Scavenger Life Episode 519: When Do Scavengers Splurge?

Total Items in Store: 171

Items Sold: 8

Total Sales: $155.00

Highest Price Sold: $50 Breyer Special Run Balking Mule

I am working on cleaning out my listings, editing and relisting older stuff, and getting to list some of my recent purchases. Sold 2 ball caps already, paying for what I spent, and more 78 to go! I did notice an increase in sales once I started changing things almost daily on eBay. My only annoyance for the week was one non-paying bidder, of course for a high-dollar item.

Went out Friday intending to be good and only buy if it was a sure thing, but got to an estate sale for someone who collected very nice antiques and had filled the house, garage, outbuildings and rented storage lockers. The sellers were motivated, and although the real good stuff in the house was priced high, items outside were pretty much at bulk pricing. I couldn’t resist, bought more ball caps, records, DVDs, books and piles of random stuff. Passed up a few bargains, so I will have to watch for part 2 of the sale when they get to the off site storage. I do need to up my game, there were police scanners, old radios, TVs and clocks and lots of tools that looked good but I didn’t know enough about to pull the trigger. Had to rearrange the store room again to find somewhere for the haul. I need to get on Facebook and Craigslist more to list bigger items, bulk stuff and all the fun stuff I am pulling from eBay. Add it to the list!

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