Numerology – Basic Principles – Basic Principles – 2021

In numerology, every letter of the English alphabet is given a specific number. For example, A is 1, B is 2, and C is 3 and so on. The letters appearing in the person’s name are assigned these numbers which are then added up to give a single number. The resultant number then gives the characteristics of the person under observation. A table is given below which shows how all the letters are assigned numbers:

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1 – A, J S
2 – B, K, T
3 – C, L, U
4 – D, M, V
5 – E, N, W
6 – F, O, X
7 – G, P, Y
8 – H, Q, Z
9 – I, R

When the letters are assigned numbers, they have to be added up. If their resultant is still not reduced to a single number, it is reduced further by adding up the digits again. For example, if we have to reduce 2007, we add 2+0+0+7 which gives 9 as the resultant. However, if we have to reduce 1997, we add 1+9+9+7 which gives 28 which can be further reduces as 2+8 which gives 10 or 1+0 and we get 1 as the final resultant. All the numbers are reduced to single digit form except special master numbers like 11 and 22. The numbers 1 through 9 along with 11 and 22 are the major rates of vibrations that determine a person’s personality and characteristics. The numeric value corresponding to each letter in the alphabet is representing a specific vibration. The art of numerology is used to determine the most appropriate time to get a job, invest, travel or get married. The sum of the digits obtained after assigning numbers gives the Life Path. This means that the number will rule the characteristics of your personality for your entire life.

The Life Path number is determined by adding the numbers of your date of birth. In order to do so, the digits of the date of birth are added up first, then the digits of the month are added up and the resultant number is added to the sum of the date of birth. Then the digits of the year are reduced to a single digit form which is added to the number obtained above. The process is stopped once single digit numbers from 1 through 9 or master numbers 11 or 22 are obtained. The Destiny Number is determined from the addition of numbers assigned to the letters of your full name as is given on your birth certificate. The Destiny number will decide the purpose of your life.

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Simple mathematical formulas and relations are applied to the numbers which represent the date of birth and name of a person, which give four major core elements and roughly twenty or thirty modifiers. It is not a very simple method as a large amount of numbers is present which tend to modify each other and make the analysis pretty complicated. However, the symbolic representation of these modifiers and their elements give an accurate analysis of the personality of the person in question. This symbolic representation is the backbone of numerology analysis to determine the qualities of a person. Each master number has its own significance and the understanding of this representation allows you to interpret these symbols easily. The different master numbers are given below along with their significance to the personality or characteristics of an individual.


Positive – Strong leadership qualities, independent, initiator of action, individualistic style, courageous, leadership skills, will and determination, inventive
Negative – Boastfulness, egoistic, dominating impulsiveness, overly assertive and aggressive

Examples: Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood, Hillary Clinton, Frankenstein


Positive – Modest, adaptability, diplomat, sincere, cooperation, considerate, spiritually influenced, sensitive
Negative – Depression, fear, timidity, slyness, self consciousness

Examples: Adolf Hitler, Ronald Reagon, Saddam Hussein, Kylie Minogue


Positive – Fun loving, verbalization, sensitive in many ways, keen imagination, inspiration, high optimism, artistic gifts, enjoys life fully
Negative – Moodiness, self centeredness, unfinished projects, lack of direction, exaggeration, scattered energies

Examples: Nelson Mandela, Bob Dylan, Dennis Lillee, Santa Claus


Positive – Highly practical, scientific, steady growth, struggle against limits, good management skills, foundation for achievement, organizational genius, attention to detail, good sense of order and values
Negative – Confused, slow to act, very serious, stubborn opinions, argumentative, caught in details, lack of imagination

Examples: Buddha, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, Mickey Mouse


Positive – Versatile, ever changing, expansiveness, visionary ideas, action oriented, curious and constructive, quick thinking
Negative – Dissatisfaction, impatience, hasty decisions, restless, discontent, edgy, lacking in application

Examples: Bill Clinton, Mahatma Gandhi, Idi Amin, Donald Bradman


Positive – Balanced, artistic, humanitarian, unselfishness, nurturing disposition, responsibility, service to others,, love of home
Negative – Outspoken, egoistical, stubborn, self righteousness, susceptible to flattery, obstinacy, dominating

Examples: Martin Luther, Alexander the Great, Bo Derek, Ho Chi Minh


Positive – Perfectionist, studious, lover of peace, scientific, inventive, skilled researcher, seeker of knowledge, intelligent, charming, meditating
Negative – Isolated, inflexible, highly reserved, hidden motives, suspicions, sarcastic arguments, distractions

Examples: William Shakespeare, Jesus Christ, Isaac Newton, Benito Mussolini


Positive – Decisive, commanding, working for a cause, achieving recognition, political skills, expert power handling, sound judgment, executive character
Negative – Workaholic, stresses, impatient, over ambitious, materialistic, mismanaging money, lacking humanitarian instincts

Examples: George Bush, Karl Marx, Noddy, Bugs Bunny


Positive – Selflessness, creative, humanitarian instincts, artistic, heartily friendly, influenced to do good works, obligations
Negative – Possessiveness, moodiness, wanting attention, self adulation, scattered interests, careless with finances

Examples: Albert Einstein, Mikhail Gorbachev, Woody Allen, Paul Keating


Same as number 2


Same as number 4

The first vowel in the first name of a person gives information about the emotional nature and motivations in life. The effect of the vowel is different depending upon the sound of the vowel, whether it is long or short. A long vowel sound gives forthright and a more direct expression while a short vowel sound depicts a muted expression.

The heart of any form of numerology is the Core and involves the portion of reading involving the personality. It depicts a natural expression of the heart’s desires and goals. The Core also describes the behaviour towards the outside world. It describes a person’s style of facing problems and getting things done. Most of the information used in numerology is derived from the four elements that make up the core. These four essential elements are

Life Path
Soul Urge