Reviews & tips for Selling Wholesale Clothing with Salehoo

Salehoo Reviews 2021

Did you know that on eBay alone a women’s dress is sold every 14 seconds? And that a neck tie is sold every 1 minute? Buyers just seem to love hunting out great deals online! If you have ever given any thought to selling wholesale clothing online, then this article is for you! I’m about to let you in on some insider secrets on how to make some sweet profits in wholesale clothing and most of these secrets have to do with using Salehoo.

  1. Sell in season

Plan ahead when you buy bulk lots of clothing from wholesalers. The very best clothing sellers on eBay will be selling the current season’s clothing and preparing for the next season. That means contacting a supplier early! If you are importing from aboard, this is crucial as it can take weeks to receive your order.

salehoo directory 2021
salehoo directory 2021

Stay ahead of the trends by checking out fashion blogs to see what the upcoming season’s colors will be. This will help you if you are appealing to a fashion-conscious audience who frequently replace their wardrobe to keep up with trends.

  1. Order samples

Most suppliers are more than happy to send you a few samples of their items. You will have to pay for them of course, but it is so worth it to check out the quality of their items. Order garments in your size and wear and wash them a few times to see how well they will last. Does the color fade quickly? Does the fabric go out of shape? If not, you are onto a good thing.

  1. Stay the heck away from fake goods!

There is no way I could get through this article without touching on selling fake clothing items. When I say fake clothing items, I mean ones which are simply low quality, mass-produced items which are wrongfully represented as branded items.

You might think that you are safe if you avoid items like Louis Vuitton handbags and suitcases, Rolex watches or Chanel sunglasses. Manufacturers of fakes or replicas produce all sorts including Roxy bikinis, iPods, branded jewellery, jeans, belts, cosmetics, hair straighteners, DVDs and software and if you are going to use a drop-shipping software you should us e Salehoo. We have done a few Salehoo Reviews here:

eBay and most other auction sites crack down on those selling fake goods and there are some very severe penalties for anyone who is found to be selling them. You could have your account closed (at the very least) or have action taken by the brand owner which is really bad news!

In general, selling fakes is certainly not a good way to make money. You will get nothing but bad feedback from unsatisfied buyers and you are likely to be dealing with unreliable suppliers. What’s more, you will encounter Customs issues when you import the items which can lead to fines or confiscation of goods.

  1. Do some research to find out what sells on eBay

There are a couple of options for this. You can find out what items have succeeded by searching through eBay’s completed listings. To do this, just click the advanced search button next to the search field on any eBay page, then enter the name of the product you are checking out. The items which sold appear in green, and the items which didn’t appear in red. This is a good method because it is free, but to get an accurate idea of whether the item will consistently sell well, you need to search through a few hundred search results. This can take a lot of time.

salehoo reviews 2021
salehoo reviews 2021

If you want to do your research the fast and easy way, there are some great market research tools out there.’s Research Lab narrows down your ideas to give a few promising products which can really make you a good profit on eBay.

It’s simple to use. You just enter in the name of the product you are interested in selling, then the Research Labs will tell you whether it is going to be a hit or miss by rating it’s supply (how many are currently listed) in relation to its demand (how many times it is searched for). It also lists some handy information such as ideas for related product niches, selling prices and the sell-through rate percentage.

Best of all, it can even get in you touch with a 100% verified and trusted supplier who can supply you with the products at amazing prices!

  1. Find a niche

The most popular search terms in eBay’s clothing category are for handbags, True Religion, Ed Hardy, Hollister, Bebe, Abercrombie, Guess, Harley Davidson and Free People. However, although these are popular among buyers, they are also popular with sellers who spend thousands of dollars on wholesale lots to resell on eBay. This means they are super competitive and it can be difficult to contend with some of the more experienced sellers. You are much better off selling a niche item. Once you have found a niche you can drill down and create sub-niches and micro-niches.

One of the best ways to think of a niche item is to think of items which are not used in everyday life, or by the majority of the population.

This could include anything such as seasonal sporting equipment, gourmet kitchenware. For clothing, a niche is something like plus size shoes (shoes for super big feet; large-sized women’s heels would be a great one!), fancy dress costumes, kid’s swim wear, or control underwear like Spanx.

You can also target age groups or sub cultures. This would include clothing for tweens (or pre-teens), sports fans, gothic or gangster style clothing, or items which would appeal to punks or hippies. Each of these have their own unique style, and appeal to a specific group of people.