Scavenger Life Episode 502: Have Four Solutions

Items in Store    1521

Items Sold           30

Total Sales          $962.00

COGS    $274.00

Total Profit         $688.00

Average profit   $22.93

Average sales price          $32.07

New Listings       66

Items scavenged              18

Sourcing Allotment         22

COGS were high because before Christmas I bought a couple clearance Switch controllers that came bundled with a game. My intent was to sell the 3 extras to fund the one I gave to my kids. It worked out and I recouped the cost of the gift, but I was hoping they’s sell for a bit more. I waited 2 months for the higher prices, that was long enough, so I lowered to compete and sold all 3 this weekend.

Sales picked WAY up this weekend after I did a bunch of listing. I was off work all week due to the severe weather knocking power out at our plant. I could have done more, but I was just not in the mood to work most of the time. Spent lots of time with family and hung out in hot tub alot. Man, I kick myself repeatedly for not getting one of these portable hot tubs sooner! Soooo nice.

My local goodwill will be closing here in a couple weeks and will repopen mid-april. They are MASSIVELY expanding their store. They are located in an old strip mall and they took over the next two empty storefronts. The existing store will become their donation and processing facility and the new space will be the retail store. It will be one of the biggest goodwill retail spaces in the area once complete. I’m so excited! Now if only they would do tag sales it would be perfect.

Note on podcast, I definitely loved the interview episodes! I’d love to listen to a couple a year if you were interested in doing them again. Troys interviews were especially interesting. I wish he was still here.

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