Review of Companies that Buy Houses Fast for Cash

Companies that buy houses for cash have quickly become one of the best ways to sell your house without an agent and save yourself a great deal of money. These home cash buyers buy homes “as is” and even purchase condemned houses.

Review of Companies that Buy Houses Fast for Cash

Take my recent real estate investing student for example… Anna, had a house she was trying to sell here in Utah. She tried going the traditional route by listing her home with two different realtors here in Utah but nothing happened. They went through the appraisal process, listed it on the MLS, paid about $4,000 in renovations, but then it just sat for 5 months. She said there has to be a faster & more affordable way. She reach out to me and asked, “how do I sell my house fast for cash?” She was fed up with the traditional route of selling a home. She had inherited the home. It was in okay condition. She needed to do some more repairs (about $3,000 more in repairs for carpet & paint) and then it could be nice enough to put on the market and show to the public.

sell my house fast for cash with located in SLC, UtahShe had learned that going the standard route of selling a home requires a lot of time, effort & expense to prepare the home for show and put on the market. Plus, working with lazy realtors didn’t help her much either. I told her if I were to sell my house fast for cash she’d want to speak with They are dependable, and will reliably sell your house quickly without all the hassle. This is where my friend Gary Parker comes into the picture.

Review of House Buying Company GaryBuysHouses

Gary Parker owns GaryBuysHouses (a reputable cash buying real estate investing company). They are local, based out of West Jordan, Utah. Gary is well respected by many people here in Utah because of his honest business practices and decade of real estate investing experience. The guy knows his stuff and bends over backwards for each of his customers. He’s helped hundreds of people here in Utah sell their house fast for cash. Just check out his success stories here from happy sellers who were able to sell quickly for cash.

When my student Anna learned there is a way to skip the months of waiting for a realtor to suddenly sale her home and instead get a fair cash offer she went for it. She closed on her home with Gary in 2 weeks! She saved more than $5,000 in closing costs. She didn’t have to wait for a loan to go through. And she got a great cash offer. He can do the same for you too if you need help selling your house for a fair cash offer. Go here to apply.

Innovating a Better Way To Sell a House

After seeing Gary help so many home owners sell houses fast for cash I have discovered the traditional selling process is basically broken. When realtors ask me if he/she can sell my house fast for cash I know they simply can’t. Their stuck in a system that doesn’t incentivize out-of-the-box thinking. To sell my house fast for cash in a 1 or 2 week time period like Gary can, is almost impossible for the standard realtor stuck in the age-old system.

Doesn’t get me wrong, there are thousands of realtors out there trying their best. At the end of the day the standard realtor doesn’t know what Gary knows though. The standard realtor lacks the experience and funding to help most home-owners sell fast. The realtors and investors who innovate & break out of the mold like Gary come out the winners.

How House Buying Companies Work

Selling a house fast in this day and age takes a different model all together which is what GaryBuysHouses has created. In most cases Gary is able to beat the offers from other buyers trying to get loans. Gary’s straight forward 1-page contract & simple 3-step buying process allows him to use his own cash to buy houses no matter their condition and value. Here’s a short video explaining how his 3-step process works:

There are a hundreds of real estate “we buy houses” cash buyers around Utah and boarding states. Some of them are sharks, many are not. The house buying sharks will put up a front, take your money and scam you. It’s critical to work with cash buyers in Utah that have a history of success with residential home owners. Gary is one of those good guys who have an impeccable history of success.

Any Situation, No Problem

GaryBuysHouses home buying services & practices comprise of all types of situations that you might be in such as:

There are several more benefits you enjoy after you decide to work with reputable companies that buy houses for cash. The top 7 perks or benefits you will enjoy include the following:

Perk #1 Valuable Time

It can be time consuming if you start searching for a home buyer in Utah. Things will even become worse if you are trying to sell your home due to an urgent need of money. Gary make things easy for you by buying your home within a short time period. If you are planning to move out of the state of Utah, then you can sell to Gary and move out conveniently with cash in the bank. You can even ask him to live in your home for a month or more even after you sell it to him. This gives you time to search out your new home at your leisure without stress.

Gary discusses with you and guides you in the process so that you can drastically reduce the time to sell for cash. He uses his own cash so you can quickly receive & access the funds you need to move on with your life. You get to choose the closing period. On the due date you’ll meet with him at the closing office where he will hand over cash in form of guaranteed funds to you as you give him the keys.

