NFL RedZone Channel Review 2021

How can I get the NFL RedZone Channel?

Which TV providers have NFL RedZone? For the 2021 season, this channel is available with six providers that we recommend: fuboTV, DISH TV, Xfinity TV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and DIRECTV.

fuboTV is a live TV streaming service with a pretty solid combination of sports, kids, lifestyle, and news channels. fuboTV is high up on our list for best streaming services for sports because you can get over 50 sports channels.

Just like the other two providers, you’ll have to get a base package and then get an add-on to access NFL RedZone. In fuboTV’s case, you’ll want the Sports Plus add-on for $10.99 per month.

If you get the Starter plan and the Sports Plus add-on, it’ll be the same price as YouTube TV and its Sports Plus add-on. But fuboTV’s Sports Plus add-on comes with 26 channels whereas YouTube TV’s comes with seven.

Some of the channels included in fuboTV’s Sports Plus add-on are the following:

DISH not only comes in second place for the NFL RedZone Channel, but it also took the second place trophy on our Best Sports Packages list.

We’ve named DISH as the best for college sports fans, and you can get a total of 34 sports channels with DISH’s America’s Top 200 plan.

DISH also offers a Multi-sports Pack for $13.99 per month, which promises 35 major sports networks. You’ll have to at least order DISH’s America’s Top 120+ to get the sports add-on, and then you’ll have access to an excellent sports-watching experience.

DISH’s multi-sports pack includes the following channels:

Although DISH doesn’t list out all 35 channels in the Multi-sports pack, it promises niche coverage for tennis, rugby, and MMA.

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Xfinity TV offers 15 sports channels in the Preferred packages, and you can get even more by ordering the More Sports & Entertainment add-on for $9.99 per month.

Watch a Saturday college football game, watch your Fantasy Football points go up while watching the NFL RedZone Channel on Sunday, and then enjoy an MLB game during the week.

Xfinity’s More Sports & Entertainment add-on gives you the following channels:

Sling is known as an excellent budget pick, but that also means you won’t be getting a big channel lineup with this live TV streaming service.

For $35, you can get 30–45 channels, with 5–6 of those being sports channels.

No, Sling doesn’t offer enough sports channels for the regular sports fan, but it does offer a fantastic Sports Extra add-on for $15 per month.

Sling’s Sports Extra add-on includes the following 17 channels:

YouTube TV has a Sports Plus add-on with the NFL RedZone channel! But as you can see, it’s at the bottom of our list because the $11/month add-on only includes seven sports channels.

YouTube TV’s Sports Plus includes the following:

But YouTube TV’s channel lineup is on our best streaming services for sports list because it has NFL Network, NBA TV, and MLB Network.

It’s the only live TV streaming service that gives you the three major sports networks for $65/month.

So YouTube TV has all of your major sports covered, along with a Disney Channel for the little ones and HGTV and Lifetime for the spouse.

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With DIRECTV, you’ll get their version of NFL RedZone—called the RED ZONE CHANNEL, as we mentioned—included in your NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX package. What’s NFL SUNDAY TICKET, you ask?

It’s a channel package for the die-hard football fans. It gives you all out-of-market NFL games (games not broadcasted on your local channels) straight to your TV.

It comes at a high price of about $400 for the season or $66 per month, but you do get a free season of NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX as a new customer. (And you know that price is cheaper than a ticket for one seat at one football game).

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