Softarex Technologies Assists in the Launch of the Covid-19 Navigator Tool for Health Care Providers

Softarex Technologies, Inc. announced that they have made a tremendous contribution to the development of the Covid-19 Navigator, which is currently available in beta. The brainchild of BPM+ Health, the Covid-19 Navigator allows health care providers and stakeholders the ability to quickly access emerging information related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The tool, which represents over 5,000 collective hours given by volunteers such as Softarex, ForgeForward, and countless other IT companies and BPM+ Health community members, began in April 2020. With a global crisis and lives on the line, these volunteers were more than willing to contribute their time and knowledge to assist in the pandemic that has claimed more than 600,000 lives in the U.S. alone.

Ken Rubin, Community Engagement Lead for BPM+ Health, who is the primary lead on the project, described the impetus of the project, explaining, “The recognition that there was ever-changing guidance, and that search engines were falling short in being able to get the right information to the right audiences was a key driver of the Covid-19 Navigator. The goal of the project was to help surface and expose information while assisting those searching for content to make counterintuitive discoveries. The idea of the navigator was to be able to visually expose connections among knowledge assets to make the user aware of different offerings that were related to their area of interest, helping the ‘I’ll know it when I see it’ problem.”

With Softarex’s extensive knowledge in the software solutions for the healthcare space, they were able to design and develop the Covid-19 Navigator’s architecture and user-friendly design, allowing users to view an interactive graph and filter through areas of interest. The tool further allows users to delve into the wealth of knowledge verified by proficient credible sources and knowledge bases that show treatments, research, and other activities related to Covid-19.

Softarex’s assistance was vital to the project. Rubin explained, “When the Navigator project evolved, I needed a software development organization that would be attuned to the needs of the healthcare vertical, willing to act in the public good, and who understood the open collaborative culture and standards community. Given the mission, Softarex had a development team on the ground with us in fewer than 24 hours. Over the last several months, we have delivered this product for free usage across the public. I am extremely grateful that they have taken on this project, and their commitment to this public need having provided services free of cost and without expectation of credit or reciprocity is laudable.” Shane McNamee M.D., BPM+ Health’s Executive Director added, “This is what happens when communities of people come together around a valuable goal and effect change for shared benefit. Products like this make us one real step closer to the Learning Health System. This is the power of open communities. We couldn’t have been blessed with a better nor more capable partner than Softarex.” 

Softarex has nearly 15 years of experience in developing software systems for healthcare.

Their portfolio includes:

  • Medical billing systems
  • EHR and EMR management systems
  • Value-based healthcare solutions
  • Predictive modeling for defining future patient’s needs
  • Home care management systems
  • Treatment scenarios management
  • Computer Vision-based analysis and diagnosis systems
  • AI-based diet management solutions

Those interesting in utilizing the Covid-19 Navigator can access it here —

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