Scavenger Life Episode 516: Being Punk Weirdos Made Us Good At Business

Great show.  Love the idea of be punk wierdos.  One of the fun things about going to Estate Sales is seeing all the other scavengers.  You can tell most of us are a bit out of the mainstream, though I’m not sure I’ve made the wardrobe transition transition yet.  I’m still not long enough and far enough away from corporate America and hanging on to old habits. 😉  I bet there would be some great stories about how their lives transitioned to get to being scavengers.

You mentioned house sales and it made me think of an article in the Washington Post I read over the weekend.  One house in Chevy Chase, MD, sold for $1,000,000 over the asking price: $4.4M instead of the $3.4M asking price.  Pretty rarified air in that neighborhood.  Washington Fine Properties: 23 PRIMROSE ST, CHEVY CHASE, MD 20815 (

Another house a few blocks away from this one sold for upwards of $10M last year, and the new owners immediately began extensive renovations.  I believe that may be the most expensive zip code in the US.

Didn’t have a much better week last week but at least back above worst week level.    Spent a lot of time posting items I purchased the previous week and researching auction lots to bid on. Won several lots at a Maxsold auction and am pretty pleased with the haul.  Felt like old times, pre-pandemic.  This particular auction was overlooked by other buyers and I ended up with several lots for cheap.   Very eclectic mix of stuff from Tumi luggage, to old cameras, to antique beer steins.  Seller must have had a store at some point because a lot of the items were brand new in box.  Thankfully, the person who took the pictures did a crappy job, and there was much more in the lots than anticipated, so it felt like a major score.  Will keep me busy for a few weeks.

Sales Report for: 5/29/21
Total Items in Store: 1144
Items Sold: 14
Gross Sales (Not including shipping and tax): $348.76
Net Sales (After fees): $289.45
Cost of Items Sold: $30.60
COGS Percent 10.57%
Net Profit Margin: 74.22%
Highest Price Sold: $49.95 Sewing Machine
Average Price Sold: $24.91
Returns: 0
Money Spent on New Inventory: $324.62
Sold via promoted listings: 7
Promoted Percentage: 50.00%
Average Days Listed: 323
Longest Listed: 1166
New items listed: 36

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