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Salehoo and Ebay 2021

Selling is different from buying; of course you knew that.  But did you know that selling things on e-bay is a totally different ball game than normal retail selling?  It’s by no coincidence that those who fail to acknowledge this happen to be the same people crying that you can’t make any real money with eBay. We have looked at this in more detail with our post called “Salehoo Reviews

But the fact remains that there are many, many people that make a LOT of money just from selling on eBay.  So how do they do this?
The terms of service on e-bay are quite clear so naturally we would advise you to keep them in mind while trying to sell any item on e-bay.

But our focus in this article is to give you a few tips on how to sell clothes on e-bay, as they are of the easier items to sell and make quick money with because there is less mystery of what they buyers are getting once they’ve paid for it.  Clothes look how they look, and then you wear them.  Simple.

Buyers don’t have to worry that they’re buying something that looks great, but is broke or doesn’t work because they couldn’t test the product out first.  Before we take the plunge let us point out that there are two broad classification of clothes being sold on eBay.  The first includes new and unused clothing and the second is ‘vintage’ or slightly used clothing. Our tips listed below can be used for both kinds of clothing. This is where the drop shipping product directory Salehoo comes into its own.

salehoo reviews 2021

It is all about Images

A picture is worth thousand words, and this is more true than ever when selling clothes on eBay.  Whether you are selling only one product or multiple items it is essential that high resolution images of your products are used.  For clothing make sure these images are taken from different angles.

For example you can have one image displaying the front side of the dress and another one showing the back side.  If you have some embroidery or prints work on the dress than add smaller images highlighting that particular aspect of your product.  Ideally one dress must have multiple images to satisfy a curious and observant pair of eyes.

Description of the Fabric

The majority of people who buy clothes are very sensitive about the fabric used in the dress.  Some are uncomfortable with cotton where as some may prefer silk.  Every individual has his or her own preferences and they must be respected.  So provide details of the fabric used in the clothing you wish to sell.

Try to let the potential buyer know the ‘feel’ of the cloth and for what kind of weather it may be more suitable.  Your honesty will definitely improve your credibility and sales, as well as reduce chances of a product being returned after purchase.

salehoo directory 2021
salehoo directory 2021

Whether the clothing is hand made or machine made is also an important consideration for many customers so let them know as much as you can about the fabric as well as kind of stitching employed.

Sizes and Measurements

Size definitely matters when we are talking about clothing so let your buyer know what sizes do you have available for the particular dress that you are selling on eBay.  Asian, European and American sizes differ significantly also so let the buyer know the dress size in different measurement standards.

This will help the buyer not only in deciding if the particular clothing is going to fit but also if it‘s going to be comfortable.  It’s an even better idea if you can provide specific measurements of the entire dress, item or garment like sleeve and neck length.  If the item can be modified easily at home then mention that as well so that the buyer knows what he or she is getting in the bargain.

Packaging and Shipping details

Generally shipping details are mentioned by every seller on e-bay but if you intend to be a little different than include packaging details as well.  What kind of box or envelope will you be using?  How will you pack it to ensure that the item does not get damaged?

Will you be using water proof packing or not?  Any extra care that you can take to ensure that the clothing item is received by the buyer in impeccable condition is likely to increase your chances of landing a sale.

Honesty is the best policy

Remember buyers appreciate those sellers who are honest and direct in their approach.  Since there is no face to face contact, your honesty is vital towards building your reputation and growing your business.  Used clothing sometimes has minor defects in them so do not hesitate to point out those.

This builds trust between you and the buyer which in turn is good for long term business.  If you are setting up an e-shop at Ebay for selling clothing this will definitely benefit.  Mention the terms of sale as clearly as possible so that future conflicts are avoided.

Throw in ‘Extras’

There are very few who do not appreciate getting ‘complimentary items’ along with their main purchase.  So its always a great idea if you can include some accessories or bonus items free of charge with the original purchase.  If you are selling a dress and happen to have a pair of shoes or maybe a belt or any other accessory that can further ‘glorify’ or add beauty to the clothing item do not hesitate to throw it in.

If you intend to run and grow a business then repeat sales are your main goal.  And in any line of business today, the model of ‘under promise and over deliver’ seems to be the main ingredient to success for everybody.  Do yourself a favor and practice it as often as possible.

The Feedback

Strive for positive feedback from your customers as often as possible.  Try to elicit a response from them after every delivery has been made.  If the buyer is satisfied ask them for a testimonial and then add it to your ‘sales pitch’ for future products you wish to sell.  If your customer has some issues try to solve them as best as you can.

If you can’t then provide the reasons as to why it is not possible. Be as polite as you can while dealing with particularly difficult customer and try to be wary of those who have a habit of finding fault with everything.

Your goal with them is more to avoid the negative feedback.  And for all your other happy customers, grab those positive testimonials!  They are more valuable and can boost your future sales more than you realize.


eBay has been and continues to be a great online opportunity to make whatever type of income you desire.  Understanding your buyers needs is always top priority in any business but the system used to run your business is also a key element in your probability of success.

If you’re just looking to sell something once in a while for an extra buck on occasion, the best thing to do is jump in and get started.  But if you’re looking to build a recurring monthly income with eBay, more instruction and guidance is strongly encouraged.  And the top program we recommend for this is Salehoo.

Salehoo is a complete eBay selling system available for immediate purchase online.  It will give you all the pieces and instructions you need to get your business up, running and making sales as soon as possible.