getting Started which involves more than 7 hours of audio training that contains best ways in managing your voice as well as good posture and breathing which are also offered in 28 sessions.  Several important factors which are essential in professional singing are included in this book as well as song and vocal exercises.  The lip roll techniques and the scales 121, are just some examples of techniques that they have in learning as you can read in Singorama review.

In fact, I had learn tons of valuable advanced singing techniques and methods from Singorama alone. Such as learning how to keep myself from developing the bad singing habits like bad posture, singing out of tune, keeping consistent tonal quality, breaking between head and chest voices, vowel sounds and more!

Through the series of trainings from Singorama, I’m sure it can make your vocal cords become stronger to reach higher pitches easily if you practice these methods constantly everyday.  There are 3 new song practices contained in this product in which you could gain experience in singing accompanied by instrumental tracks, and there are a lot of practice singing with harmony and melody too.

Below are the list of Lessons, Software and Bonuses provided by Singorama:

Reviewing Core set of 28 audio lessons from Singorama:

  • Audio Lesson 1: Introduction and how to understand your own voice
  • Audio Lesson 2: Warm ups and strengthening the voice
  • Audio Lesson 3: Breathing and Posture
  • Audio Lesson 4: Tone
  • Audio Lesson 5: Pitch, Staying in Tune
  • Audio Lesson 6: Chest voice and head voice
  • Audio Lesson 7: Bad Habits to AVOID
  • Audio Lesson 8: Extending your vocal range: Part 1
  • Audio Lesson 9: Time signatures, key signatures and rhythm
  • Audio Lesson 10: Major and minor keys; Solfege
  • Audio Lesson 11: Intervals and Solfege
  • Audio Lesson 12: Different styles of singing
  • Audio Lesson 13: How to Become Sensational At Singing Harmony  – Everyone will want to sing with YOU!
  • Audio Lesson 14: How to Sing Different Genres of Music
  • Audio Lesson 15: Understanding the meaning of a song-(Part 1) lyrics & overall tone
  • Audio Lesson 16: Understanding the meaning of a song-(Part 2): How to put your personality & emotions into a song
  • Audio Lesson 17: Making a song your own
  • Audio Lesson 18: Learning a full song – Part 1
  • Audio Lesson 19: Learning a full song – Part 2
  • Audio Lesson 20: Solutions to common problems
  • Audio Lesson 21: Your Future as a Singer
  • Audio Lesson 22: Extending your vocal range: Part 2
  • Audio Lesson 23: Performance tips
  • Audio Lesson 24: Auditions and how to Ace them!
  • Audio Lesson 25: Writing Your First Song
  • Audio Lesson 26: How to sing with a band
  • Audio Lesson 27: Performance Anxiety
  • Audio Lesson 28 Final Overview

2 Bonuses – Advanced Software:

  • Singorama’s Mini Recording Studio software
  • World-class ear training software – Perfect Your Pitch Pro!

4 Super Bonuses- Advanced Vocal Exercises (a $94 value)

  • Super Bonus #1: Vocal Warmups (Audio)
  • Super bonus #2: Vocal Strenthening Exercises (Audio)
  • Super Bonus #3: Range Extension Exercises (Audio)
  • Super Bonus #4: Interval Training for Singers (Audio)
Singorama review packaging

As compared to “Singing Success” which is considered as one of the best packages around, Singorama is using more interaction, comprehensive and intensive teaching styles in their singing program. Therefore, I’m sure you will improve your singing skills easily to next level in few months time. That’s the why they are offering “No Question Asked- 60 Days Money Back Guarantee”.

I think that I will easily pay up more than $2000 to learn all these things from the private singing lesson from those so called “professional singing coaches”. But, with Singorama, I only paid around $99.95 one-time-fee to access to all these professional singing lessons, methods and techniques. Furthermore it’s so much flexible, comprehensive and intensive than other singing programs I had used previous.

Bad Aspect of Singorama? Find out in Singorama review below.

However, Singorama has also its own shortcomings in the eyes of some critics in this unbiased Singorama review.  Singorama is a type of singing lesson that requires a bit of discipline to follow.  But if you think that you have no time to allocate for this singing program for some time everyday, then, you may not be able to avail of its benefits. In my opinion, at least spent 30 minutes every day for first 2 weeks in Singorama training and adjust your schedule accordingly afterward. You will notice a huge improvement in your vocal and singing skills you can’t ever imaging before.

After all, it’s like any kind of learning whether online or in actual form where you need time to practice, and a bit of discipline to learn everything from this course.  If you’re ready to take time and effort in learning singing lessons, you will likely succeed in becoming a professional singer.  Start everything from this Singorama program, and you’re on the way to success. In short, Singorama is still my top pick when I’m looking for the best singing program online.