Scavenger Life Episode 517: Dumpster Diving, Back Again

Items in Store 1489
Items Sold 20
Total Sales $582.00
COGS $39.00
Total Profit $543.00
Average profit $27.15
Average sales price $29.10
New Listings 30
Items scavenged 85

Had a fun “all-in” purchase at a yard sale this weekend. Came upon a sale that had a TON of new in box star wars toys. Some really cool stuff I had never seen before.  Typically when I come across things like this at yard sales the seller wants ebay prices or higher, so I didn’t have high expectations. There were no prices, so I asked what things cost. Seller said “you mean like for all of it?” Well I didn’t actually, but I responded “yeah I’d be interested in all of it”. Seller came over, talked about how her husband and kid were big into star wars once upon a time. They took a bit eyeballing everything and said “how about $100 for everything?” Man I think I set a record for the time it took me to whip out my wallet and peel off 5 $20’s!

There were 20 loose figures and 43 new in box. I’ve already created all the listings and done photos for half of them. Total list price is $1430 and I’ve already sold 3 items within hours of listing.

The big disappointment that caused my original scavenger high was that there was some things there that were wrapped up at the sale with just a label on the front. The seller told me they were the mail in figures. I was freaking out thinking they might be the 70’s mail in toys! Once I got home and inspected everything…I found that they were the mid 90’s mail in toys.  I had forgotten that they redid the mail away toy thing in the 90’s. Boooo!!!! Everything at the sale were the mid 90’s toys with a few from early 2000’s.

Still, $1400 on a $100 investment is definitely nothing to sneeze at! After offers and fees I’ll net close to $1k profit.

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