Scavenger Life Episode 510: When Are You Opening?

Hello to you also Temudgin.

Yep been about a year and a half and $330,000 after all said and done for Susan to get all the radiation, chemo-theraphy and 3 operations for stage 3b endometrial cancer. She also still has <span class=”ILfuVd”><span class=”hgKElc”>osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative back disease and now they told her she needs two knee replacements. Poor kid, I feel so sorry for her. Just pains her to move much at all these days. She hasn’t been able to work on the online businesses much for about two years.</span></span>

One of the reasons we are culling out any larger pieces from our inventory is because I can hardly run 3 online stores myself even with the 2 part time helpers. Budget restraints will also force me to probably have to drop the helpers but will keep them to help us get everything listed prior to 4th quarter. But from there on, I think it will have to be just me doing the stores and caring for Susan.

Took her out for breakfast and lunch today. It’s our 52nd anniversary and that was about all she could take.

I agree with you, that the fear of meeting at a persons house is maybe overblown. I subscribe to what is the difference between a single buyer at a yard sale and a single buyer coming for only one item. To top that off isn’t selling one item from your yard the same as selling 24 items from your yard.

I could just make sure I always advertise “a small yard sale” and always have 3 or 4 items for sale at a time and show those in photos. Then, viola’ it’s officially a yard sale, small as it may be. But I have got to move out [sell] these larger items. The large 7 piece stereo system, 2 dress form mannequins, a movie projector screen, lawn swans, pet litter boxes, metal tri-pod, large beer sign mirror, over sized framed art, and about 100 pcs. of smalls. Sounds like a yard sale to me.

Thanks for the reply.. Been following everyone on here since I last posted about 4 months ago. Everbody seems to be making sales and growing despite what curve balls Ebay keeps throwing at us.

TTFN…Mike at MDCGFA in Atl.

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