Save The Marriage System Reviews – 2021

Save the Marriage System Reviews

Tying the knot with someone you love is the easy part. However, trying to be happy and maintaining a marriage is no walk in the park. Sooner or later, cracks will begin to form and get worse over time if left to fester.  It can even reach the point when a couple starts wondering if it’s worth saving or not. Most of the time, the problem stems from a lack of communication between the partners – or so it seems. That’s why the typical remedy advised by marriage counsellors is to improve it.

Save The Marriage System Reviews

 But is it truly the best solution? What if it’s not?

It’s precisely what the Save the Marriage System is saying. Improving communication helps, but it’s NOT the most crucial in salvaging broken marriages. In most cases, communication is working just fine, even if the relationship is in shambles. What matters most is what’s being communicated and understanding each other. Otherwise, it’s all just a waste of time. With that said, you now have some idea of what the system is about. If you’re looking for answers to keep your marriage afloat, check out our in-depth review of Save the Marriage System.

Save The Marriage System Reviews

What is “Save the Marriage?”

It’s an all-inclusive package containing several text and audio files intended for couples looking to salvage their marriage. Its creator, Dr. Lee Baucom, has been a family and marriage therapist for about 22 years. He holds vast knowledge and experience in helping couples whose marriage is in trouble. He’s also been a family man with a wife and two children for the same number of years. It places him in a better position than other so-called experts who are still single. Even if not all issues apply to different families, he has credentials to back it up. Among them are a pair of Master’s degrees plus a Ph.D., all related to counselling families and married couples. So you can rest assured that he knows first-hand what he’s talking about in this course and can help you.

Save The Marriage System Reviews

What do You Get From the Save the Marriage System?

Included in the package are:

The core “Save the Marriage” e-book module

Three additional e-book modules

Two bonus audiobooks

Two bonus e-books

It’s a clearly explained comprehensive marriage counselling system in a 159-page core e-book titled “Save the Marriage.” Other files contain supplemental information that details the primary topics introduced in the core e-book. It may seem like a lot of “educational” material to go through at first glance. However, don’t be intimidated or discouraged by the quantity. The prose is very engaging, fun to read, and easy to understand. It doesn’t come out as stiff or academic. Instead, it’s very lively and will hold your interest while it helps you tackle your marriage issues. He gives real-life examples that anybody can relate to, and it also helps make it easier to grasp the author’s message. Before diving into the Save the Marriage System’s nitty-gritty, find out first if the course is what you need.

Is Save the Marriage System the Best Solution?

If each spouse is truly sincere and dedicated to work out the kinks in their relationship, there’s no reason why Save the Marriage System can’t fix the problems. The only exceptions are with abusive spouses. The sooner the victims get out of such a hopeless situation, the better it will be for them. They should leave their tormentors and go somewhere they can feel safe and secure. Other than that, this system can resolve any marriage problems, including:

Spouses about to undergo a divorce

Spouses who don’t live together anymore

Partners who are roomies

If you’re unfortunate enough to be in one of these circumstances, don’t lose hope. As long as one of you is still interested in salvaging what’s left of your relationship and starting anew, it isn’t the end. That’s right, your better half may not be as enthusiastic or hopeful, but you can still make it work. As Dr. Lee looks at it, marriage is also a system. If you improve one part, it will have a positive impact on the rest of the system. 

How Does Save the Marriage System Work?

There are 17 chapters in the core e-book “Save the Marriage.”

There are also supplemental materials with additional chapters and worksheets. These go into more specific details about the subjects mentioned in the main e-book. However, this isn’t merely content that you listen to and read in one go and expect results right away. No, it has more interactivity to it. Think of it like Dr. Lee was there and talking to you face-to-face. He’ll tell you what actions you need to take and makes you ask yourself some questions afterward. He’ll also give some ideas for you to ponder that relate to those actions. That’s why he recommends writing your thoughts along the way so you’ll remember them.

Save The Marriage System Reviews

He divided the system into these three main sections:

1. Reason Why Traditional Marriage Therapy Fails

Here, Dr. Lee will shed light on why traditional marriage counselling and therapy have a high failure rate. Most of them emphasize the absence of communication as the root cause of the issues. However, most of these couples talk to each other morning, noon, and night, yet the problems persist. The real cause is the lack of understanding and wrong perception. The spouses talk with each other just fine but don’t see things eye-to-eye most of the time. It’s where the Save the Marriage System focuses on improving. It teaches couples to develop their perception and respect each other’s point of view.

