Scavenger Life Episode 513: On The Thought Train with Past Jay and Future Jay

5/2/21 – 5/8/21

Total items in store: 2300

Items sold: 41

Gross sales: $2150.10 (up 14.5% from one year ago)

Net sales: $1586.72 (up 26.3% from one year ago)

Highest price sold (net): $149.23 — a PSA graded Bowman Chrome blue autograph of Trevor Larnach, Minnesota Twins top young outfielder who was called up for his debut last week

Lowest price sold (net): $8.71 — printing plate of former hockey goalie Felix Potvin

I sold almost nothing last Sunday, just one sale for $23. I love a good conspiracy and I listened to the podcast on Sunday night, so for all of Sunday evening I was thinking about Jay’s throttling theory. Then as I was falling asleep, I remembered that I had kept my premium store this whole time, after debating a downgrade to basic. I hope to grow the store to 4000 items by this time next year so I figured let’s leave it at premium for now. So I couldn’t blame eBay throttling for my lack of Sunday sales after all! Well, of course I could still blame eBay if I really wanted to…but that’s why I like to hang out here. Our theories are all tongue in cheek. We know that the real solution is to list more.

So that’s what I did, 20 or so items each day, from last Monday to Wednesday. Then my sales were consistent the rest of the week and my weekly numbers are roughly where they’ve been for the last few months. It still “felt” slow in terms of numbers of items sold but this week, most of my sales were in that nice $50 to $100 range. Other weeks I usually sell a few more items and hit that sales number through quantity. But it mostly all evens out.

In “eBay fixing a problem that doesn’t exist” news, my main niche of sports cards received a big jolt this week in terms of eBay categories, subcategories and required item specifics. This was the message I received in the eBay app yesterday:

We’re optimizing trading card listings
Starting May 11, you’ll be asked to add new info to your listings that will help more buyers discover your items.
Learn more ➔
Now you can list sports cards by product type

Sports cards will be changing from sports categories into product type categories. Select from singles, packs, boxes, and more.

You’ll be required to choose a Sport under item specifics when listing.

If you don’t update your listings to the appropriate category, they will automatically be categorized as Sports Trading Card Singles.

Item specifics are required for all trading cards
After July, you’ll be required to fill out these item specifics to keep your listing live:

“Sports” under Sports Trading Cards.

“Game” under Collectible Card Games.

“Franchise” under Non-Sports Trading Cards.

New options for graded and ungraded cards

You’ll also be required to select if your card is graded or not in item specifics for single card categories.

Graded cards have additional item specifics, like Grade, Professional Grader, and Certification Number.

The biggest negative change so far is the combination of individual sport subcategories (Baseball Cards, Basketball Cards, etc) into one large Sports Trading Card Singles category. Now buyers who are interested in, for example, particular types of Panini (manufacturer) Prizm (popular set) soccer cards (like autographs or popular numbered variants like gold vinyl prizms or white sparkle prizms) have to wade through thousands of basketball, baseball and football Prizm listings. Before this change, that buyer could easily search for their prizm cards in the subcategory Soccer Cards. Really bizarre what eBay is thinking here.

This change has also created a glitch where I receive offers even if they are below my minimum offer price. I’ve used the decline offers below setting for so long that I forgot about how many buyers make offers that are just silly — $5 on a $30 listing and things of that nature.
Also, any time I try to send a counteroffer (regardless of the buyer’s original offer price), I receive the following error message: There is an issue processing your request.

I assume this error is specific to trading cards categories, otherwise there would be a post about it on the forums. There is an easy workaround which is to decline and send a message with the price I want, but it’s already tedious after 24 hours and maybe 6 offers. I love (almost) all my buyers, but I don’t want to exchange love notes with them to make a sale.

I am hopeful that all of these issues will be resolved, or at least acknowledged as problems by eBay, by this time next week. Surprisingly, my sales were fairly steady yesterday and today despite all of the changes. I hope that continues into this weekend since 8 of my 10 highest sale days in the last month have been Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays. For now, I am going to grin and bear these changes as much as possible. Very little about my listing flow has changed since I already used item specifics, and I already have my eBay store organized with subcategories for individual sports and types of cards. But who knows what other changes eBay has in store. I will certainly read the next seller update a lot more closely, that’s for sure!

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