Scavenger Life Episode 498: eBay New Listing Experience

Items in Store    1515

Items Sold           20

Total Sales          $855.00

COGS    $60.00

Total Profit         $795.00

Average profit   $39.75

Average sales price          $42.75

New Listings       71

Items scavenged              25

Sourcing Allotment         19

The goodwill nearest me has had some AMAZING vintage clothing the last 2 weeks. The manager told me that a 95 year old man died and the family brought everything to the store to donate – 5 truckloads. There were rooms full of NWT clothing. Sadly much of the NWT stuff is Kmart junk from the 90’s. The real winners are the like new 70’s stuff. Groovy womens outfits, mens suits, NWT 70’s Sears mens pants. I wish they’d let me just go through all the stuff without it being slowly filtered out onto the floor over time. Man I was soooo hoping there would be a treasure trove of vintage Jeans, but no luck.

Regarding facebook, I kicked it to the curb a couple months ago and my happiness level is way up. Marketplace has become a dump IMO. If I need to buy or sell something on there, I’ll just use my wife’s FB. If facebook comes up with a marketplace only app, I would do that. I don’t want any social media at all.

I was really hoping to do 100 listings this week, but Saturday was a wash because I slipped/fell on some ice outside. I was freaking out all day thinking I had tore something in my knee. Thankfully I’m ok other than some minor bruising. Back to full strength already. I do already have 20 listings created and waiting on photos so I have a jump on this week.

I hope this new listing tool lets you set default parameters when creating new listings OR doing sell similar. I created a new listing last week with local pickup only and it ruined my default settings. best offer, immediate pay, handling time, and shipping method all reset to unchecked/blank. I cannot find any way to fix it!!!! They have always just randomly changed over time.

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