Scavenger Life Episode 499: Diamond Hands

Items in Store    1515

Items Sold           21

Total Sales          $823.00

COGS    $75.00

Total Profit         $748.00

Average profit   $35.62

Average sales price          $39.19

New Listings       21

Items scavenged              20

Sourcing Allotment         2

Listing suffered this week. Just alot going on.

I had other things I wanted to talk about, but instead I want to speak a moment on motivation, exceeding expectations, and the rewards associated with these positive behaviors.

So with this ebay business, I get immediate feedback via more sales and higher sale prices if I put the work in. If I figure out a clever hack in shipping, that immediately pays dividends with cost savings. I work for myself, I get rewarded for making improvements.

So at my day job I’ve been working hard to learn some new skills, and I’ve really went above and beyond the call – HIGHLY self motivated to make improvements. I was expected to get a promotion as I applied for a new position that was opened up basically just for me at work. I was told the job was basically mine. Today I oversaw the first test of a large process improvement that I designed related to this new job. It went absolutely perfectly. It will save us a TON of money, and this is the first of many process improvements I have planned. No-one asked me to do ANY of this – I just did it on my own.

So on Friday my immediate boss kind of skirted the issue on my promotion when I asked for an update, and babbled about “head count” and other corporate BS. The alarms were sounding off in my head. So today after the successful test the site manager congratulated me, and said “yeah so I guess we’ll go ahead and reprioritize your workload to mostly foundry and I can call off the search for the foundry engineer job”.  I said “wait a second, what about the foundry engineer job? I’m not even going to change job title?” He babbled about head count for a bit and then said “Yeah I don’t think that’s really necessary to change the job title, but I guess we could.”

I’m just sitting here dumbfounded this afternoon.  This was supposed to be a promotion with a raise, and it turned into just doing more work on top of what I already do. My motivation to keep on improving things: GONE.  Me finally being happy to work here and actually looking forward to my workday – thinking I’m making a difference – dropping by the second.

I knew management here was bad, but this has just dumbfounded me…

…I suppose if I look at the bright side, if they’re freaking out about headcount and order intake at least I’ve increased my value so I don’t get cut if layoffs happened. The Keystone pipeline thing will have a direct impact on our order intake and will destabilize multiple customer bases for the pump manufacturing industry, so layoffs are likely to happen at some point this year. Have I really  increased my value though? To be honest I don’t really know.

Sorry for being a downer guys but this has just wrecked my day. It’s just such a different experience between being self-employed and working for a large corporation. Working harder here just means “hey, lets see how much more we can get this guy to do”. Maybe it is time for me to go back to considering going full time with ebay…

To end on a positive note, I picked up a rare Bose radio that will sell for around $500 this weekend. I’ve got it tested/cleaned, and I’ll get that listed this evening.

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