Open Notice of Meeting and in addition Meeting Agenda of Quickness Board of Directors / Open Session Wednesday, This summer 21, 2021

Pace Hq will be open to the public to wait this regular meeting of your respective Board of Directors.

All visitors ıs going to be screened for access to the main board meeting.   Your trusty temperature will be taken, to begin with complete a questionnaire, and you have wear a mask more often than not while you are in the building.

The public is asked to watch the board getting together with remotely by clicking on my link: .

If you wish to bid public comment on an agenda services or products, please submit your name, our own agenda item(s) on which factor offer public comment, along with your comment(s) to:   publiccomment@pacebus. com   at least 24 hours prior to the start of the cortège. Rules for public technique pour can be found here: .

Pledge of Allegiance

                      1 .                 Start Call

                      2 .                 Approval of Min

                                              Approval of the May 16, 2021 Open Following minutes.

                      6.                 Public Comment

                      4.                 Chairman’s Complain of

                                              Chairman Kwasneski’s report on Pace-related physical activities during the past month.

                      5.                 Directors’ Reports

                                              The Directors’ evaluations on Pace-related activities in the past month.

                      seis.                 Executive Director’s Report

                                              The Govt Director’s report on Pace-related activities during the past month.

            7.                 Action Items

                        A. Regulation authorizing the award of a contract throughout Path Construction Company, Inc. for the purpose of construction of the South  Grounds acceptance facility and business building.

                        B. Regulation authorizing a change order to Agreement No . 228539 with AskReply, Inc. dba B2Gnow just for the Labor Compliance Program System Prevailing Wage module.

                        C. 2021 Financial Budget Amendment #2

            8.                 Issues/Discussions/Reports

                        A. Suburban Organization and Regional ADA Value range Results – May 2021

                        B. Financing Statement for the Month Giving up May 2021

            some.                 Adjournment

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