Scavenger Life Episode 520: When Scavenging Goes Bad (and then Good)

Yes, I hate it when auctions go against me and I end up with not enough inventory to be worth it. It does make for a difficult equation. Much also depends on the order of the lots. Best that the more significant items be at the start of the auction; then, one could bid on them, and if won, try to pick up additional lots. The opposite is very tedious and almost requires you to commit to overpaying for some things so as to make the trip worth it.

I had a very slow week on ebay. So be it – last week was good enough for two.

Sales: CAD$1699, 11 sales, COGS: $198, Fees: ~$221, Postage: $265 –> Gross profit: $1015

Expenses: $0, New inventory: $515 –> Cashflow: $698

Got some decent stuff at auction, although I missed out on the big ticket items this time. (There were a couple of fancy brand new projectors worth $22k – I went up to $6500.)

Still more good auctions this week… hoping to get an influx of new inventory to make up for my slow scavenging lately.

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