Navimize Delivers Patient Retention Resources to Physicians With New Enterprise Platform

Navimize, the first, real-time automated wait time management platform for physicians and health systems, announced the delivery of their new enterprise platform to retain patients while offering impactful communication resources to empower both patients and physicians. 

As patients return to in-office care, and the pandemic continues to linger, the demand for timeliness and socially-distanced space has become a priority. According to the Journal of Medical Practice Management, the number one reason patients now leave a practice is lack of communication (53 percent); followed by long wait times (35 percent).

The core of the Navimize platform is the ability to eliminate the physical waiting room and communicate in real-time with patients. Navimize is an end-to-end customized, automated patient communication platform that features a unique delay prediction tool. Navimize pulls scheduling data from electronic medical record systems and sends patients a text message alerting them if their appointment is running on time, or if it’s delayed.

Currently, Navimize is providing platform solutions for a large health system in the Southwest, is currently piloting the platform with a large health system in the Northeast, and is deployed at independent physician practices across the United States. The company will open their seed round of funding on September 1st. The newly raised capital will support the company’s growth ambitions in the health system enterprise space and further develop proprietary technology.

“We are committed to empowering providers with resources and technology to deliver the best patient care,” said Navimize’s CEO, Jennifer Meller MD, MBA. “Five star care begins with effective patient communication and efficient patient flow, and with Navimize, we are proud to help doctors respond to the changing landscape while keeping their focus on the patient.”

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Source: Navimize