Scavenger Life Episode 503: Main Street USA

Items in Store    1498

Items Sold           24

Total Sales          $1,121.00

COGS    $64.00

Total Profit         $1,057.00

Average profit   $44.04

Average sales price          $46.71

New Listings       1

Items scavenged              25

Sourcing Allotment         2

So last week my day job work issues were resolved. I got my promotion and raise. The site managers also hired the person I recommended to be the manager of the department I support. I feel MUCH better and have a renewed energy for my work. I have a clear future at my workplace now and I think I’ll be here for many years.

With that burden lifted, I’ve been able to take stock of just how much stress I’ve been under for the last few months. With the situation at work combined with my wife’s pregnancy, I’ve been under a TON of stress. I’ve been eating more and exercising less for a few months and it shows.  I need to focus on myself this week and realign my physical needs.

As for ebay, I had some GREAT sales this week. The highlight was a Pendleton western jacket for $275. I would have loved to get more since I had it listed for $400, but I was hungry for a sale. I had 2 $200+ sales and 1 $100+ sale.

I also made a CRAZY purchase. Goodwill had a mobility scooter for $100. This was the style for a person who is paralyzed.  I debated the whole time I shopped whether I should get it. It’s so big and HEAVY. Well I did. Luckily that store had several young men working there to help me load it. When home I disassembled it in the back of my van so I could get it out. I’ve already parted it out and started creating the parts listings. I’ll make $600-700 off of parts easily.

Speaking of parting out, our dryer died again this week. I’ve fully rebuilt this thing once and replaced heater parts several times. It was many years old when we moved in and I’ve kept it running for 8+ years, so it was time to get a new one. Once the new one was installed, I tore down the old one and kept all the parts I wanted to sell. I have started making the listings and I’ll make a couple hundred parting it out. The only thing broken was the heating element burned out again.

So I didn’t officially list anything this week, but I did spend plenty time parting out two big items. I’ll start seeing the fruits of that labor this week.

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