Scavenger Life Episode 497: Comparing COGS

Recently I’ve been binging on Commonwealth Picker (mostly NOT clothing). I’m focusing mostly on his most recent videos b/c they include sold comps (or his actual sold price) on the items he’s buying (and you can see how much he pays for items as he picks). He buys a lot of low dollar items, though.  He sells on ebay and in antique booths, which is an interesting model.

One of my favorites is Heather from the Paper Castle, also not clothing. She’s not doing videos right now, but in her past videos you can see how she gets stuff really cheap at rummage sales. The best videos are the ones where it’s taken her a long time to get the haul video posted, so she’s added in info on how much she sold the items for. Of course it’s hard to know which video is one of those and which isn’t from just looking at the list.

Common Tags is good for clothing. She’s up front about her COGS averaging out to $5/item (mostly GW Bins, some regular GW), and then when you see her sold videos you’ll know exactly how much she made on each item.  She does a lot of haul videos which I don’t really like too much b/c I like to know sale price. She talks about how in her model (driving several hours to LA to thrift), she ends up picking up and selling a lot of $15-25 items, b/c the huge time/gas outlay per trip means she needs to pick up a certain volume of items per trip. But she also has plenty of $50+ items – I watch in order to learn what those are.  I vaguely remember some videos a long while ago about her storage system/process.

Suzanne Wells has really systematic sold videos where she shows COGS, sale price, and at the end she shares a screenshot of her spreadsheet so you can see aggregate numbers. But she’s pretty much all clothing – almost none of her items are what you or I would call interesting.

Lavender Clothesline is pretty honest and up front, but I don’t like haul-only videos in general, and I don’t remember any recent what sold videos from her.  She’s happy to hold items for a long time before they sell for a good price – I wouldn’t be surprised if she learned that from SL. Here’s her house tour video which explains a lot of her process (in case you’re interested in that sort of thing – LOL!) – the last part is a tour of her extensive storage.

I also watch the sold videos of The Poetry of Nice, as well as Hustle at Home Mom who sells mostly clothing, but also an enormous lot of car parts she purchased a few years back. This year she’s getting into courses and coaching which turns me off a bit, but in general she’s very honest and open. In terms of personality, I like her the best.

Here’s a 2020 numbers video from HHM, where she’s very open not just about ebay income, but also youtube and affiliate income, as well as costs, etc.

Here’s a process video from her that I haven’t watched myself

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