Plant Magic Bloom Boost Review

Plant Magic – Bloom Boost: A Product Review

If you want to give your plants a little boost and improve their yield, then try the Bloom Boost variant of Plant Magic. It is specially formulated to add potassium and phosphorous in precise ratios to your plants. When you use this additive with your mineral feeds, your herbs and vegetables will surely flower. They will also increase their productivity as the ingredients are refined to achieve maximum plant absorption levels. Most gardeners and plant growers recommend starting with this product when your plants begin to flower.

Plant Magic Bloom Boost, a Closer Look

This additive is British-made and is manufactured to support your plants, particularly in their flowering stages. It works optimally when combined with Plant Magic’s very own mineral feeds. The recommendation is to use as little as 0.33mL per liter of soil or water when the flowering cycle begins. They guarantee higher quality blooms and an enhanced weight of produce for your plants.

How does Plant Magic Bloom Boost help you?

As mentioned earlier, our plants need the right amounts of potassium and phosphorous to grow to their maximum potential and yield the most for you. However, when they run short of these minerals in their life cycle, especially when they most need it during their flowering period, their growth is stunted. The job of the Plant Magic Bloom Boost is to help avoid such circumstances as these in the future.

This product’s action is to be a source of extra potassium and phosphorous such that the plant can have these minerals in just the right amounts and about the right time. Your Bloom Boost will make sure that your flowers are more prominent, more massive, and superior in quality before you even tried using this product.

How do you use the Bloom Boost?

You can use the Bloom Boost along with your typical nutrient base at 1mL per liter of soil or 2mL per liter in coco or hydro proportions as soon as the fourth week hits and flowering begins and all the way through to the sixth or seventh week. 

The “trickling” method may also be employed in the process as advised by most shops that sell this type of additives. For instance, you can use the Bloom Boost in increments of 0.33mL per liter when you see buds appearing in your plants. This step is around 2-3 weeks when they start the flowering stage. The point of the trickling method is to give your plants a broader window in which to have a source of supplements, and they can produce more significant and top-quality blooms.

Final words

Plant Magic Bloom Boost is genuinely a robust flowering additive for your plants. It will work effectively to give you the fantastic flowers that you want. Keep in mind that it works best with your base mineral feeds and that you must strictly follow the instructions as to the amount to avoid over-feeding.

Also, try not to mix it up with other mineral feeds or additives, especially in their pure and raw form or right out of the bottle. They are meant to be used and added to water to create an excellent solution and stir thoroughly for a good mixture.

If you do everything to a tee, expect fantastic flowers from hereon as you use your Plant Magic Bloom Boost!