Scavenger Life Episode 501: Shout Out To Everyone Who Shows Up and Works

Items in Store    1484

Items Sold           15

Total Sales          $698.00

COGS     $53.00

Total Profit         $645.00

Average profit    $43.00

Average sales price          $46.53

New Listings       3

Items scavenged              0

Sourcing Allotment          2

Last week we were in Florida. Constant sunshine, 80-85 degrees every day. Sooooo nice.

Cue to today back at home – 20 degrees and everything is covered in ice….should have just stayed in Florida…

We got annual passes to Universal studios last March right before the lockdown. We’ve went to Florida 3x this past year. I can tell you this – the way the media portrays Florida as being the wild west is simply not true from what I have seen. Maybe southern Florida is, but Orlando has been wonderful. I feel safer there than I do at home!

If you have considered a vacation to universal Studios in this environment, I would definitely recommend it. They take safety precautions very seriously and they’ve found a way to still do many of the fun seasonal things and even improve some of them. Like Mardi Gras, they aren’t doing a parade this year but they instead are doing a food festival all over the park and have placed their parade floats spread out all over the park all day long with performers everywhere.

Anyways, my sales have trended down the last few weeks. My historical data shows that Februrary and March are the slowest months of the year for my store, so no worries. Still, my numbers are lower than the last two years. I would hope that my “slow period” would still have higher numbers considering my increase in inventory.

Anyways, I’m home and it is back to work time! I’m gonna get some stuff listed today.

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