Pianoforall Reviews (updated) May 2022

Pianoforall Reviews: 2021

I have been asked by Brian Sampson of Colorado to review one of the  best selling products on Clickbank at the moment called Pianoforall written by Robin Hall. If you do a quick search on Google you might see the program being advertised as “Piano for all”.  I see its quite common for people looking for free “best online piano lessons reddit” for example but trust me guys; you will not be disappointed in this program the small outlay. I was able to download the package which contains in excess of 10 ebooks, 200 videos and 500 audio files. To be honest I don’t have the time to go through each and every video/ebook/audio file as I’m a complete noob at piano and I don’t particularly want to be a piano player but had promised Brian I would give my honest review. As per usual I will list the good, the bad and the ugly below based on my experience with the product much like I did with my previous Reviews.

pianoforall reviews

The site Pianoforall.com states “It is one of the most popular online piano courses online and has been helping people all around the world achieve their dream of playing beautiful piano for over a decade.”

The Good: Pianoforall Reviews – 2021

Ok – So the 1st thing I noticed (admittedly I’m a non-musical person) Piano for All is taught in a completely different manner to how I remember learning at Music school. This Piano program proposes “secret way” of learning by removing much of the fear that most people have when playing the piano for the first time. In fact when I completed a couple of these Pianoforall Reviews by Robin Hall the creator of Pianoforall or (Piano for all as some have called it) it became really apparent that she really tries and give the student tips and tricks straight up rather then progressively letting them out of the bag as the course progresses. I have to say that for the most part, it works. If your looking at instant results then this program is not for you.

Pianofroall Reviews

  •  Convenience & accessibility Lets start with probably the most obvious positive of the product. Because Piano For All is an online course it provides an opportunity to learn the instrument in the comfort of your home and at your convenience.
  • Portability You can basically take it with you wherever you go. The apps and plugins can be stored on your devise so there are no more excuses for not to be doing you piano homework. You can even practice on the train on the way to work
  •  Instant Download As with all of the courses they are instantly downloadable. Everything is at your fingertips. Now waiting for course updates or new material. You can chose to skip lessons and chapters depending upon your level of competency.
  • Very small learning curve The methodology and structure is set up in such a way as to get the student up and running as quick as possible.

The Not So Good: Pianoforall Reviews – 2022

  • No hard copies available
    The Pianoforall course at present is only available in downloadable format as it  doesn’t come as hard copy. However, if your like me and prefer to work off the iPad this is perfect. If you would rather a hard copy and find that glare on a tablet screen is a concern then you will probably do best going for a hardcopy via a different program.

Pianoforall Reviews: Nifty Nev’s conclusion:

Piano for All  lays the framework and sets a series of piano playing techniques, tricks and tips  that can be applied by a simple piano novice like myself or even those with more experience but would like to get better at the piano faster then they would otherwise. However, like I said before its not a miracle program that is going to make you a pro in 2 weeks. The Piano for All program currently is available on Click bank for only $39.95. I would seriously recommend this product for anyone wanting to learn the piano.

pianoforall reviews

Pianoforall udemy

You can also purchase Piano For All via Udemy. At this stage I do not believe that there is a discount available. Thanks for taking the time to read our latest review titled: “Pianoforall Reviews”