Perk #2 Get The Highest Cash Value

Gary can offer you the highest cash value for your house & property. If you rely on other methods such as the (M.L.S.) Multiple Listing Services, your property may stay their far too long causing your home value to go down. You may even be forced to reduce the price as a way of attracting more customers. If the home is in a condition which requires renovation before someone can move in, then you may even earn very little from the sale of your home. With Gary he can buy your house fast in any condition. He will simply make you the offer and if you accept he’ll move forward with you to the closing table. From there his renovation experts will carry out the repairs where needed.

Perk #3 You save money

If you sell directly to GaryBuysHouses, you don’t need to pay for the listing services and the real estate agent commissions. Other expenses when selling your home include legal fees among other transactions. Things are very different when selling your home directly to Gary because he caters the entire sale to your benefit. You can get a cash offer in at little as 10-minutes. Simply fill out the form online at and he will get in contact with you immediately. He doesn’t list your property. Instead he buys your home for cash so that you can use the money to solve urgent needs. Another great way you save money with Gary is to utilize his in-house real estate legal team who knows the ins and outs of the law saving you the time an expense from working with your own lawyer.

Perk #4 Stress-Free Process

It can be stressful if you spend a lot of time trying to market your home. It can become even more hectic if you start selling the property when you don’t have any background in marketing. Selling your home directly to Gary makes it easy for you to sell the home stress-free. There is no need to list your property on the MLS which wastes allot of your time and even opens the door for many people to call you without the intention of buying. Gary is a serious cash buyer in the state of Utah whom you can trust. Gary will sit down with you and discuss every detail of the home selling process so that you can make the right decision.

Perk #5 You Can Avoid Tire-Kickers

It can be frustrating to have to deal with people who really don’t have the funds and ability to buy your home. The vetting process takes your time and effort. Who wants to be let down when a well-intended buyer comes along to purchase your house but you later find out that buyer can’t get a loan. Such is the case many times when home-sellers in Utah go the broken-system route. But with Gary you will already know he’s serious and has the funds since he’s purchased hundreds of Utah homes in “as is” condition using his own cash. He’s helped many people out of difficult situations.

Perk #6 Sell Regardless The Condition

There are some homes that can be very hard to sell. For example, if your home requires extensive renovations before someone can live in it, then you might have to sell it at a giveaway price or even fail to get a buyer. It can be very stressful if you are trying to sell the home so that you can access the money you need to solve an urgent personal challenge. Gary buys homes in Utah for cash irrespective of the condition of the house.

Some cash buyers like to sell homes in certain locations while others buy homes with a certain number of bedrooms. Others like to buy homes with garages which can accommodate more than two cars. Gary can buy all those home types. From there Gary and his team will resell it later after renovations aimed at increasing its value.

Perk #7 Cash Now…Move Later Program

There are times when you want to sell your house but you and your family still need to live in the home until you find another house to buy. Gary’s “Cash Now, Move Later” program allows you to receive payment for the sale of your home but stay in the house until you find your new place. He will give you enough time to prepare and move out long after you have already been paid for your current house. His program works perfectly if you need to buy a new home and relocate but you don’t have enough money to own two homes at a time.


So why would I ever sell my house fast for cash in Utah to Gary? Now you know. Remember Anna’s experience and the top 7 perks to keep you on the right track with making a solid decision.

Gary is the premier go-to cash buyer in Utah for any residential home owners who wants the best cash offer on their home in any condition. Period.

You can reach out to Gary now by requesting your own free cash offer here. In at little as 10 minutes you receive your cash offer and experience how easy it truly is to witness home buying innovation at its finest.

A recent customer of Gary’s wrote in and said…

Gary tackled a gigantic issue for me… I had a relative living with me at the time. Gary worked with while I moved to my new home in Oregon. What a huge weight that lifted from me. I was apprehensive through the whole procedure since I have never sold a house before. He truely helped sell my house fast for cash that came directly from him. I’m grateful that Gary did precisely what he said he would going to do including repaying me for my utilities from the most recent month. Gary let me remain in my home after he got it. I was also troubled thinking that I would have to have to find someone to move out all my unwanted stuff I couldn’t move with me to Oregon. But Gary took care of that for me as well by taking the time to give all my usable things to a philanthropy. Much thanks to you Gary.

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