2. Focus on WE

When you enter into a marriage, it’s like joining a team. It’s not only the individual member’s benefit and happiness at stake but also that of the entire team. The same goes for a marriage. The couple must think “WE” instead of focusing on “ME” or “YOU.” Instead of blaming each other, they should work together to resolve issues and improve the situation. That way, they deal with their problems as a partnership. Focus on how you can contribute to it and not thinking only of yourself and your needs. There always has to be some give-and-take in the relationship. Dr. Baucom recommends that each spouse maintain a ledger. It will establish how much each of them is contributing and getting out of the marriage. If there’s inequality between them, it will be clearer who should contribute more. Besides that, both spouses will know who should have an equal say to balance the relationship out.

3. Trouble Zones

Some chapters explain how effective this WE approach is when applied to different “hotspots” in a marriage. Once a couple understands the concept of thinking WE, and not ME or YOU, they’ll start tackling problems together. For instance, the most common issues are those encountered in sex, emotional growth, and finances. Chapters that touch on these subjects are:

Chapter 15: Sex is About WE

Chapter 16: Money, Power and WE

Chapter 17: Don’t Just Grow; EVOLVE!

Each of these chapters ends with informative and practical activities and some practice lessons.

Save The Marriage System Reviews

Here’s What You’ll Get

The entire package of the Save the Marriage System consists of four main text modules. In addition to that, there are also four bonus modules with MP3 audio courses and more text files. It may seem a lot, but the comprehensive package leaves no stone unturned regarding marriage issues. All the materials are fun and engaging, and you’ll find they’re easy to absorb. Included in the four text modules is the primary e-book:

Save the Marriage

Also included are three e-reports:

Quick-Start Guide to Saving Your Marriage

Down-N-Dirty Guide to Saving Your Marriage

The Top Five Things NOT to do When Your Partner Wants Out

On top of that, you’ll also get these two bonus audio courses in MP3 format:

Recovering from an Affair

Coping with a Midlife Marriage Crisis

You also get two bonus text materials:

Change of Heart e-book written by Jennifer and Paul Thibeault

An e-report titled 5 Rules for Fair Fighting

Is ‘Save The Marriage’ Worth the Price?

Most marriage counsellors or therapists charge at least $100 per hour, with an average success rate of only 20%. Compare that to the Save the Marriage with almost a 90% success rate according to actual surveys. Better yet, it costs less than half of what you’ll pay for a 1-hour session in traditional couples therapy! The price is only $47. It doesn’t stop there. It comes with a no questions asked 100% money-back guarantee. You can use the material all you want and return them within 60 days if you’re not satisfied.

Save The Marriage System Reviews


Dr. Baucom presented all the materials in a concise and straightforward style that’s very engaging. The information is academic but made for fun and easy reading and listening.The product goes in-depth into almost every aspect of saving a marriage and covers a broad range of issues.

It’s not just for listening and reading. There are specific instructions with steps that a couple would take in their day-to-day lives. That way, they would know at the very start what to follow and begin straight away.

There’s no sugar-coating and beating around the bush. All the materials are upfront about the subjects involved and will tell you frankly how to deal with any problems.

It comes with an unconditional 60-day 100% money-back guarantee.


A few of the bonus stuff may not be needed, but it’s nice to have them.

Dr. Lee designed this course with married couples in mind. However, I feel that other relationships outside of marriages will miss out on the wealth of information. The system could benefit boyfriend and girlfriend relationships or live-in partners.

It would’ve been better if there were hard copies, but all of the materials are only available in digital formats.

Save The Marriage System Reviews


Does it sound too good to be true to you? It’s okay to be sceptical at first. The whole course is premised on a radical approach that’s a full 180 degrees from traditional methods. It’s okay to have doubts, especially on a relatively new product offering something a bit unconventional. However, for less than 50 bucks, the risk-reward ratio in saving your marriage is enormous. It’s a one-time purchase that, without a doubt, is among the best online solutions you’ll ever find. It’s also one of the few that I can highly recommend. If you belong to the countless couples whose relationship is on the rocks, you’ve got nothing to lose by trying this system to see if it will work. 

I’m pretty confident that it will rescue your marriage, but it won’t be a cakewalk for sure. So be prepared to put in some work on improving yourself and as a couple.

There are no quick solutions, and lots of patience and sacrifice are needed to ensure a stronger marriage that would stand the test of time.

Save The Marriage System Reviews