Scavenger Life Episode 495: Creatures of Ebay

Week ending 1/3

Items in Store    1412

Items Sold           25

Total Sales          $1,179.95

COGS    $75.00

Total Profit         $1,104.95

Average profit   $44.20

Average sales price          $47.20

New Listings       22

I had one day where I sold multiple $100+ items. Man it would be nice to have the 200 item store of nothing but $100+ items and sell 2-3 a day. That would be the life right there.

This past year has been wild. I know it has been a disastrous year for many, but for my family it was a true blessing.

We stayed healthy and avoided Covid.

We traveled/vacationed more than I ever have in my adult life.

My home business grew substantially.

My day job sometimes was ….ok (Better than it has been in years). I also got to work from home for a substantial period. I have a promotion coming up shortly that will put me in charge of the entire foundry. I actually found purpose and satisfaction in my work. That’s nice!

I ended the year with zero balances on all credit cards and a TON of money in the bank. I still don’t know how that is possible with all the travel we did plus having to replace the fridge and dishwasher, but here we are.

I’ve lost 120 lbs since June 2019 and have effortlessly kept it off.

And the best news of all, we found out last week that we have another baby on the way. Yay!

So happy New Year to my SL family. I hope you all were able to make the most of a trying year and I wish you all to have a phenomenal 2021.

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